Baby Gizmo New Year Bugaboo Donkey Giveaway

Congratulations to the Bugaboo Donkey Winner –

Caree C. from Peoria, AZ!

According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the year of the Dragon.  Not at Baby Gizmo! We consider it the year of the Donkey! The Bugaboo Donkey that is! We ended 2011 with some pretty great giveaways and we wanted to start 2012 with a bang as well. Why not start the year with the biggest giveaway yet?!?  Well, it’s the biggest giveaway of 2012 so far!  That’s right we are giving away a fabulous, chic, fantastic, celebrity-worthy Bugaboo Donkey to one lucky winner. Woot! Woot! This stroller was so special that when it was announced we even did a pretty funny “Unauthorized Donkey Video” when they first unveiled it in the US at the ABC Kids Show. Luckily, Bugaboo didn’t hold it against us that we did the video undercover Dateline-style because they have agreed to let us be the second to do a Donkey giveaway. Why weren’t we the first? Hmmmm…maybe they did hold it against us? :)

This giveaway is so HUGE that we are giving you 2 weeks to enter!  The giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59pm EST Friday, January 14, 2012!

To read (and watch!) our full review of the Bugaboo Donkey go here:  Baby Gizmo Bugaboo Donkey Review

To watch our “Unathorized Donkey Video” (you might want to because there might be a quiz!) go here: 

Baby Gizmo Unauthorized Donkey Video

Yep, it’s Rafflecopter time again! Rafflecopter has changed things up a bit so take a look and follow the directions on the widget below.  A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter and Message Board post options which is once per day!) Please do not cheat and enter more than that! Doing each entry method will require a few different blog comments so don’t worry about commenting more than once. Just follow the Rafflecopter directions. Giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59am EST on Janurary 13, 2012. (Sorry, US residents on this one, folks!)

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  1. channa leah says

    love the versatility and the fact that the basket can be carried with you for short trips!

  2. Charmaine Chiu says

    We could really use the Bugaboo Donkey, with a two and a half year old and a four month old!

  3. Tian K. says

    My favorite feature is The Donkey have an ability to be a single or double stroller! Amazing! Thank you for the chance, Hollie and Baby Gizmo!! Keep rockin’ on 2012!

  4. Lorraine Marie Deichert says

    I love the adjustable handle bar, the way it is easy to operate & adjust is great.

  5. Amanda says

    I love how versatile the stroller is and the adjustable handle for users of different heights!

  6. Rochel S says

    I like that you could fold it with the seats attached. I like that it has a one handed recline and of course I love the single/double option!

  7. Melissa Aho Keranen says

    Love that it can be a single or double stroller! What a great stroller, would LOVE to win!

  8. Mandy says

    I love that you can have so many different options with two children using the stroller. The two car seats, two seats facing each other or opposite ways. The seats being both side by side.

  9. Elizabeth D. says

    Love the donkey! I love all the baskets it has and all of the options for seat placement!

  10. Sari Palmeri says

    I remember when you first told us about the Donkey. I usually have 2 strollers with me – a single and a double. This would solve all my problems ;)

  11. Andrea Skoog says

    I LOOOOVE the size of the storage baskets, and how the seats are reversible and you can accomodate a toddler AND a newborn! With our 3rd on the way we could use it!!!! <3 Thanks again!

  12. Jennifer Kreisler says

    I love the single to double the most. I have to tell you though, that the 2 wheel roll on the sand or snow is unique and sooooo cool!

  13. Sarah Hamilton says

    Single to double … how cool is that? No need to have multiple strollers around the garage! and with baby #2 on his way, this would be PERFECT!

  14. shandel strasberg says

    i love the double single options and that each child could face another direction. soooo many options to make lugging two kids easier :)

  15. Marsha says

    Just the mere fact that you can use it as a single or a double stroller makes me love it! But even better, is being able to leave the seats attached when folding it!

  16. Cindy B says

    Favorite feature is the versatility ~ forward/backward facing, bassinet/seated child(ren), and on and on ;)
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  17. sohpia says

    i LOVE that the stroller can be a single or double and has the option of a ‘basket’ when used as a single

  18. Ashley says

    Love this stroller and how versatile it is, that you can have them facing you or outwards. Basically our dream stroller!

  19. Britni Flewellen says

    Love that it is suitable for children of different ages. I have two toddlers now buy would love to have another soon. This stroller would be perfect.

    My you tube name us TBHBennetts

    Password is donkey

    Sharing on my blog tombritnidotblogspotdotcom

  20. says

    All I have to say is that whoever invented this is a God/Godess! This is everything and I mean everything I ever wanted in a stroller. I can put an oxygen bottle or apnea monitor in the basket next to the seat for a medical baby. I can take two preemies out in bassinets, I can take a medical baby and sibling along together in a stroller, I can take ANY kiddo in my house of medically fragile infants out!!! YES YES YES!!! This stroller topped my See’s candy addiction! Thank you Thank you Thank you to the person who came up with this!

  21. Sari Palmeri says

    The password is Donkey. It reminds of the game show I used to watch where they’d whisper it.

  22. kelley says

    Favorite feature, oh how to choose. I guess the ability to use it as a single or duo stroller.

  23. says

    I love that it doesn’t have to be a double all the time … then I can make my daughter walk on shorter excursions but when we’ll be away for awhile she can have the option.

  24. Alison says

    Love the “look” of this stroller, very sleek and eye catching! Would love to stroll my girls in this cool ride!

  25. Kimberly says

    I love that the Donkey can be used as a mono or duo stroller. We’re looking forward to needing the duo mode. :) I also love that is can hold almost 40lbs per seat. I don’t think we’d ever need another stroller.

  26. Chaya K says

    I love that it has so much convertibility!! it would be perfect for my 21 month old twins! i love the mono to duo ability! the recline positions are fantastic! it is a great stroller for two babies and i would looove to win it!!

  27. Melissa says

    I love the reclining capability, very important. The fact that it can go from solingle to double as well.

  28. Tricia says

    I love the way it changes from mono to duo mode…from single to double wide! I would lvove this stroller!

  29. Jessi says

    Ok, I have been entering your contests for over 6 months, never won anything in my LIFE! But I’m hoping my luck changes for this givaway!!!! I have 2 babies 2 and under and we use our stroller everyday, and the Donkey has every feature that I need with 2 babies! Each seat is independent, and the fact I can change it to a single stroller when the toddler wants to walk or if I have only one baby with me. I’m sure it has the smoothest ride in town too! PLEASE OH PLEASE baby gizmo! and rafilhopter people, PICK ME!!!!!!!

  30. Christy Long says

    I love the fact that our family can grow into it when we have second child without having to get a new stroller!

  31. Holli Kausch says

    Who ever knew a Donkey could do all that and then some. What a fabulous stroller for a mom of many different aged children. Thank you BabyGizmo and Bugaboo!!!

  32. Tonya M says

    I like the telescoping handle. I never thought it that important before but realize now that I hear the man complain about pushing the baby that the stroller for me is not necessarily the stroller for him.

  33. Jess parrish says

    I love quite a few things about this stroller. I like that the seats can face outward or towards the parent; I like that if you only have one child, you can put the extra basket in place of the second seat (until you have a second child to put in the second seat); I like the easy folding.

    The password really is “the donkey”! It seems to be an amazing stroller.

  34. Dini Hecht says

    Love my the versatility and maneuverability of my bugaboo bee and would love double the goodness for my two little ones.

  35. Kiera g. says

    I love the bugaboo Donkey’s ability to expand and contract from a single+ stroller to a double stroller and back again. Perfect for growing families!

  36. Louella Michelle Laureola says

    I love how you can have two baskets! One on the bottome and one on top!

  37. Lisa says

    I absolutely LOVE how diverse this stroller is. It would be perfect to have at my mom’s house for her two youngest grandchildren. One can be facing forward and the other upright facing her!! I’ve never seen anything like this and I love the concept of how it changes and grows with the child(ren). It’s priced reasonably and seems to have great reviews!! Just wish it would have been available years ago!! :)

  38. S.Mark says

    I love that you can change the seats bassinets to any which way you want!!! it’s amazing!

  39. Vielska says

    Posted about giveaway on Strollerswap message board! I’m sure there will be lots of entries!

  40. Jennifer C. says

    I love this stroller because it is so versatile for your family and grows with your kids!

  41. Miranda Welle says

    Favorite feature!?! LOTS! Love the easy one hand recline of the seat! Love that the seats can face forward OR towards me! Love the mesh pockets in the bottom basket! I’ve never seen that before! Love the easy push! We have a little guy who just turned 1 and a surprise on the way so an easy push would be fantastic as the kids get a little bigger and heavier! Love that it can go from mono to duo!!!! LOVE that it’s an all-terrain! Oh my! 2-Wheel mode for our MN winter snows!!!!

    If I had to pick my MOST favorite, I’d have to go with the fact that the seats can have one facing out while the other is facing me! Very important since we will have 2 close in age! Our toddler likes to see while I would like to be able to keep our infant close to me!

  42. Cristina P. says

    I like the shopping basket option. I need a great shopping stroller, because my 2-year-old LOVES to shop!

  43. jessica says

    i love all the options! i’ll have two of different ages (a newborn and a 2 year old) so the flexibility of this stroller is amazing!!

  44. Raycha says

    I like how you can use it as a single stroller (plus have so much extra space for storage). It’s an amazing looking stroller!

  45. Rebecca S says

    I love the side compartment in mono mode the best. I think this is a truly cool feature for a stroller!

  46. Kristy says

    Love how you can make this stroller go from a side by side to a single stroller. Very unique to the market! I don’t want a true SBS stroller because I can’t always guarantee my toddler will ride, but this solves that issue!

  47. Christina says

    My Favorite feature is:
    2 toddler seats or 2 bassinets and the baskets are a great idea and a lifesaver!

  48. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love that it changes from single to double, so no matter if I have both kids with me, or just one, I always have the right stroller!

  49. Mary Withrow says

    Lol I like how you put the video is for entertainment only…and the music! Donkey is the secret word

  50. Jessica says

    I am pregnant with my second child, and this is my dream stroller for living in downtown Chicago, and using my stroller like a car!!!!!

  51. Aura says

    My favorite part is the two baskets and that it can be used as a single stroller or a double stroller

  52. Bayla Lax-Blumstein says

    My favorite feature in single mode is that awesome basket! No more breaking my back trying to get to my diaper bag!

    Favorite feature in doubles is the the way the seats can accommodate different ages (toddler facing forward infant facing mom)

  53. Kristin says

    It’s a toss-up between the basket in single mode and the fact that it’s a double that works well for twins.

  54. Stephanie says

    I would LOVE to win the donkey!! Expecting my first this spring and have been eyeing this stroller!

  55. Katie B says

    Love that it is convertible, I can easily switch to a single or a double depending on if I just have my daughter or if I’m babysitting.

  56. Chaya Krin. says

    I love that its a double sie by side and looks really comfortable, smooth and easy to push two.

  57. Jasmine Weg says

    My favorite feature on the Donkey from the review is that the bugaboo finally folds in one piece! Plus love the configuration options!!

  58. Michelle Wiszowaty says

    The Donkey looks awesome! I love the extra basket so you don’t have to cram everything under the baby.

  59. Dasi says

    Would love to win a donkey. Love that you can have one child facing mom and the other one facing the world!

  60. Jennifer Huard says

    I like how easy it is to push and that it can go from a double to a single. So convenient!!!

  61. Autumn says

    I like the air-filled rear tires (and included air pump). What a great feature to have! My old stroller had plastic-ish wheels, and when my husband accidentally stepped on one, it bent under the pressure. That stroller will never stroll the same. :)

  62. Jennifer says


    Love that this stroller can be a single and a double and then go back to a single! It is the perfect stroller~

  63. Sara H says

    I love how versatile this stroller is – can be single, double, for different ages folds nicely just all around great stroller!!

  64. carrie says

    I love how the handles are reversable so u can see baby while in Stroller. Its A feature that would make me feel so much more comfortable

  65. Barbara W says

    I like the 10″ front and 12″ rear, air-filled tires. The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight for navigating bumpier terrain. With the large, air-filled tires, the Donkey is definitely an all-terrain stroller.

  66. Julia Ludt says

    I love that it is so sleek even with the forward facing and rear facing parts. It is so awesome. I love the different color combinations.

  67. Christine Cohen says

    I LOVE the top storage basket in the mono mode! And the fact that my maxi-cosi car seat would snap onto it. :)

  68. says

    I like the 5-point harness with a buckle, my kids seem to be lil houdini’s and can get out of everything but this seems like something they couldn’t.

  69. patty wang says

    favorite feature is that the there are multiple ways and combination of bassinet and seat facing.

  70. marsha aristyl romero says

    best feature about the bugaboo is storage space…with extra storage space it can accommodate baby plus my toddler things…

  71. Jessica says

    It is hard to pick one favorite thing. I love the single to double aspect. I really love the reversible handle. The basket is so smart. Every thing is spot on!

  72. Jennifer says

    I love how easy it looks to handle this stroller looks super chic! I also posted this on my tumblr account My blog is called baby Chloe couture username is ilovechloe5610

  73. LauraC says

    I love the versatility – single, double, toddler seat or bassinet, face front, face back, etc. Having 1 stroller to last from your first through last baby… priceless!

  74. Katrina says

    Oops, I submitted too soon. This stroller looks amazing! I love the flexibility of the different seating configurations.

  75. Wendy C says

    I like how you can convert the stroller from a single to a double. I am expecting DC2 in the spring, so I would use the Donkey now as a mono, then switch to double when DC2 will need a ride, then back to a mono when DC1 no longer needs to ride.

  76. arlene e says

    Donkey….and on a side note, this would be perfect for our 2 kiddos, especially LO that was just born 3 months ago!

  77. arlene e says

    I have to be vain here and say that my favorite feature of hte donkey is it’s styling and looks. I have never seen anything like it and think it would make a great asset to our family. YOUTUBE name is nandae888

  78. Sarah says

    I LOVE being able to switch back and forth from single to double mode! That way when one baby wants to be in a carrier, I’m still not taking up the whole sidewalk with a double-wide stroller. ;) I also love the reversible seats!

  79. Cara says

    Love all the features. Wish it had a smaller fold size. Love the single to double conversion!

    Pass word is the donkey

  80. Nikki says

    I only have one child, but I would love to have this stroller! I love the look of it in Mono mode and SO much storage! I feel like no stroller I own or have ever owned has enough storage for all of the baby’s things as well as anything else we pick up along the way. It is awesome!

  81. casey says

    Like the conversion from single to double so you only need one stroller in the car no matter what child i have.

  82. Kelli Robbins says

    Just found out I’m expecting, now I’ll need a double for my toddler and newborn!

  83. Jennie says

    i like the versatility of it, and it’s simple single->double converstion. looks super light and foldable. would be a dream come true stroller!!

  84. heidi m says

    love the option of diffrent positions forwrd facing or facing parents. This would be totally perfect for my sister!!

  85. Shayla says

    I like that if you only need a single, the other side can be used for extra storage. Very cool!

  86. Kelly Grell says

    My favorite feature is that it can convert from single to double and back. Would be great for while I need a double, but could still use it when my toddler is too big for a and just the baby needs one. thanks!

  87. Amanda Reis-Jones says

    I can’t believe you are giving away the Donkey!!!! I’ve been dying for one since it came out, I have a Bugaboo Frog at home and absolutely love it… now that baby #2 has arrived I wanted to get the Donkey but it was out of our price range. I love that you can stroll with the toddler seat and the bassinet side by side. I also love the option to have only one seat and the shopping basket.

  88. Lana says

    I like that there is a way to use this as a single by setting up the second side for storage.

  89. says

    The best feature is the ability to change from mono mode to duo mode. Plus I like the basket in mono mode, somewhere to put all of the baby “stuff” you need without having to get on the ground to get it out.

  90. Shireen says

    I love that that it converts to a double but still fits through doorways, and that the basket can be on the side for easy access storage

  91. Lindsey says

    Man, there are so many features I love, I don’t know how to name just one! I think that what makes it most unique is the ability to switch from a single to double with such ease. And what a great storage basket underneath!

  92. Stephanie says

    Every time I see the Donkey at my local baby store I love test driving it with my two little boys (18 months and 3 months old.) I really think it’s the best double out there today, if only if weren’t so far out of my price range!

  93. Batool says

    I love the huge storage, the chic look, and it can be a double… what do you want beside that. and it’s all terrain stroller which I absolutely love!

  94. Trish Lyon says

    Would love to have a donkey for my two under 2 years old! Love the conversions and that the children can face opposite directions!

  95. Jess says

    I love the ability to convert from mono to duo modes depending on how many kids are with you that day!

  96. Gladys Z. says

    What is not to love about the Donkey? We love the storage, the way it converts, the look- EVERYTHING!!

  97. Pamela H says

    Hoping to have a secong baby soon so this sinlge (then DOUBLE!) stroller would be oh so handy!!

  98. Stefanie R. says

    I love everything about the Donkey!!! I love that it actually fits through a door and has so much storage. The options are endless with all of the different combinations!

  99. says

    well, what’s not to love about it?! i love the slide and click from mono to duo. i love the little shopping basket. i love the customized colors…I WANT IT SO BAD. please pick me!

  100. Sabrina Radke says

    I love that there is options to make it a single or double stroller and that it has 2 baskets and the seats can face either way!

  101. Shelly Jones says

    I love that it converts from single to double. The maneuverability sounds great too.

  102. Megan ross says

    I have been covering this stroller since I saw the first review. I am so excited! I especially love how it can get wider with a few simple clicks!!!

  103. Lela says

    I love that you can have two different aged children in the same stroller, or you can have one and an extra basket for all your goodies. :)

  104. jaime says

    this stroller is amazing! i love that one seat can be forward facing and the other facing me

  105. carmen martinez says

    I love how easily it folds and how it can be used for one or two children. Fabulous idea

  106. Susie B. says

    I love the flexibility it provides. Forward or back facing seat, single or double. And it’s so pretty!

  107. jill c says

    THe Password is DONKEY and I Love how it can have two babies facing opposite ways!! Oh heck I love everything about it!!( minus the price)

  108. Jackie F says

    I love the Bugaboo Donkey stroller! Especially its ability to be a single or double stroller!

  109. Whitney says

    Umm wow it has it all! Wish I had this one with my first! My fav. part is the seat and basket option! How cool for shopping. I also love how you can have the seats face forward or backward! Awesome Donkey! ;)

    ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

  110. Leeza Vitalina says

    I love this site and I LOVE the Bugaboo Donkey! It’s lightyears ahead of anything else on the market, and I love that I can take either two babies, or just one and not have to switch strollers!

  111. Molly Bussler says

    It sounds amazing! Love the way it can go in duo mode can accommodate two seats, two bassinets, a seat and bassinet or two car seats, that’s amazing, and folds easy too. Love it!

  112. Natalie L. says

    I love how it has so many different seating options. I have 2kids and am going to be having a 3rd so for now I would used 2seats but soon I would love to use one seat and one bassinet!

  113. jana says

    in love with the donkey…totally love the fact that it can fit thru a normal doorway but it’s still a double…

  114. Esther Levitansky says

    Love the storage space in the video holli shows all its amazing features my best is the easy expanding and storage
    Youtube = Weingirls1
    Password = The Donkey

  115. Katy Harvey says

    Well the cool side basket is great, obviously but I love that you can fold it without taking out the seats! fits two. A little future planning never hurts!

  116. Melissa says

    Everything about the Donkey looks amazing – would be so perfect for our two under two!!

  117. Amy says

    Love the flexibility for multiple kids or a single. And the extra basket space for shopping!

  118. Kimberley Larsen says

    Two side by side bassinets, plus single to double mode–leave it to Bugaboo! Fantastic!

  119. Kimberley Larsen says

    Kimmbe16 username on youtube–subscribed to babygizmo and LOVE getting the latest reviews!

  120. Laura Elekdag says

    My favorite feature is that it can be adjusted from Mono to Duo with kids sitting side-by-side instead of tandem! Thank you!

  121. Inna says

    I absolutely love that you can have both a bassinet and toddler seat *side by side*!!! It’s really awesome and very rare. I’ve also played with it at a local store and it handles like a dream! Amazing stroller for sure!

  122. Nicole says

    I love that the donkey can be used as a single or a double and a wheeled board; with baby #3 on the way, this is the perfect way to travel in NYC!

  123. Kelly Simmons Sherman says

    My favorite feature of the Donkey has to be that it can be used as a single or double. This is really perfect for me. I have twins and when we’re out and about for a long day both want to ride. Sometimes though one of my 3 year olds wants to walk (the other cannot walk because of CP) so having 2 strollers in one would be so helpful. Love this stroller.

  124. Kristi Williamson says

    My favorite feature of the Donkey is the fact it can be used as a single or double depending on need. And of course there are the other million things that make bugaboo an awesome stroller!!

  125. Karianne says

    Ooops forgot to tell you WHY I love it! The versatility is top notch, the configurations are endless in comparison to other stroller options

  126. Kimberlie T says

    My favorite feature is the ability to have kids facing mom or away from mom. This would be awesome for my 19 month old and the new baby due this summer! Thanks for the info and the chance!

  127. Liz says

    I love that i can be a single or a double and also that you can have a toddler seat and a bassinet.

  128. Stephanie Jarrett says

    My favorite thing about the Donkey is how it goes from a single to a double stroller with minimal effort. Could this stroller be any cooler?? :)

  129. Sandra says

    Password is The Donkey
    Absolutely love bugaboo, and have been wanting their strollers since I found out about my baby due next month! :)

  130. Emily Han says

    I love that the Donkey has different configuration options that would work for two kids of the same age or different ages, unlike some which seem to work better for only twins or only a toddler and a baby.

  131. Sandra says

    Btw – I also love to functionality of this stroller. In case I have another baby soon, I wont have to worry about buying another stroller ’cause this goes from 1 to 2 seats pretty easily!

  132. Rebeca Diaz says

    The only thing I don’t like is the name of it “donkey”…lol! This is an awesome stroller. Saw a few reviews online and went to their site. Can’t afford it on medical leave, but maybe in the future ;)

  133. Rachel says

    My favorite feature is that it can be a single OR double stroller! Whats could be better than that?!

  134. Justine Colombo says

    Answer = Donkey … for me please! I love this stroller’s versatility the most, and the basket feature is cool!

  135. Hannah says

    I love that it can convert easily from a single to a double and we can leave the seats in to fold!

  136. lisa says

    I love that it can be used as a single & double and that its pretty narrow. Love the sleek design too!

  137. Simi Fleischer-Maline says

    I love the versatility of the Donkey! That you can use 2 bassinets or a bassinet and a seat… its just so convenient!

  138. says

    I love that it can be for 1 kid with lots of storage or for two! Why have a double stroller if you don’t need one at the moment? Then when you have both kiddos with you, you’ve got yourself a double!

  139. jessica mancuso says

    I love the flexibilty of this stroller. Not just the single to double, but the seat options. One facing towards, one away, car seat, toddler seat, etc. Looks like a great stroller!

  140. Stephanie P says

    I love the convenience of changing between a double and single so easily – and all of the storage!

  141. Danielle S. says

    I cannot pick just one feature … love the ability to go from one to two and love the ability to pull in sand or snow…

  142. Heather says

    Oh wow, that was the best “stealth” demo clip ever, from the theme music to the warning and credits… you are hilarious!!! Could the password be DONKEY?? LOL… too fun!!

  143. Andreas Kolazas says

    out of all the giveaways you’ve had, this one is the one I would want the most. We will soon be looking for a double stroller and I can’t think of one that is better…although out of our price range—what a great way to get one.

  144. Jen M says