BABY GIZMO GIVEAWAY: Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Congratulations to our winner of the B-Agile Double -

Brooke N.

Britax may be rolling into your city if you are one of the 15 cities on their 2012 Expect Greatness Tour this month celebrating the new upcoming Lionsgate movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

In celebration of Britax rolling through Baby Gizmo’s home city of Chicago this week, we are doing a giveaway of one of the newest and hottest double strollers on the market. Oh wait, actually it’s not on the market yet, we are just that cool that we’re giving one away before you can buy it!

Britax is traveling from city to city in specially branded Britax and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” mini-vans to offer great giveaways, great discounts, and great parent education at each event.

They will be coming to Chicago on May 18th, Orland Park, IL on May 19th, and Skokie, IL on May 20th to celebrate the starring role the company’ s baby products play in the upcoming Lionsgate movie. If you are in the Chicago area, why not stop by one of the events?!? Tour stops and details can be found at 

Now, let’s get to our giveaway this week.

The Britax B-Agile stroller took the baby gear world by storm last year and they recently followed it up with a double version. The Britax B-Agile Double has all the features we’ve come to love but twice the fun. Two independent huge canopies, unique adjustable handle, roomy seat and a fabulously easy fold.

Need a double stroller? You will not want to miss this giveaway! One lucky winner will receive their choice of red or black B-Agile Double Stroller. Yahoo!!

Want to see the Britax B-Agile up close and personal to see what you could win? Watch our in-depth Baby Gizmo video below.


One lucky reader will win a BRITAX B-Agile Double Stroller in red or black. Giveaway open to US residents only.


Watch the video review (up above!), and let us know what is your favorite B-Agile Double feature in a comment below (scroll to the bottom where it says “Leave a Reply”). Giveaway ends Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 11:59 CST. Winner chosen by


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  1. Joshua Feiglin says

    I love the way the harness adjusts in the back. youtube yitzyf, FB Yitzy Feiglin

  2. Sarah L says

    Love the harness adjustable handle and the individual shade covers amazing stroller

  3. Carrie says

    Oh my gosh I love the handlebar with the center handle! Clever! The easy adjustment of the straps and that unzipping footrest are super cool too :)

  4. Jessica says

    I love the way this stroller easily folds. After a long day or chaotic stop at the store the last thing I want is to fight with my strolle to get it in my trunk. Good job britax another great stroller.

  5. Elisa says

    Love that’s it light – u need a very light stroller to push two kids up the giant hill I live on :) and love that it’s narrow and easy to fold.

  6. Kelly Choi says

    So many great features, but my favorite is the adjustable handle bars because I’m short! ;0)

  7. Nicky K-B says

    For some reason it won’t let me pin this, but I follow you on pinterest. Nicky K-B.

  8. Stephanie S. says

    The fabulously easy fold is among the great features of the B Agile Double

  9. Jennifer says

    I love the clever design of the handle that allows you to hold the handlebar in the middle!

  10. Elena Thomas says

    I have TWINS, so I would LOVE THis STROLLER!! I love the LARGE CANopy!! A must in California, I also love the LARGE BASKET! And I LOVE the way u ladjust the belts love it!! PICK ME PLEASE!!

  11. Christina Brundick says

    love the large canopy,my fave feature on my current single B Agile

  12. Jill c says

    Already like you on FB! Should be love!!
    I love the mesh windows, the access to the basket from front not sure it’s needed but still a cool option and love the one hand steering handle option

  13. Jill c says

    I already subscribe to your YouTube love the videos!!! My name there is Bensmommy23

  14. Rebecca Russell Spear says

    I have a 2 year old and a 6 week old, and would LOVE to win this!! I love that it comes with the car seat adapter…not to mention the infant head rests, and fabulous canopies!!!

  15. Lindsay I. says

    I’m just about to have my second and would love this!

    1. I like Baby Gizmo on Facebook
    2. I suscribe on YouTube (Candyland25)
    3. I suscribe to your weekly newsletter; it is great!

  16. Deb D. says

    I love the center handle bar, the footrest that opens up to the basket and how easy it is to fold.

  17. Julie S says

    I love that it has such an easy fold plus it’s lightweight and I need one in less than 2 weeks!!

  18. Rachel Edwards says

    I love that there are independent canopies, with a baby due and a 4 year old I like having the ability to accommodate each ones needs

  19. Erika says

    I really like the easy fold of this stroller, and how easy it fits through doorways!

  20. Kathryn Siltala says

    I love the easy recline and I love the canopies! “liked” baby gizmo on fb, and I am already one of your youtube subscribers.

  21. Laura says

    My favorite features are the easy adjustable harness and the handle bar that lets you hold it in the center Also, I like baby gizmo on face book and I receive the weekly newsletter.

  22. says

    My favorite feature is the deep recline and easy raise of the seats. The easy fold is also a beautiful thing. Granny would love this for taking her grandchildren for a spin!

  23. Mandy S says

    Oh so many things i love! It is a double for starters and of course the easy fold!!!!

  24. Stephanie says

    tons of flexibility – love that it’s lightweight yet has so many nice features.

  25. Stephanie says

    I subscribe to the youtube channel (username stephaniedhunt) and the newsletter.

  26. Danae Turner says

    I love the look of the stroller and the fact it takes the Britax carriers

  27. Zarah H says

    I guess following you on pinterest is a separate comment so i like you on pinterest!

  28. Rachel R says

    There are WAY too many features that I love! I love the large individual canopies, the foot part that unzips to allow access to the basket, the easy fold, and the ease of adjusting the straps.

  29. Molly Ann Bussler says

    I love the easy adjustable harness and the deep recline for my newborn…beautiful stroller. Thank you!

  30. Kristy S says

    Yes! I’ve been trying to get my sister to look at this stroller. She’s pregnant with twins. I got the B-Agile for my pregnant self. I like the handlebar and the buckle that’s not too easy to do.

  31. Maureen Modic says

    **I love how easy it is to fold….I have a bagile single, so I know Ill love the double!

  32. Aleka Mayr says

    i like the adjustable shoulder straps from behind the seat with no rethreading.

  33. Naomi Blumberg says

    Excellent recline mechanism and really comfortable looking mesh window.

  34. tERESA says

    I love that the harness is five point… it makes it harder for the siblings to lean forward and swat at each other! :)

  35. Wendy says

    I have the single version, even though I have two under two — I love it that much. The double has great recline and versatility.

  36. Abbie M. Rotello says

    Nothing is more frustrating than a stroller that won’t fold proprerly and quickly, so the easy fold feature is my favorite.

  37. Jamie Boyse says

    My favorite feature is that one child could be laying down taking a nap, while the other child could be sitting out and looking out. Looks great!

  38. Meg Trauth says

    I love the fact that it can fit through a standard doorway…this is an essential for me. My biggest pet peeve is trying to get through doors when I am out and about. Thank you for making this stroller fit! We all know…a stroller can make our break an outing! Meg

  39. Masooma says

    Love this stroller, the design, and most importantly the huge canopy!! Would be great for my two sons!!

  40. Tiffany H. says

    My favorite feature is that piece (inside the zipper on the back), that raises and lowers the seat back!! Pretty cool :-)

  41. Cindy says

    I love the adjustable straps b/c some seats and strollers are so hard to change the height of the straps as your child grows. I’m expecting child #2 so this stroller would be awesome b/c this has individual adjustments.

  42. Amber white says

    LOVE the adjustable handlebar (I’m 5’11”) and LOVE LOVE LOVE how accessible the basket is, especially under the foot rests. Super cool!

  43. Holly says

    I follow you on pinterest, facebook and am a subscriber. Love the giveaway, just had my second and my kids are 16 mos apart… would love that new double.

  44. jessi says

    I love those sunshades!!!!! Big and cover babies! I’m following you everywhere! FB, YouTube, and pinterest. Sphardilevi ;)

  45. Jennifer Williams says

    I love that it holds up to 50lbs per seat!! Great for toddlers and preschoolers too.

  46. Suzanne says

    Has many great features. Some of the ones I especially like are the well though out storage space and access. The handle bars make it very easy for maneuvering. I like that my new born (coming in July) and toddler can both have their needs met with this stroller.

  47. Marisa Orlandi says

    Looking for a double stroller for when we have our second baby in August. This one seems perfect. Love the fold! You tube and pinterest = marisapizz. Like babygizmo on fb already and get the weekly letter

  48. Alicia Oexmann says

    Great review! I love the huge canopies and the adjustable handlebar because my husband and I have a 1 foot height difference so the handlebar heights have been an issue for us with a lot of strollers!

  49. Gail Devine says

    Love the storage basket – nice and big and easy to get to. Also love the adjustable handle! And the independent sun visors! Great stroller!

  50. Ali S. says

    I love this double stroller. It would be perfect for my twins (due in one week!). Love how spacious it is, easy fold and adjustable handle! I follow on Pinterest, FB, and newsletter!

  51. Talya S. says

    “Liked” on facebook! subscribed to your youtube channel a long time ago!!! And I already get the newsletters! WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE BRITAX DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pick me!

  52. Megan S says

    I like that you can lift up the back and attach it and have the mesh for some air flow.

  53. Molly says

    I love a lot of things about it, but my favorite is how the foot rests unzip in order to allow access to the basket. So cool!

  54. Alice says

    I am already a faithful foller on Facebook/YouTube/Newsletters and Pinterest. This is one great stroller…..have a couple in the family already and they are loved.

    My problem is I need one to hold 4 or more when the family all come to our house!
    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win one!
    GramMa of 13…..Great GramMa of 4…..and love every moment

  55. Jessica waters says

    I love the unzip feature I. The front to be able to get to the basket. Perfect for our twins!

  56. Jessica Barnhart says

    this stroller is awesome! i love the one handed steering, the deep recline, huge canopies, big seats, automatic lock, adjustable handlebars, accessible baskets (including that awesome front access), I have a single city mini, and this looks like a better thought double than the baby jogger (plus no need for $100 car seat adaptor that takes up both seats)

  57. Autumn says

    I love the fold, the unzip by the basket, & that this would be perfect for number 2 that’s on the way!

  58. Kristin Fain says

    I love the width and the b-agile is such a great lightweight stroller it’s perfect that they’ve made it a double!

  59. Michaela says

    Wow! What an amazing double! I have 2 boys under 3 and have a tandem and it’s so hard to manuever, this Britax looks easier to control and I LOVE how easily you can adjust the height of the straps! All the different access points into the nice sized basket underneath is a really great feature too! I’m sold!! ;-)

  60. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love the handlebar! A double stroller that I can turn with one hand, much easier :)

  61. Adrienne says

    I love the handlebar! As a mom of three kids and someone on the taller side, the fact that the handlebar is adjustable and there isn’t some pesky brake or bar or set of wheels where my feet might kick it is fantastic. This would be great for my 2 year old and the baby I am set to have any day now!

  62. priscilla guina says

    I like baby gizmo on fb. Also love love love this double lightweight stroller :)

  63. karryn torres says

    I like the easy adjustable harness and also the large independent canopies.

  64. Theresa J says

    My favorite feature is the zipper compartment harness adjustment. I detest threading

  65. Cortney P says

    I love the easy fold. This would really make getting out with two little ones a whole lot easier.

  66. Tamara says

    I like the differently opening canopies – especially since I am now expecting another little one that will ride with my now 6mos old, while big bro 11yr old helps!

  67. Ashley says

    I love Britax quality, and I am excited about the double arrangement in the B Agile. Looks like the folding size would fit in my already crowded trunk. Big plus for a double.

  68. Michaela says

    Already subscribed to your weekly newsletter! That’s how I heard about this giveaway! ;-)

  69. Susan White says

    Love the harness adjustment and the center handle-hold. Also the easy access to the basket underneath is great!

  70. Michelle Baerg says

    I love the independent sunshades and the easy fold! I subscribe to your email newsletter and your YouTube channel, mbaerg2.

  71. says

    I have the Single Britax B Agile and love it. The double is what we need know that we are having another on the way. I’m short so i love how the handle changes. Love the big over size canopies and the fact the seat lays all the way down. I also like the fact it’s easy to handle and only take one foot to brake. Best part is that for a two seater it folds up to nothing and would leave room in the truck for everthing else i need to take. I will be fallowing Baby Gizmo on Pinterst and Facebook. Cant wait to see other products.

  72. Juana Rangel says

    I love the Large canopies with ventilation windows and the large underseat storage

  73. Deborah F. says

    I like the full seat recline with the easy to use strap system, the huge canopies and the narrow width of the stroller! I also like Babygizmo on facebook.

  74. Michelle P says

    I love the way the harness height can be adjusted so easily! Great for when my boys wanna switch seats!

  75. Ashley McConnaughey says

    I love that you can recline each side seperatly!! I have tried this stroller in the store and it is so easy to move. Love it
    Pinned this and liked it on facebook.

  76. Nikki says

    wow I am loving the b agile double, the handlebar that moves, the foot rest that unzips and the auto lock when you fold it….it might just beat Baby Jogger city mini double!!

  77. Rivka says

    Great double! I love the little extras- zipper foot rest, adjustable harness and the single use handlebar- great additions to a nice stroller!!

  78. says

    I really like how user friendly this stroller appears to be. From the easy to attach trays and car seat adapter to the pop up / fold down! It will be great for me (mom of two under two!)!!! I also love that the handle can vary in positions. It makes it user friendly for both my husband and myself. Not to mention the easy control in the center!!! Brillant design!!!

  79. Sarah wight says

    I am a follower on fb and youtube and get your newsletters. You are recommended to all my mommyfriends too ;) The canopies on this are huge! I would just love it! This stiller looks great for walks in the park and shoppig trips. The adjustable handle is a must-have for our family as my husband is a foot taller than me!

  80. connie hart says

    luv the center handle which makes pushing with one hand a breeze! (never seen it anywhere before!)

  81. Laurie Callis says

    Wow! I’m very impressed with the easily adjustable harness. I have two kids that are stroller age but are vastly different in size so it would be super easy to have them sit on either side. It would make life so much easier!

  82. lisa says

    This stroller looks great! I would love to win this because I am expecting my 2nd child.

  83. Kristin says

    My favorite feature of this stroller is how narrow and maneuverable it is for a double!

  84. Esther Jacob says

    I love that you can grip the handlebar with one hand in the center! Also love the easy harness adjustment.
    I like you on fcbk: Esther Rivka Jacob
    I am a newsletter subscriber.
    Youtube: multiaj_2000

  85. Esther Jacob says

    Ok…I think I was supposed to separate the comments.
    I like you on fcbk: Esther Rivka Jacob

  86. alyssa says

    I love that the footrests unzip to give access to the storage basket on the bottom

  87. Jackie S. says

    Oh my goodness… I really like the way to adjust the shoulder straps! No more re-threading!!!

  88. says

    My favorite feature of the Britax B-Agile Double is the ease of folding and how flat it folds to fit in the back of the car! I also love that it’s lightweight (for a double).

  89. barbara says

    I LOVE the huge canopies, and that easy one handed steering piece on the handlebar!!

  90. Kelly L says

    Already follow on Pinterest. Pinned and here is link. Not sure I posted right
    Kelly Lorandos via Hollie Schultz onto Raffles

  91. Melissa Bradley says

    I love the easy access to the storage basket from the front and sides of the stroller. My current double doesn’t have that feature. I “like” you on Facebook and am a newsletter subscriber. Thanks for the review!

  92. Natalie Spiking says

    My favorite feature is: adjustable harness, center handle bar grip,
    A loyal FB follower, and reader of weekly emails.

    Completely unrelated, I Love your shoes in the video!

  93. Asha says

    I love the handlebar in the center that makes it easier for one hand control of the stroller without that annoying middle bar that I’ve seen on so many of the double strollers in the stores. That is one feature that I usually wouldn’t pay attention to however once you test one in the store and see how difficult it is to maneuver with the middle bar then only do you appreciate these little details!

    I also really like the ability to access the basket by unzipping the footrest. That is so cool!

  94. Natalie Shmigelsky says

    Love the HUGE sun canopies that are independant of each other! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  95. Angela says

    There are so many great things about this stroller! I love the extra large sun canapies, the independent recline and the easy to adjust harness. Wow!

  96. Danielle Tatro says

    I would love to win the B-Agile double. I’ve liked you on Facebook!

    This stroller looks awesome, thanks!

  97. Stephanie Jarrett says

    Love the easy recline! Also, the easy fold is genius! I like you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest and YouTube :)

  98. Danielle Tatro says

    My favorite thing about the stroller is how versatile it is and how it still fits through standard doorways. Love the large pockets on the back and the basket in the bottom, plus the fact that it holds a car seat, it’s great!

  99. Jeni Herrera says

    Since my 23 mo old has Leukemia the huge canopy is a favorite…and the fact that it is an easy-fold..a must have with his 3 mo old sister and all her gear I lug!

  100. Veronica R. says

    So many nice features…the one handed steering is pretty cool and I always love a large canopy.

  101. Jenelle says

    Liked you on facebook, follow you on pinterest and signed up for the weekly newsletter! Thanks for all the great info!

  102. Jenelle says

    Watched the video review- love the easy fold, huge canopies, easy basket access and, of course- that its a side-by-side double by Britax!

  103. says

    My favorite part of this stroller is the click n’ go with the chaperone. I have the B-Ready, but want a side by side double for my babies and this one is perfect!!!

  104. Christi Durbin says

    My favorite feature is how easily the stroller reclines. My mother (who is 61 and has arthritis) watches my son and my nephew 2 days per week. It would be really nice to have a stroller this easy to use, that doesn’t appear to need much muscle to open, close or recline, for my mom to use when taking the boys out and about.

  105. Ashley C says

    I love the huge canopy! Perfect for sunny Florida


  106. MIke Parker says

    I love just about everything on this stroller but the high canopy is one of my favorite feature, and I like the one touch harness buckle.

  107. Jessica Espina-Orta says

    I liked,followed and Subscribe to both crossing fingers my sister really needs a double!

  108. Yvette parkosewich says

    I love this stroller. This would be perfect since ive been admitted to the hospital for 4 weeks until I have my twins and have not been able to purchase a thing. I love the all over access to the basket and the middle part of the handle. I also love that you can purchase the two child trays.

    I have pinned this and other things from your pinterest account, liked on Facebook, and already get the email newsletter. For some reason I can’t get the YouTube to work from the hospital so that’s the only thing I haven’t done! I do, however, go watch one of your YouTube videos 1st thing when trying to decide on a stroller. Baby gizmo is my favorite go to baby product review center! Thanks for all the giveaways and all your hard work.


  109. Beth Scoggin says

    I love how easy it is to adjust the harness! Also love the individual canopys and how big they are :)

  110. Yvette parkosewich says

    I already follow you on pinterest but did pin this among other products.

  111. Christina Parker says

    I love the the seat reclines down enough that it can be used for infants I also love the huge individual canopies!

  112. eden reyes says

    i love the huge canopy and easy fold. also the hole in the middle of the handle so your able to move the stroller one handed.

  113. Kristin H. says

    So glad britax did a double! Favorite feature has to be the center part of the handle bar. Love that they adapted it for more comfortable center steering!

  114. says

    i currently have the B-agile single stroller, and am planning on having another baby in the near future (LO is 6 months old). I LOVE all the features on the single, and i’m sure i’ll love the double!! I’ve “Liked” you on Facebook, follow you on Pinterest, Subscribed to your youtube, and subscribed to your weekly newsletter! :)

  115. Estee Aronow says

    love the b-agile double, the huge canopies, roomy seats and the adjustable handle bar!

  116. Mindy says

    My favorite feature is the folding/unfolding mechanism. Seems very simple for a double, and I love auto-lock!

  117. Lakeesha Brown says

    I love, love, LOVE that basket and the fact that you can access it from so many places!

  118. Jessi says

    I thought I left a comment earlier, but not sure it took. I’m your FB fan! Follow you on youtube and pinterest, sphardilevy, and I pinned this page!

  119. says

    After watching the video about the B-Agle Double stroller, I have to say my favorite thing is the ease in opening and closing it. With 5 mnth old twin boys I need a quick and easy way to get us in and out.

  120. says

    My favorite feature is the huge canopy and the dial to raise and lower the harness. I pretty much fight with mine right now! thanks!

  121. Nicole says

    I really love all the features on the stroller!! Especially the large under seat storage with access through front foot rest. What a great feature. I really hope I win this stroller.

  122. David Holder says

    I like the one hand quick fold, I think I can do that without fumbling with it in the parking lot!

  123. Jessica says

    My favorite feature is the harness adjustment. I love that you don’t have to rethread.

  124. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    I love my britax stroller, thanks to Hollie and her reviews I talked my husband into it, unfortunately since I needed a double I had to give up my beloved jogger and this would be a perfect replacement! Favorite part…double side by side, huge canopies, huge basket and britax is so easy to push! Ok, so more than one favorite!

  125. Marci Lundberg-Asmus says

    I think I finally figured out how to subscribe to YouTube mjlamomof3…

  126. Mary says

    I love that it is only 30.5 inches wide, so it will fit through a standard doorway!

  127. Maryann Cochran says

    Love the Britax B-Agile Double! Too many great features to list. The handle, with the center cut-out, looks like it’s a breeze to push. Can’t wait to use it!

  128. Heidi says

    My favorite thing about this stroller is its compact size for a double. It also looks like it would be easy to maneuver.

  129. Elizabeth B says

    I love the easy harness adjustment and the automatic lock when folded up!

  130. Carolyne R says

    I LOVE the handle bar (how you can grab & push from the middle). Having used the B-agile single, I can imagine that the movement would be super easy with the double! AND I love the BIG canopy. With an infant & a toddler that will come in very handy for sun protection (I’m in Phoenix and we get LOTS of sun). Of course, having the mesh in the peekaboo window & overhead will really help keep my kiddos from overheating… so many things to love about this stroller, it’s hard to pick just one

  131. Char Olsen says

    I really love the adjustable handle. It is so hard to find a great double stroller with a handle that adjusts, and since I am so short and my husband is tall it is a must-have for us!!

  132. Carolyne R says

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter & can’t wait to see other reviews!

  133. Dannielle Brenner says

    I’ve pinned the giveaway on my Pinterest page. My user name is dmmngs2.

  134. Dannielle Brenner says

    I already get your weekly newsletter, thank goodnes, this is how I got alerted this fantastic giveaway was going on!!

  135. Dannielle Brenner says

    My favorite thing about the new double Britax B-agile, is the handle with the Y. It still allows you to steer the stroller one handed…brilliant!!

  136. Rivki says

    Love the canopy and the easy fold! I have a 2 year old and am due in a few weeks, so this would be awesome!

  137. Tonya says

    We love all things Britax! Have a carseat in each car-both Boulevard! Love the Britax B-aigle and the ability to steer one handed.

  138. Lauren Rasor says

    The one handed steering is great! I can drink coffee with one hand and steer with the other ;)

  139. Tabitha Brown says

    I LOVE and NEED this stroller!!! I am due in July and still haven’t found a stroller that i like and can afford. I love the individual canopys and the mesh since it gets hot in FL. I also love the grip in the middle for easier turning! The unzipping footrest that is awesome!

    Really hoping I win this!!!

    I already like baby gizmo on Facebook!
    Pinned the contest:
    already a youtube: supermommy0609
    already receive weekly newsletter.

  140. Samantha Pederson says

    I have been stroller shopping for a while now. This one is tops on my list. I like that it is light weight and easy to fold. Thank you for your take on the stroller.

  141. Michael says

    My favorite Britax B-Agile Double feature is the ease of use in modifying the seats to fit your babies.

  142. Mandy Schuchhardt says

    My favorite B-Agile feature is that it is a double!!! I have the B-Agile with a B-Safe carseat, and really really really really really need a double stroller now that baby is here!! My two-year-old is not quite ready to relinquish stroller privileges to her little brother! He came four weeks early, so I still don’t have a double stroller!!