BOB Motion Stroller Giveaway Extravaganza

Bob Motion Giveaway

Congrats to our winners –

Sandra S. – BOB Motion Travel System

Megan R.

Monica A.

Ashely C.

Benjamin S.

Jenny C.

With all the talk about the brand new BOB Motion stroller, I just didn’t think it was fair to only talk about how great all the features are. Or just show you how it handles on all-terrain. I want some of you to see and push it for yourself. Load it up with your little one and hit the park. Unless you are in Chicago where it is like 10 degrees…so you’d probably buzz it around the mall. :) That is why we are doing a BOB Motion Giveaway Extravaganza. You know when we call it an “extravaganza” it can’t just be one stroller. It has to be many strollers! That is why we are giving away SIX BOB Motion Strollers! That is right – SIX!!! Plus, one of those lucky six will also get the matching BOB B-Safe to make it a travel system!!  Woot! Woot!

Just to make sure you are following me with this, FIVE winners will receive the BOB Motion and ONE winner will receive a BOB Motion AND BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat.

Are we the best or what?!? :)

You know we are going to make you watch our video review of the BOB Motion because you just have to know what you might win, right?!?


The BOB Motion Giveaway Extravaganza starts NOW and ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, January 31. That’s right – you have two weeks to enter this giveaway!


It’s easy to enter this week and we are giving you lots of extra entries but we have changed up what some of the actual entries are. Plus, no Rafflecopter this time. We gotta keep things fresh around here at Baby Gizmo.


FIVE Baby Gizmo readers will win a BOB Motion Stroller and ONE Baby Gizmo reader will win the BOB Motion Travel System (Stroller and BOB B-Safe).


To enter (this entry method is MANDATORY in order to win!), watch our BOB Motion Video Review and tell us which feature you love the most by commenting directly on our YouTube video. You must also be a subscriber to our Baby Gizmo YouTube Channel and give the BOB Motion video a “like”. (We even made a graphic to help those who are new to YouTube to find the things they need to do!) Plus, extra entries are below the YouTube Graphic. Contest ends Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. TWO WEEKS TO ENTER. US Residents Only. Sorry. As always, make sure you actually do the entries because we check.

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*Remember the main entry is the comment on the actual YouTube video ON YOUTUBE. The extra entries are blog comments on this page by scrolling to the bottom and leaving a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box.


  • To be eligible for this Baby Gizmo Giveaway, you must be: [1] a natural person legally residing in, and physically located within (have a US  address!), the 50 United States [2] 18 or older
  • You must have a US mailing address to win (unless otherwise stated!).
  • The prize is not exchangeable or refundable for cash.
  • This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube.


  1. LaTasha G. says

    Already a Facebook fan. Left a comment on the original thread. I’m also already a subscriber to the newsletter. Thank you BG!

  2. Kim T says

    I love this stroller! :) it’s awesome, it’s the perfect combination of BOB and Britax. Love the easy fold!! :)
    I follow Baby Gizmo on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, I pinned this page/contest, left a YouTube comment (actually two by accident, I didn’t mean to, it cut me off mid message) and I receive the newsletter. I also re-subscribed on YouTube because I thought I was subscribed before but somehow I wasn’t but I am now! I’m also a US resident :) AND I liked the video. it seemed to need a few takes but i got it. phew. That was a lot!

  3. Kim Smith says

    I am already a newsletter subscriber!

    I absolutely LOVE this stroller and have a friend that is due in a month that is planning to make her REI purchase tomorrow for both the stroller and car seat!

  4. Kim T says

    Ok I completely misinterpreted the “individual” blog comment. I took it to mean leave *one* comment. Oops. Anyway, I am a Pinterest follower!

  5. Erica says

    Facebook fan, follow you on Pinterest and get your Weekly newsletter. I’m like one step a way from being a stalker!

  6. Halley Parker says

    I think that I have liked you and follow you on every media possible. I just wish that I had found this site before my daughter was born but for the next one I will be much more prepared. Thank you

  7. lisa s says

    i follow you on pinterest, but your link above isn’t working, it has your name instead of BabyGizmo at the end and comes up 404 page not found. my pinterest user name is Ldstarr18

  8. Karen says

    I watched the video then I liked you on Facebook, followed you on Pinterest, and I am already a weekly subscriber.

  9. karen McAdams says

    Commented on your Facebook post, email is my Facebook email. Firstname.mcadams89 at same is my YouTube.

  10. Samantha says

    I have done everything except twitter, not a tweeter… Thanx for fun giveaways and great info!

  11. Michelle Hudak says

    Youtube subscriber, liked and commented on the video and I also like you on Facebook.

  12. arlene e says

    Left a comment on FB and youtube is nandae888 and I left a comment on your Youtube Bob Motion video.

  13. Rebecca Spear says

    of course i follow you on facebook…facebook name is rebecca russell spear… commented on your wall. thanks for another amazing giveaway!!

  14. Rebecca Spear says

    follow you on twitter and just tweeted about the giveaway! twitter name: rebeccarspear

  15. Mirkas says

    I like Baby Gizmo on Facebook and I am subscribed to your newsletter. Looks like it’s a great stroller!

  16. Ashley Leonard says

    followed, liked, and commented on youtube video as
    ajayneleonard (different e-mail than I’m using for everything else)

  17. Michelle B says

    I Ike the adjustable handle best. I wonder how this stroller will compare to the City Mini GT that I am itching to try out.

  18. Donna says

    I’ve already left a comment on Utube a few days ago when you first posted your video because I was so anxious to see the new Bob Motion! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I win one of these!!!:)

  19. Kate loftin says

    Great stroller giveaway! I’ve tweeted about it, signed up for you newsletter and commented on your channel!

  20. Phoenix says

    Facebook fan + a newsletter subscriber! Thanks for all the great reviews. You’ve been a tremendous help to me. :)

  21. Megan ross says

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway as usual. The handling on this thing looks amazing, would love to get my hands on one :)

  22. Edie Brice says

    Hi Baby Gizmo! I follow you on Pinterst but I don’t know how to leave a link? My username is ediek915. :)

  23. Heather Carter says

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    . and watch your BOB Motion Video Review in youtube and comment.

  27. Danielle Ring says

    Commented on YouTube video, liked YouTube video, liked Baby Gizmo on Facebook, followed on Pinterest, followed on Twitter, subscribed to newsletter already! That should cover every entry…….I REALLY need a new stroller and car seat as my husband and I just found out we are expecting baby #4 in September and the ONLY baby item we have left from our others in the crib (we thought we were done, but God thought otherwise ;P)!! Hope I win, it would be AMAZING!

  28. Kris Garvey says

    Already a Youtube subscriber, liked and watched the video, commented as krischan325. Thanks!

  29. Katie Dornstadter says

    Liked y’all on FB. :) Should have done so long ago…I won’t buy any baby item until I watch Holly’s review of it.

  30. Eugenia Nieto says

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    Like you on FB and love this giveaway. This is the stroller I have been dreaming about from bob! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Left a comment on your FB wall thanking you for the great giveaways! I’d love to win the BOB Motion!

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    I would love to win the BOB stroller since I am having a baby in April. I love babygizmo and your videos are very helpful to make important decisions, thanks!