Baby Gizmo 25 Million Giveaway Celebration Day 3


Congrats to our Day 3 Winners –

Britax B-Ready – Callie B. – Entry #4678

Oilo, Kushies and MAM Prize Pack – Rachel M. – Entry #1146

Did you hear? Baby Gizmo hit 25 MILLION video views on YouTube and we are celebrating!  We couldn’t have hit this massive milestone without YOU so we are celebrating by throwing a five day giveaway celebration!

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description and how this giveaway is going to work HERE.

We don’t want to toot our own horn but Day 3 is another HUGE giveaway!


Today is all about versatility! A stroller that transforms from a single to a double by adding the second seat but still have has a full coverage canopy, adjustable handle, great maneuverability, a reversible seat and more. Yes, today is all about the Britax B-Ready! One lucky winner will receive the Britax B-Ready in Slate AND a black second seat to make it a double!


To find out more about the Britax B-Ready, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

To keep up-to-date on the new things at Britax, why not check out their social media pages?

Britax Facebook Page

Britax Twitter Page


Second prize is huge today! Over $500 worth of prizes type of huge! One winner will receive an Oilo 3-piece bedding set ($399 retail), a $50 gift package of assorted MAM pacifiers and a Kushies 2-piece Everyday layette set and Everyday layette sleeper.


No one does nursery design or crib beddling quite like Oilo.  Infusing high quality with high style, Oilo’s symmetrically shaped designs and complementary colors take crib bedding to a whole new level.  With optimally spaced skirts and bumpers, and naturally fitting 12-inch ties, Oilo’s ready-to-order crib sets evoke as much envy as they do tranquillity.   The 3 piece crib bedding set includes bumper, tailored skirt and crib sheet.

Please support Oilo’s Social Media Pages: Oilo Facebook Page and Oilo Twitter Page


Clever design and lightweight materials make MAM pacifiers a pleasure to use.  All MAM pacifiers feature an orthodontically correct nipple design that allows little ones to safely satisfy their sucking reflex while maintaining proper jaw and tooth alignment.  MAM pacifiers feature an easy-to-grasp front knob and a curved shield for a comfortable fit that’s gentle on baby’s skin, thanks to generous air holes and MAM’s patented interior surface. 

Please support MAM’s Social Media Pages: MAM Facebook Page and MAM Twitter Page


Kushies Everyday Layette features a variety of essential mix & match pieces in an adorable assortment of colors & prints.  Trusted by moms since 1987, Kushies offers more than 350 superior baby products including stylish layette and playwear, washable diapers, the award-winning Kushies Zolo toy collection and a broad range of baby essentials.  The worldwide market leader in reusable cloth diapers and accessories, Kushies takes great pride in operating as a responsible company and as an environmentally concerned member of our planet. 

Please support Kushies’s Social Media Pages: Kushies Facebook Page and Kushies Twitter Page


*Remember that you have 7 days to enter this giveaway! It ends next Tuesday, September 24 at 11:59pm EST.

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but Facebook has changed the game! Now, we can use Facebook “likes” as an entry method. So, you know what?!? It is going to be MANDATORY to “like” the giveaway post on Facebook to enter. (NOTE: You always have the option to just leave a comment on the blog for that entry and do nothing else. This is for those who don’t do Facebook.)

Yep, our giveaway celebration = our rules! (The Facebook giveaway post you need to “LIKE” will be pinned to the top of our wall today (Monday)! Make sure you do this because we check. If you are chosen the winner and you didn’t “like” it on Facebook – you are not the winner.)

Here’s the thing: A Facebook “like” AND a blog comment are the only mandatory entries! Once you do those two entry methods, it will open up all the other “optional” entry methods. Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get.  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* This Day #3 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. (US AND Canada residents only on this one, folks!)

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.* ;)

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  1. Erin Halverson says

    I am super excited about this giveaway and new to Baby Gizmo on FB which is actually fabulous because of all the great videos and awareness posts that help me be a better mom! I’m a little worries about the entry form though because its not showing up in full view, only half…on my iPhone, so I’m worried I’m not actually entering! I hope it counts!

  2. Gina Hiskes says

    I was actually hoping for a Britax review! We have the Vigour and I’ve been thinking of getting a different one as well.

  3. Jennifer A says

    I would love to see more videos on twin+ gear. Having twins is tough, knowing exactly what will work best is even tougher!

  4. Julie Pruett says

    Bring back the kid comparisons. Seems like baby gear items show less kids these days. I liked seeing the kids for size reference.

  5. Michelle Heasley says

    I would love to see more car seat reviews with extended rear facing and harnessing addressed and encouraged.

  6. Andrea F. says

    I would love to see more stuff geared towards twins. I know about the strollers, but isn’t there any more twin things?

  7. Erin says

    I really like your videos comparing two different products. A lot of times I am down to two options, but have a hard time finding the pros and cons of both from someone who knows.

  8. Beverly Penn says

    Great double stroller! Id like to see some more reviews in the lower price range strollers like $150-$250.

  9. Jennifer Kreisler says

    I’d like to see more triple kid options….. I see double strollers or single, but tripel can’t be all that uncommon a need.

  10. Erica says

    I’d like to see more of which you think are the top gear selections forvdifferentbstules of living ( ie city vs suburban)

  11. Tracy S says

    I just wanted to say you do an awesome job at giving product reviews. I can’t think of anything else to add to your videos. They are always filled with helpful information about each product.

  12. Tammy Rose says

    A mom can never have to many






    S̶̷̲̅ʜ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ᴇ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅ Strollers!!!

  13. Robin Longley says

    How I can take the Britax from a single to a double so easily! We love our Britax car seat so this would be a wonderful win!

  14. Bernadette N says

    I agree with the other posts. I’d love to see reviews of items that aren’t over a few hundred dollars.

  15. Alexandra Brauch says

    I would like to see more live real life demonstrations where there are kiddos involved :). I would love to win the B Ready, my dream stroller!

  16. arlene e says

    I would like to see strollers folded up in the trunk to see how big they are and car seats installed in the seat so we can see how much room they take up. I am so visual and this owuld help tremendously.

  17. Marianela Aponte says

    Your reviews are great but I would love to see more videos on high chairs, toys and things that any mom would use even for older children.

  18. Lorianne says

    I would love a second video of the same strollers/carseats that are sped up to only show the feature with no talking. Like a quick demo video of all the features and how they work.

  19. Michelle M says

    I would definitely love to see more affordable options. The products are great in the videos, but a lot of people can not affored them.

  20. says

    While the full demos are great it would be awesome if you could add a slide to the beginning or the end that hits the specs and high notes of the product you’re reviewing, ie for a stroller a slide with the name, height/weight requirements, weight of the stroller, and then key features. :) Just a thought!

  21. Stacy Lee says

    I love the Britax be ready!! I just haven’t been able to afford one but really really love to have it!

  22. shalini says

    Although your videos are quite thorough, I would like you to give us more options in strollers and carseats alongwith with their price ranges. I would like to see more affordable products.

  23. Kelly Choma says

    I would like to see more crib mattresses. Baby reviews in that area are lacking BIG time on the internet.

  24. Stephanie Stowell says

    I love the videos and always find what I’m looking for :)

    Oh, possibly how strollers would fit into a midsized sedan or compact.

  25. Samantha Hunt says

    I don’t know. Everything I e needed to know your videos have always covered…maybe some actual user comments or something, I don’t know…

  26. Allison says

    I’d like to see a wider range of products in terms of price. I’d also think a real view of car seats in the cars would be helpful too.

  27. Aaron P. says

    Seeing how real little one would fit or react to some of the reviewed items would be pretty fun, at least a few times, and/or maybe compare the reviewed item against the same type of product (diff brand).

  28. Christina p says

    More car seat reviews and I like it when you use your kids in the reviews because you can see how easily or not so easy the product is with a child in it.

  29. Natalie S says

    Please keep the latest and greatest stroller reviews going! I also google your videos for strollers I am interested in! Would love to see more gear review – maybe play yards, more high chairs, etc.

  30. Anne Perry says

    Babywearing, breastfeeding and cloth diapering… they need as much publicity as possible to become the norm.

  31. Leigh A says

    I’d like to see more honest feedback about the downside of the products so I can make a more informed decision on whether to purchase.

  32. Brooke Wells says

    Honestly, I LOVE your videos… not much I can think of that need improvement. More carseat reviews… I guess :)

  33. Sheila Popovich says

    We are a Britax family and with another on the way, we need to upgrade from our single B-Agile (which I love) to the double B-Ready! I love Kushies, my daughter has some and they are so soft and snuggly.
    (And I thought yesterday’s prizes were good!)

  34. Sarah Stroh Thornton says

    Installation of car seats. Especially when you have an older car and it doesnt have latch. How to travel with a car seat. And what can safely be in the back seat with the toddler.

  35. Brettney Bradley says

    Maybe some how to videos or help with baby wearing and carrier reviews. I do like the side to side comparison videos too.

  36. says

    I love your video’s. They always have the perfect amount of information. it’s better than going to the store. I can’t think of anything you don’t already supply!

  37. Sandy Chiang says

    I would like to see a review of one item and then give a affordable alternative to those who couldn’t afford such expensive baby gear. Kind of how American test kitchen do with their gear comparison.

  38. Christie C says

    I’d like you to comment more about a product’s major faults. This may help making the decision to buy a particular item more easy.

  39. Lien says

    I would like to see more reviews comparing two different brand (in the same price range) of the same type of product.

  40. Summer says

    It would be helpful to see a baby/child in the stroller to get a better idea of how they fit/comfort in the strollers/carseats etc… :)

  41. Colleen Gomes says

    I’d like to see more about proper car seat installation. It’s sooo important to our kids’ safety!

  42. Libertad W says

    I absolutely love your giveaways. I always got to your YouTube channel if I need any advice on gear. Thanks Holly!

  43. Sara Williams says

    I’d like to see more head th head comparisons of competitive products. Much like you did with the BOB Motion. Thanks!

  44. Atara Klagsbrun says

    Britax is an amazing company from their carseats down to their strollers. The video was so informative. The stroller is so edgy, my lil guy would look great in it.

  45. Sarah Zurn says

    I’d like to see more side-by-side comparisons of items. It’s helpful to narrow down the choices and see what’s best for my family!

  46. jennifer lee says

    I would also like to see more car seat reviews.
    I’ve never heard of oilo, but I’m in love with the prints.
    Need a double stroller. please~~~

  47. says

    I would love to hear more cons expressed in the video reviews. I love seeing all the products, but sometimes I feel like a single con is never expressed and I can’t believe so many baby products are really that great! Maybe they are, but I would like to hear more cons expressed with the pros so I can really tell which stroller/car seat/etc. is really for me.

  48. Marta says

    I’d love the britax brand. I watched all the stroller reviews that you posted. What I would like to see more of, is videos on making your own “travel system.” For instance, I have the Britax, B-Agile double stroller that I wanted to use with my exisiting Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. I looked everywhere online for some more info on this combination. The manual for the stroller didn’t specify. I didn’t want to buy a Britax infant seat since I already had a fairly new seat from my first baby. I finally found a product that claims to turn any stroller and any car seat into your own travel system. What is that product you ask? The Britax stroller straps for $8 (on amazon). Now I use the straps with both of my strollers! The britax double and Maclaren Triumph! This has saved me so much money because I didn’t need to buy a new car seat. So I kind of wish there would be more videos on helping moms save. I love the single product review but would love to see some videos where things are reviewed together.

  49. Jessica Fletcher says

    I’d like to hear more bad things about the products! Everything is always so positive! There has to be something wrong with each one too!

  50. Stephanie Houchaimi says

    This giveaway #3 is actually the perfect set of gifts for a baby shower ;). ::really hoping I win before baby arrives::

  51. Katherine Fletcher says

    I would love to see more videos in general. I am always disappointed when I am looking at something and you haven’t reviewed it yet, like the MaxiCosi Pria.

  52. lisa gonzalez says

    It would be great to see you have someone that has never used that specific product try it out. Infomercial style so we can see how easy/difficult it is to use right out of the box

  53. Karen Rennirt says

    I would love to see more children trying the products, so we get a better idea of how it works. But you do a great job in the videos. I love seeing how easy they are to use and all the great features.

  54. Sara H. says

    I’d like to see more Baby Gizmo video reviews of smaller necessities like sippy cups, etc. Also, more reviews of safety products (stove locks, cupboard locks, etc.) for baby proofing would be helpful.

  55. Gillian Walmsley-Sacino says

    I’d like to see links of where to purchase the item being reviewed along with price. I love the vids, keep them coming!

  56. Erica says

    Mam pacifiers are awesome, in fact the only pacifoer my kids take. The britax stroller is awesome thay it goes from a single to a double!

  57. Angela Legge says

    My daughter is expecting her first baby Dec. 1. She is on a fixed income and every little bit helps when it comes to purchasing larger items for the baby! This would be a nice surprise!

  58. Tania L. says

    I was recently shopping for high chairs and had a hard time finding reviews so I’d say more high chair reviews.

  59. Shannon Jefferson says

    Wish there was a way for you guys to talk price points and the best time of year to buy items cheaper without looking like you endorse any retailer….

    FYI, it’s my 30th birthday today and I am 36 weeks pregnant so this prize would make a great gift or any of the prizes for that matter :p

  60. Lauren says

    I’d like to see more affordable options. Even if they’re comparisons and you don’t love a lower priced model, I want to know why and make my own choices.

  61. Sarah Q says

    I love your video reviews for their completeness, but I would like to see more high chair or crib and children’s furniture reviews.

  62. Karis says

    More twin things! With my second set coming on Friday, I can always use more info on gear for twins, or on gear that folds up nice and small, since I need two of a lot of things :)

  63. mushka g says

    my dream stroller1
    the videos are awesome!! maybe just a preslide or slide at the end with all the specs summed up…

  64. Tuquyen says

    It might be nice if at the end of the video you could put up a screen with 3 bullet points that summarize the product review.

  65. Anna harris says

    I love all your videos, they are very helpful and informative, even my hubby watches you. I would like to see more reviews about toys, in particular educational toys for older infants/toddlers. If you have any apps/ devices that you recommend, that would be great. Thank you.

  66. Shakia Flashner says

    I absolutely love the B-Ready and if the Kushies PJs are as good as their diapers I know I’ll be in heaven!

  67. RJK says

    First, I have never watched a video and felt that you missed anything. You think of things that I didn’t know I wanted to know. That said, It would be kind of neat if you were a CPST and could do a few more carseat safety videos. You are so highly regarded in this area, just think of how many people could learn to do better.

  68. Carlee says

    I really like your videos comparing two different products. A lot of times I am down to two options, but have a hard time finding the pros and cons of both from someone who knows.

  69. Amber Hayes says

    I thrive off of your videos! I absolutely love and totally appreciate them! I’d like to see more of your awesome testers’ toy reviews. That really helped me out last Christmas! :)

  70. Rachel Martin says

    I’d love to see some round ups of products that real moms use every day vs. those they only thought they’d use.

  71. Leslie Angerer says

    I’d love to see car seat reviews with the seats being tried out in multiple vehicles. And I’d also like more high chair reviews. :) Keep up the great work!

  72. Tina T says

    I think it would be fun yet realistic if you took us out on a journey with the strollers, real life scenarios, to see the products being put to the test. Busy mall, soccer games, train stations, you get it… It could be fun and I think it may appeal to the working mother as well :)

  73. Natasha S says

    I love to see the detailed reviews that you all give, I’d love to see more comparison videos, for example I would love to see two strollers side by side or two diaper bags side by side to compare sizes, features, etc. Especially those that aren’t easy to find in store.

  74. meghann says

    comparisons side by side, maybe have non ‘experts’ open and try out a product, a few more affordable items wouldn’t hurt!

  75. Heidi Daily says

    You do such a great job and you have helped me make my decision easier with purchases after watching your videos.

  76. Kate S says

    I love your videos! Some of the things I always wonder after I watch….. How different size kids fit in the strollers, how they fit in a car, if there is a similar budget friendly item available, how the folded strollers compare in size to each other, etc.

  77. Nicole says

    While the videos are awesome in and of themselves, it would be awesome to compare products in a similar class to help parents get the best “bang for their buck”…that is, the best products in each category at different price points.

  78. deana lamm says

    i would love to see more things geared for twins. like show the options that parents with twins have. that would be great. thank you

  79. Aleia Chambers says

    I’d like to see more budget friendly baby gear and perhaps a Christmas top toys for different age categories. Otherwise, you do a fantastic job!

  80. Nicole S. says

    Recommendations for educational toys for 2-3 range….I always see for 3+ but my two year old loves to learn and I get overwhelmed trying to find him things!

  81. Lisa Harrison says

    There is actually nothing I can think of the should be changed or added to the Baby Gizmo videos. You do a great job!

  82. Steph F says

    I would love to see how things fit in a car as well. Especially carseats! I bought a very nice and very safe carseat with great reviews. I absolutely love it and all its features but it just doesn’t really fit in a captain seat in the back very well. :(

  83. Shayna D says

    More options for rural living would be awesome! I live in a land of pickup trucks and SUVs, and it takes at least half an hour to get to anywhere with a sidewalk!

  84. Karen McAdams says

    I love when there are comparisons between similar products, and I would also love to see more 7 passenger vehicle reviews.

  85. rachel eckman says

    more options for more than one child. items that can be used on infants, toddlers and preschoolers maybe?

  86. Cindy B says

    I don’t know what more you could do in the videos… if you’re wanting to know what I’d love to see more videos about… I love your recipes… so those would be cool to see. Plus, you could do reviews on the latest in toys or gadgets that are parent/child centered.

  87. laura j says

    I’d like videos on other types of baby/toddler products. The car seat & stroller videos are great, but high chairs and other products can be pricey too, so I like to find good reviews of them as well.

  88. Carla Shannon says

    I think your videos are pretty complete as they are, but it might be interested to get other people to test out the strollers for some comparisons.

  89. Lindsey says

    I personally like seeing things really up close, especially things like bags. I like seeing the scale by showing items that could fit in the pouches and detailed images of the inside.

  90. Becky says

    Love the second seat option on the BReady!

    I’d love to see more videos of side by side comparisons. Like the BReady next to the Vista which seems similar. Or top two jogging strollers in a side by side review.

  91. Amanda Conrad says

    I’m happy with the content covered in the videos – I always watch your stroller reviews because I am super picky and I can’t try them all out myself.

  92. Heidi says

    We can use anything we can get. Set out to adopt an older child, now we are looking at bringing a baby home! To win some of what we need would really help!

  93. Chrissy Manuele says

    I would like to see more videos on family geared vehicles and how strollers/car seats/kids fit into them.

  94. Alexandra Pitcher says

    More toddler toy videos; sometimes I just don’t know what the best toys are to buy my son.

  95. Julie M. says

    I’d like to see different aged children in/using the product so that I can get a sense of how it would work for growing children and how they fit, etc. For example, if the review was on a stroller, it would be helpful to see different stages of children in the stroller to see how it works for each one.

  96. michaela says

    My favorite videos are the baby gear videos, strollers car seats bassinets etc. I don’t know how it would be possible to do even MORE of those because you have done an amazing job of making a video od almost every stroller and car seat already. Keep up the great work. Thank you

  97. Deb D. says

    You are pretty thorough in your video reviews of strollers but maybe showing the stroller out and about for example how it is in a store, aisles.

  98. Cary Otero says

    I would like to see more car seat reviews. I just bought a convertible car seat. I thought of you first for car seat reviews but thought you would have more. I love the way you review baby items.

  99. Amber Carroll says

    Car seat comparisons are always nice. I would also like to see high chair reviews – how well do the straps work? how easy is the tray to take off? is the chair easy to clean?

  100. Sori Levine says

    How about a follow up review a month or two later to see if the product is still as good as when it was brand new?

  101. Nicole Blackburn says

    Just keep doing what you are doing, love all of the info. would like to see reviews of some of the lower priced strollers and car seats too.

  102. Leslie W says

    I would like to see a review of baby items done while toddlers are running around and you’re trying to install a car seat or set up a stroller , etc :) Really I’d like to see some breast pump reviews I need to buy one but have no clue where to start or what to even look for before purchasing one :/

  103. Kristin fain says

    Now that your kids are getting bigger it would be nice to see the way babies fit in some of the products

  104. says

    I’d want to see more real mom and dad product reviews. Most bloggers give their own opinion after testing the product but I’d like to see more reviews from parents who use these products on a daily basis.

  105. Jen Wilson says

    Direct comparisons of products that are common to compare, like the City Mini and Britax B Ready or Ergo vs. Boba vs. Baby Hawk, etc.

  106. Sonja A. says

    I would like to see more side by side comparisons with similar models (stroller, carriers, carseats, ect.) and various sized kids in them. Otherwise, I really like your reviews.

  107. Rachel J. Thuerk says

    The reviews are very informative, but I don’t think you touch on enough of the negatives. If all of the products are great (which it often seems from the video), then the reviews aren’t as meaningful.

  108. Myong says

    I’d like to see babywearing videos. There are so many great options out there and most moms I talk to can’t figure them out.

  109. Connie says

    Love your stroller videos. Would love more car seat videos and educational toys. I’ve been enjoying your toy reviews in preparation for x-mas.

  110. AniW says

    I would like to see some comparison videos. For example compare the BJCS, Britax Bready, Uppa baby vista. Or Compare BJS, BOB rev se, and Mountain buggy jogger. Sometimes we just want to see a side by side to remind us of the differences.

  111. Cheryl O W says

    Love your videos, but I would like to see more actual kids in the videos. That would give more of a size reference of the products.

  112. Deborah F says

    Would love to see more stroller demonstrations with kids and would love to see more umbrella stroller reviews – including doubles

  113. Christina F says

    You pretty much cover everything.. But maybe more smaller baby items or baby toys. And baby body carriers like wraps.

  114. Rivka says

    I would like to see some reviews of less expensive strollers too. Til now, most of the product reviews have been about higher end expensive baby gear, but moms on a budget need your good information and advice too! Thanks!

  115. Keith says

    Would love to see more review videos that included the stroller/strollers loaded into vehicles such as sedans or SUV’s to get a better understanding of there folded size.


  116. Tosca says

    Love the stroller reviews, they helped me choose a stroller a few years ago. Would like to see more videos of other items too, like baby carriers.

  117. Angel Sharpe says

    I think a blog on carseat/stroller covers and which are safe and which are not safe (for example, the ones that cover the actual seat part) would be a great idea!

  118. Amanda Piper says

    Would love to see more reviews on the more affordable items that everyone can afford! All these nice fancy strollers, etc, are just a dream for most of us!

  119. Barbara says

    Id like to see more side by side comparisons. For both strollers and car seats its nice to see pros and cons of two or more products. :)

  120. Elizabeth Mullins says

    I can honestly say, there is nothing else I can think of to add to Baby Gizmo videos! They are always so complete with details!!

  121. Susan Smith says

    I think your videos are great (very thorough)! I saw one comment saying to include kiddos more for size comparison. That would be great so we could see how the product would work with our children.

  122. Casey Mclendon says

    I agree with many of the comments above! Budget friendly reviews would be awesome! A lot of us can’t afford the pricer brands but aren’t sure which we can trust. Love your videos! So helpful! Happy Wednesday Good luck everyone!

  123. Katelyn Graves says

    I love the review you did on the Chevy Traverse without the top tether anchors. Since I am looking for a new car I would love more car reviews where you show how strollers fit and if they have the features that moms are looking for!

  124. Maria says

    More strollers…just kidding, I know you review almost all of the strollers, but that’s what I like the best!

  125. Annette A says

    My favorite videos are the stroller reviews, but I’d love to see more reviews on carriers and car seats!

  126. D. Paul says

    I’d like to see review comparisons on car seats which fit into compact cars. The only one I know of is made by Combi. Are there any others?

  127. Cassandra Eastman says

    I like seeing reviews on any baby gear, (strollers, playards, carseats, ect.) I love your Christmas Toy reviews when it gets closer to Christmas time for ideas on toys to get kids so i’m hoping to see more of those!

  128. Wendy O. says

    Your reviews are pretty great. I don’t know… Maybe showing how much trunk space a stroller takes up by actually placing it in the trunk of a car?

  129. Melinda Mitchell says

    Would love to see comparisons. Also, more information on how such double strollers work for Toddlers and newborn/infants for second children. Carseat reviews are always helpful too.

  130. Chrissy says

    Would like to see more reviews with kids in them and it would be helpful to show benefits for different ages for families that have multiple children.

  131. Tracy D. says

    While I love your site and reviews, I feel that you always feature the crazy, expensive items. As much as I would love more than anything to buy these items, realisticly, I can’t see myself dropping that kind of cash on something. I cross my fingers and toes every time I enter a giveaway, with hopes that I will be able to own something that nice. Otherwise, I think your reviews are great.

  132. brittany Sims chelette says

    I think it would be fun to have more dad geared reviews! Or for us firsttime moms who pack the whole house: how much you can actually fit in the stroller basket or how it fits in the trunk

  133. Jessica Faulken says

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  182. Barnolds Barnes says

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