Pack it up, pack it in with Hamster Buggy Bags


Usually when I take the stroller out, I like to shop. While I might shop very quickly when I’m with the kids,  the fact is…I don’t want to be making another trip to the mall with them anytime soon. It’s not a pleasant shopping experience to begin with as they have very little patience for… Read More

Spring gardening for kids


With Earth Day right around the corner, it’s time to get the spring garden in order and of course, the kids want to help. What’s better than digging in dirt, making mud and putting seeds in the ground?! So while you’re getting knee-deep in dirt and bugs, let the kids have their own fun too… Read More

Tummy time just got more fun (and anatomical correct) with Biddy Belly!


Oh, how babies hate tummy time. Or perhaps your baby loves tummy time…or loves to hate tummy time. Either way, it’s a must-do for babies and my own little one is reaching that tummy time point. She likes it for a few minutes and then…WAH!! And so the story goes…but think about it pushing yourself… Read More

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


It’s read Across America Day today in honor and celebration of the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss. Who hasn’t read and fallen in love with a Dr. Seuss book as a child or even as an adult?! His whimsical words paired with the illustrations of cats in hats, fishes flying and dogs driving. Today, Dr.… Read More

The art of swaddling with Aura Weavers


Every parent believes their baby is perfect. They are so tiny, so precious and so dependent on you for love and warmth. You also know that your baby is unique — one of a kind, which is why you wouldn’t and shouldn’t swaddle them in anything other than a one-of-a-kind muslin blanket. Here’s the thing…you… Read More

Babywearing made easy with the Belle Baby Carrier


I must admit…I’ve never been much of a babywearer with either of my first two kids. With the first one, I much preferred to hold her in my arms then wear her on my chest…simply because I could. With the second one, he just got so big so fast that it was just too uncomfortable… Read More

Easy Valentine’s Day crafts you’ll love doing and keeping!

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We love crafts in our house. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big holiday or a little holiday, we always find a craft to do. However, there are only so many crafts one can keep! The other day my daughter caught me throwing away some winter-themed crafts we did back in January and the way… Read More

Special Valentine’s Day treats for your little loves!


It’s always fun to make a holiday as special as it can be for your kids. Their little faces just light up at the slightest effort you give for making their day special and fun. It could be a special breakfast, perhaps just a note and a special cookie in their lunch box or a… Read More

Going a little stir crazy inside? Try these fun indoor BALL games for entertainment!


Has school called another snow day? Perhaps they’re already bored with the new toys they’ve gotten over the holidays? Whatever the reason may be, I know how it is to be trapped inside with two kids that have endless energy and the weather outside is frightful. So last week, we decided to pick-up a ball… Read More

Snowy day gear you’ll adore (and it’s on sale)!


Ugh, the winter weather has finally caught up with us. It’s all snow, rain and wind out there and all we have to wear is last year’s snow onesie that is clearly too small. I don’t know about you but my kids are growing like weeds and it seems even though I try and plan… Read More