Teasing and Bullying… in Kindergarten?

The shirt in question, courtesy of Mini Boden

Earlier this week, my 5-year-old son came home from kindergarten rather upset. When I asked how his day had been, he said that it was “half good, half bad.” He loves his new school, likes his teachers and has made fast friends, so I was surprised to hear that his day hadn’t gone all that… Read More

What Scares You the Most About Giving Birth?

Giving birth at home scares me way less than birthing at a hospital

I’ve got about three months left until I’m supposed to get this baby out of me somehow. Given that it’s my third child, I’m not as terrified of the unknown as I was as a first-time mom–but I’ve also been through vaginal deliveries twice now, and I know what hard work it truly is. I… Read More

Pregnancy Exercise (or Getting Off My Butt at 26 Weeks)

Yet more walking (this time in an apple orchard)

We’ve all had it drummed into our brains by now that the appropriate weight gain for women starting pregnancy in a healthy weight range is 25 to 35 pounds, and that pregnancy is no excuse to actually “eat for two.” And yet, so many of us gain more than we should—sometimes more than is healthy… Read More

Whether to Push for a “Push Present”

Alphabet charms from Helen Ficalora

Okay, so the name sounds completely ridiculous, and the idea kind of is too—a present for pushing a baby out (although c-section moms surely would deserve a gift for having their bellies sliced open, no?)? Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen at the end of a pregnancy—that you get the baby out, somehow? Do we… Read More

Why We Switched Our Toddler Car Seat Back to Rear-Facing

The car seat we moved forward-, then rear-, than forward-facing

With our first son, like so many parents, my husband and I were excited to switch our son’s car seat from rear- to forward-facing when he hit a year old. How exciting it would be for him to see where we were going! How easy it would be to pass him snacks or comfort him… Read More

Arkansas School Peanut Ban Leads to Major Controversy


By now, we’re all aware of the seemingly ever-increasing peanut allergies in our kids (according to the CDC, now 1 in 25 kids suffer from a peanut allergy). Parents of peanut-allergic kids may have banned the nuts from the pantry at home, but when it comes time to send their kids to school, many are… Read More

Let’s Be Real about Losing the Baby Weight, Jessica Simpson!

Courtesy of the Katie Couric Show

I’ve got to applaud Jessica Simpson for hitting her weight loss goals in a healthy way—through Weight Watchers—and she looked phenomenal on Monday, debuting her still-in-transition post-baby body on Katie Couric’s new show. (You can see the clip at the bottom of this post. ) While Simpson owned up to finding losing the baby weight… Read More

Deciding Who Can Attend a Birth

A much more peaceful birth than my first

I’m somehow already entering my seventh month of pregnancy (where does the time go?), and I’m starting to give some thought to who I’d like to have with me at the birth when the time comes. When I was pregnant the first time around, I gave birth in a local hospital. I didn’t really want… Read More

What Do You Need for a Winter Baby?

Girls' owl hat from Etsy seller shayahjane

As a soon-to-be mom-of-three, you’d think I’d have most parenting questions down (at least regarding the 5-and-under set)—but I’m still struggling with some unknowns. Having had two spring babies, this time around I’m due on January 2nd—and I have no idea if there’s anything special I need or should know about having a winter baby.… Read More

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Cool/creepy costume from Etsy shop The Other Mothers

With my kids headed back to school this week, somehow it seems time (already?!) to turn my thoughts to Halloween. My kids’ minds have been there for weeks—both boys wanted to go with a Star Wars theme this year, and so we’ve got a 5-year-old Luke Skywalker and a 3-year-old Darth Vader ready to go. … Read More