Birthday Gift Ideas For Preschoolers


It can be tricky figuring out what to get a preschooler as a gift. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some ideas so that the next time you get a party invitation in the mail, you’ll know what to bring! Books.  Kids love books because they’re fun and exciting, and parents love books because they’re… Read More

Cookbooks Just For Little Chefs

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 10.00.53 PM

In her elementary school years my sister put cartoons behind her and started dialing into the Food Network. Every morning at breakfast she would sit on our bar stools munching her cereal and watching the latest episode of Emeril or Rachel Ray. She’d take note of their meals and beg my mom print her to… Read More

Six Things Mothers Really Want For Mother’s Day


  Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, and no doubt my husband will be very sweet and get gifts “from the children” and start the Mother’s Day journal tradition that Baby Gizmo editor Gretchen told us about (brilliant idea! Check it out if you haven’t already!) but honestly, what I want, what I really,… Read More

How to Drive Your Parents Crazy Over Summer Break (VIDEO)

crazy this summer

Summer is right around the corner and for those with kids in traditional school (not year round!), it can be a very trying three months. Sure, the first month is great with all the extra time that you get to spend with your kids bonding and laughing and playing… but that starts to wear off.… Read More

One Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas (VIDEO)

gift ideas for baby

We get so many emails every day from parents with questions and comments that we try to respond to personally. Believe me, we try our best! There are a few questions that I know many parents would be happy to hear the answer to, so for today, I put together an “Ask Hollie” video! In… Read More

Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is almost here and if you’re like me, there’s nothing you really want than 1) someone else making breakfast and 2) them bringing it to you in bed. So post this to your husband’s Facebook wall, because we’re rounding up some ideas for serving the mom in your life breakfast in bed this… Read More

The Feeling That Just Won’t Go Away…

Club MomMe

Rachel Pitzel is the Founder of Club MomMe, the place for Moms, Expectant Moms and Young Families in Los Angeles, Orange County and Denver. They host 4-6 events per month and their signature series, Family Fests, twice a year. Rachel is the mom of two, a very busy toddler and newborn, and slightly baby gear… Read More

8 Things to Bring to a Restaurant With A Toddler


  Dining out with a toddler is tricky, but it can be done if you’re armed with the right tools. Here are eight items to bring to a restaurant to ensure things run smoothly—and to help you eat your meal in peace! 1) Triangular Crayons: Most restaurants that aren’t too fancy (i.e. restaurants you would actually… Read More

When The Child Is Ready…. They Will


Being a parent comes with many lessons. You learn, for example, that smelling a child’s butt in public is not only okay, it’s necessary. And that when you miss the toddler sleep window, it will result in a full on, over-the-top meltdown worse than ever before. But you also learn good things. About love, and… Read More

Places To Take Mom For Mother’s Day


Presents are amazing, but taking the oncall 24/7, special mommy somewhere creative and fun for Mother’s Day is even better! So we’ve rounded up some wonderful ideas of where to take her on this day that’s all about honoring the wonderful things she does all year round!   -Picnic lunch. Pack a fancy picnic lunch… Read More

Introducing Noonday Collection


Have you heard of Noonday Collection? It’s not only the perfect venue for gift shopping or adding to your own closet, but it serves a purpose. “At Noonday Collection, we believe every child belongs in a family.” — How does a statement like that intercede with women’s fashion? Well, orphan care and prevention are foundational… Read More

No More “Just”

Mom and Baby

  Jenna is a stay-at-home mom and wife from the Motor City who is struggling with a McDonald’s Diet Coke addiction. She loves sports (especially the Tigers!), books, exercise, Detroit, cereal and her family. She feels so blessed to be able to stay home with her baby boy…every day is a new adventure! You can… Read More

Plan a Mother’s Day Photo Shoot


Almost everyone schedules family photos once or twice throughout the years, but do you ever gussy up for special sessions? For Mother’s Day this year, why not plan a little mama kiddo photo shoot? It can be with a professional photographer, friend or Dad can take lead with the camera. No matter how the photos… Read More

Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease


Spring is here! Spring brings flowers, sunshine, birds chirping, and you know what else? Hand, foot and mouth disease. A viral illness that commonly occurs in children when the weather changes. Guess who caught it? My son! Awesome. He is 19 months and still breastfeeding a lot day and night, so when he seemed a… Read More

Score Free Samples With PINCHme!


If you like getting free stuff (and who doesn’t?), you need to know about PINCHme, a fairly new website through which you can receive free samples in the mail with very little hassle or work on your part. The site—appropriately named because you’ll likely think you’re dreaming when your first boxes of goodies start to… Read More

How to Keep Strangers from Touching Your Baby

Strangers and Baby

Navigating the world of parenthood can be tricky for any new mom or dad. Which diapers do you use? Crib or bassinet? Bottle or breast? Travel system or pram? The last thing a new parent wants to worry about is how to make their new baby well after they pick up an illness. Sometimes illnesses… Read More

The World’s Toughest Job

Mothers Day cards

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore. I don’t talk about my mom all that much on Baby Gizmo or the rest of my family for that matter. It’s not that they aren’t a huge part of my life but I’m sure they don’t want me dishing about them all… Read More

Anniversary Trip Ideas For Any Budget


My husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage this summer and, of course, I have vacation on the mind. Obviously I would love to spend two glorious weeks in Europe but let’s get real, that ain’t gonna happen.So I’ve gathered together some fun anniversary trip ideas for any budget, and while these aren’t… Read More

Family Photos

Family Photo

Until this past weekend, I had no idea that Easter is officially the “Family Photo Holiday.” Who knew, right?!? Seriously, I have never seen as many family photos posted on Facebook as I did this past Sunday. Ever. Even Christmas can’t compete! And the craziest thing about it – is that I was right there… Read More

Building a House with Pinterest: Home Office Edition

Home Office Ideas

Today is week 5 of our Building a House with Pinterest series. You may have noticed that we skipped last Wednesday for our weekly building a home update posts. Sorry about that. With returning from Disneyland and Easter preparations last week, we decided to hold off on posting our next update. No worries because this… Read More