Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner – Cassandra E. from Clever, MO We really are setting the bar high even for Baby Gizmo.  Sure, our giveaways are awesome (if we do say so ourselves!) but this one takes the cake. This is our biggest, single giveaway yet!  We really do spoil our readers, don’t you think? The… Read More

A necklace that helps with teething? I don’t believe it.

Photo by Inspired By Finn

Ah, teething. You and I have a love/hate relationship. I loved you when baby girl was around 3 months and I could choose cute bibs that matched her outfit to collect her drool. I hated you at around 7 months when baby girl would chomp down while nursing. Ouch. It was at this time that… Read More

Baby Gizmo VIDEO Spotlight Review: Bumbleride Indie Twin Dual Maxi Cosi Adapters


If you have been looking for a side-by-side stroller to accommodate two infant car seats at the same time, you know it’s a difficult task.  There are only a few strollers on the market that do this.  Thanks to Bumbleride, we have another choice.  The Dual Maxi Cosi Adapters for the Bumbleride Indie Twin are… Read More

Baby Gizmo Spotlight VIDEO Review: Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board


The Orbit Baby G2 isn’t just for one child anymore!  With the introduction of the new Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board ($120), parents can now use their G2 with one, two or even three children! This ride along stroller board is for ages 2 up to 50 lbs and is the first and only board… Read More

Baby Gizmo Two-Day pediped Boot Giveaway!


While we aren’t sure where you live, we know it’s starting to get cold in Chicago!  Old Man Winter is right around the corner which means we have already started digging out the boots.  It never fails, those fabulous boots you bought the kids last year, don’t fit this year!  Why do kid’s feet have… Read More

Key Lime Cove – A Splash-tastic Good Time.


A couple weeks ago my family took a trip to Six Flags Great America to take advantage of the beautiful Chicago weekend we had.  To turn the weekend into an “event” for the kids, we booked a room across the street at the waterpark resort Key Lime Cove.  Key Lime Cove is an indoor waterpark… Read More

Bloom Debuts the Zen Stroller!

bloom zen in the back of a Mini Cooper

bloom debuted their new Zen stroller at the ABC Kids Expo last week.  Just when you think you’ve seen every stroller possibility…then comes the Zen. You should see the fold on this stroller!  Oh wait, we have pictures for you!   That is in the trunk of a MINI COOPER!!  It has one of the… Read More

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Runway Collection


Most of what we saw at the ABC Kids Expo 2011 in Louisville were products we are going to have to wait until 2012 to hit the market. Not with Mountain Buggy!  We had the chance to see their new Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Runway Collection up close and personal and they are fabulous!  Definitely runway-worthy!… Read More

Graco Joins the Land of the Sit n Stand


You can’t walk out your front door without seeing a Graco stroller somewhere.  They are everywhere.  Graco’s are the everyman (or everywoman) stroller!  They are budget-friendly and sold at every major retailer that sells baby gear.  Well, one thing Graco hasn’t done yet is a sit-n- stand stroller.  Until now. At the ABC Kids Expo in… Read More

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012

Valco Baby Zee with Joey Toddler Seat

I really like Valco Baby.  It is a family owned and operated brand founded and based in Australia. We are talking brothers, fathers, daughters and overall great people who are passionate about their brand. If they don’t think it’s perfect – they fix it. That’s why I’m happy to tell you that it looks like Valco… Read More