Innobaby Keepaa: A new kind of juice box holder!


Do your kids love juice boxes?  Or how about the juice pouches like Capri Sun?  You probably already know that these boxes and pouches can turn into a messy nightmare when your child squeezes the box so that the juice comes squirting out the straw all over their shirt, hands and anything in the vicinity. … Read More

Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner – Cassandra E. from Clever, MO We really are setting the bar high even for Baby Gizmo.  Sure, our giveaways are awesome (if we do say so ourselves!) but this one takes the cake. This is our biggest, single giveaway yet!  We really do spoil our readers, don’t you think? The… Read More

The Boogie Monster Who Will Make You Put on your Dancing Shoes (& Boogie Legs™)

photo by Heidi Green Photography

It’s becoming commonplace for celebrities to become children book authors. First Madonna wrote The English Garden. Julianne Moore’s Freckleface Strawberry has been adapted into a Broadway show. Olympic Figure skating champion and winner of Dancing with the Stars Kristi Yamaguchi is the author of Dream Big Little Pig. Award-winning children’s author Josie Bissett (actress who… Read More

Making Baby Food at Home: Recipes That Go Beyond The Jar

baby food 2

Making your baby’s food at home is easier than ever with basic supplies or more high-tech gadgets.  But after you try some simple fruits and veggies, what else can you make?  Just because the jars and pouches use a small variety of fruits, veggies and grains doesn’t mean that’s all your baby can handle.  There… Read More

Joovy Bicycoo Video Review

Joovy Bicycoo Video Review

Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: New (and Improved!) Joovy Groove


Think companies don’t listen to their customers? Then you haven’t met Joovy yet. This family-owned company not only makes great products but when something doesn’t suit their customers, they change it. The new and improved Joovy Groove stroller is a perfect example of this. While the Groove stroller isn’t brand new, this new and improved… Read More

Is it Worth Crying Over Spilled Milk?

beaba training cup

One of the milestones that comes with your baby celebrating its first birthday is that he/she is now expected to be old enough to stop drinking out of a bottle. So after only using a nipple for their entire life, young children are supposed to suddenly enjoy drinking out of a hard spout. Most families… Read More

Baby Gizmo Spotlight VIDEO Review: KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set


Next up in our “Hot Holiday Toys 2011: Hot or Hype” Video Series is the KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set. With a special guest, we are highlighting this firehouse for your little firefighter-to-be in our latest Baby Gizmo Video Segment. Take a look at what we liked to help you decide if it should make it onto… Read More

Baby Gizmo Spotlight Product Review: Inglesina Fast Table Chair


Are you looking for a great hook-on chair for your baby on-the-go?  You may not need to look any farther than the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. This lightweight, compact, hook-on chair makes a great travel buddy for your little one. Plus, this chair isn’t just for travel but can also give your little one a… Read More

Bloom Debuts the Zen Stroller!

bloom zen in the back of a Mini Cooper

bloom debuted their new Zen stroller at the ABC Kids Expo last week.  Just when you think you’ve seen every stroller possibility…then comes the Zen. You should see the fold on this stroller!  Oh wait, we have pictures for you!   That is in the trunk of a MINI COOPER!!  It has one of the… Read More