$1.99 for a pack of Huggies Jeans Diapers!

A jumbo pack of Huggies Jeans Little Movers is just $1.99 at drugstore.com right now.  That makes each diaper less then 8 cents a piece and is super cute to boot.  Shipping is free if you have an order over $25.  I took this opportunity to stock up on some vitamins to qualify for my free shipping.  If you are a first time customer you can get $5 off your first order of $30 too.  I added some chapstick to bump me up to the magic $30 mark.  I had to laugh since the $1.40 chapstick cost me almost as much as my pack of diapers.

I have always wanted to try these super cute diapers but haven’t been willing to shell out the cash.  So excited to receive my pack for such a great price.

I don’t want to leave the cloth diapering mommies out on all the fun so check out GroVia’s seconds sale going on right now.  Most of the good stuff is gone but there are still some shells and pail liners left.

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