10 Great Sandals for Mom

Sandals for Moms

When you are a mom, being stylish seems to get harder and harder with each passing day. It is somehow easier to throw on the same old “uniform” and brace yourself for the onslaught of boogers and sticky fingers that are headed your way. For me, my mom uniform tends to get the most boring when it comes to my shoes. I have a closet full of fab styles, but when it comes to what I actually wear there are 3 pairs in my standard rotation and they are all worn based on their comfort level. This summer, I am getting myself together and I am GOING to have cute (which still comfy) shoes on my feet!  Here are 10 styles I’m thinking will be the perfect mom sandals for summer…

Gizeh Sandal
Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

Birkenstock Gizeh

Ok, I can’t lie…I am actually on my 3rd pair of these shoes.  I have been wearing them every summer for the last 10 years.  There is something about the silver that makes them more stylish than a standard Birkenstock.  They are incredibly comfortable and the Birko-Flor material they are made of can be cleaned off very easily.

Avarca Pons Sandal
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Avarca Pons Strap Sandal

I have been considering shoes by this brand for a really long time.  The leather is very high quality and the colors are to die for. I love a simple sandal that can be worn with jeans or skirts or dresses or shorts and these fit that bill perfectly.  With classic lines that will never go out of style, these are a great addition to any closet.

Dolce Vita Drayper Sandal
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Dolce Vita Drayper Sandal

Black and brown is my favorite combination of neutrals and this sandal combines them perfectly.  The woven back piece screams “summer shoe” while the simple design brings a modern edge. These would look as adorable on the playground as they would on a date night (if I am correctly remembering what a date night is.)

Crocs Sexi Sandal
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Crocs Sexi Flip Sandal

I normally avoid any item with the word “sexy” in it out of principle.  If you have to tell me it is sexy, it likely isn’t sexy at all.  And a sexy croc? Just shut your face because that will never happen.  So, while these shoes are poorly named, they are super cute.  They come in some great colors and are guaranteed to be comfortable.

Sseko Sandal
Photo Credit: www.ssekodesigns.com

Sseko Sandals

Sseko is a sandal company based in Uganda that was created to provide women in that county with an income opportunity in the 9 month gap their education system has between secondary school and university. Many women couldn’t find jobs (and thus pay for university tuition) during that gap and Sseko is trying to fix that problem.  Besides the warm fuzzy feelings you will get from knowing what these shoes mean to others, you will look amazing wearing them. Each shoe is made of a leather bottom with 5 loops that enable you to swap out the strap portion and configure them however you want.  You can also buy new straps for $10 so if you get tired of one look you can buy new straps and have a whole new shoe for a low price!

Salt Water Sandal Adult
Photo Credit: www.modcloth.com

Salt Water Sandals

These are traditionally a kid shoe, but they look so stinking cute on adults as well.  I love the bright yellow color that will take jeans and a white t-shirt to a whole new level while keeping you as comfy as can be.

ZIGIgirl Elena Sandal
Photo Credit: www.bakersshoes.com

ZIGIgirl Elena Sandal

Cutouts and some cute embellishment take these sandals from plain brown flats to a fun summer sandal. They are on final sale now though, so I’d grab them up while you can!


Zara Ethnic Flat Sandals

I am totally obsessed with tribal prints these days and these sandals fit the bill while not being overly trendy. The colors are fairly neutral so they will go with a lot of outfits, but they are still jazzy (I’m turning into my mother – I just said jazzy – I’m sorry) enough to keep you looking stylish.


Sol Sana Danika Sandal

For the more daring, add a splash of neon to your wardrobe.  When you combine the flash of color with nude leather and clean lines you get a great modern sandal.


Ted Baker Ballena Sandal

Simple. Black. Flat. These shoes will get you through every summer for the rest of your life. I have a pair of the exact same cut sandal that were my mom’s from college and they are still fashionable today.  Because they are classic in every way, you will get your investment back ten-fold.