10 Ramadan Items Your Kids Will Love

I can’t contain my excitement: it’s almost Ramadan! For the 3.3 million Muslims living in America, and 1.8 billion Muslims across the world, this is one of the most exciting times of the year for our families, especially our children.

Most people know that Ramadan is a month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, but did you know how much we prepare and how excited we get for its arrival? Think of how your family feels over the Christmas season, or any spiritual month that you may celebrate. This is how we feel about Ramadan! We put decorations up at the beginning of the month, spend more time with our loved ones, give more to charity and make food for friends and neighbors. At the end of the month comes Eid, a time to celebrate and exchange gifts!

This year, Ramadan will begin around May 17th and many businesses have been selling adorable Ramadan/Eid pieces directed at children. Because there is so much to choose from, we have picked some of our favorites and are sharing them with you today!

1. Books: Curious George and the Drummer Girl

When Curious George is celebrating Ramadan, you know it’s a big deal! This wonderful book is not only sweet but very informative for anyone who wants to learn more about this special month. Another popular book that discusses Ramadan is Drummer Girl, a story about a young girl with a big dream.

2. Zasima Razak Designs: Ramadan Calendar

Crate and Barrel recently revealed their new Ramadan calendar, and it immediately sold out! Not to fear though, there are a whole host of calendars available online, like this large one from Zasima Razak Designs. Each numbered day holds something small. We put a good deed in each of ours for our older two children, who are 7 and 5, and $1 in for each child to give to charity. If you’re looking for something smaller, there is this calendar that reveals a chocolate each day, and this laser cut calendar was hugely popular last year in the UK, but it does come flat packed, so you would need to put it together. Prefer a calendar that doesn’t hold little things? This Eid countdown poster from Modern Eid is beautiful!


3. And Then She Said: Ramadan Good Deed Calendar Cards

Want to have your children do a good deed each day for the entire month of Ramadan? Iman from the blog And Then She Said has made 30 wonderful printables, so all you need to do is print them and pop them in your calendar! If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK, you can just pay a small price for this full kit and she will send you all the deeds with envelopes and stickers to seal them, so there’s no peaking before the day arrives!



4. Eidway: Ramadan/Eid Stencils and Cookie Cutters

If you’re a baker, these Ramadan and Eid stencils are sure to be a hit! And if you’re more comfortable with simple cookies (like me), how about these adorable Ramadan cookie cutters?


5. Jasmine+Marigold: Ramadan/Eid Baby Outfits

Have a little one who is celebrating their first Ramadan/Eid? How cute are these onesies from Jasmine+Marigold?! They’re available in white, pink or blue!


6. Mumin Merch: Ramadan T-Shirts

Available in different colors and sizes, Mumin Merch is selling a variety of fun t-shirts for your little ones! Be sure to check out the “Team Tarawih” shirt too!


7. With A Spin: Ramadan Planners and Puzzles 

Trying to get older children excited about the month? We love these Ramadan Coloring and Activity Books for ages 5-12 from With A Spin. Children get to journal each day, leaving them with a book full of memories. And this Ramadan puzzle would make a fun family activity!

8. Secubit: Gingerbread Mosques

You’ve heard of gingerbread houses, but how about gingerbread mosques?! We bought one of these two years ago and had such a blast decorating it! These delicious creations from Secubit Bakery come with everything you need, all you have to do is decorate and sneak in some candy when no-one’s watching… 

9. Up A Notch: Personalized Candy Wrappers

These personalized candy bar wrappers from Up A Notch take a simple candy bar and make it a great gift for friends or family! Note: This link is for just the wrappers, you would need to buy the chocolate. If you prefer to have the chocolate included, order soon because she doesn’t ship chocolate between May and August.

The 10th Ramadan item has been temporarily removed.