10 Sandals for Kids

Kids Sandals

Summer is officially here which means we can finally break out the sandals.  There isn’t much in this world cuter than 10 chubby kid toes peeking out the end of some sandals.  Here are some great choices for your little one’s little piggies!

Salt Water Sandal

Salt Water Sandals

Classics through and through.  I actually still have the pair I wore when I was little and my kids both wore my old pair. I am partial to the neutral brown, but there are a wide range of colors to choose from.

Keen Sandal

Keen Newport H2 Sandals

These are fairly expensive, but they can be worn everyday in pretty much every setting.  Water, woods, playground – these are perfect for all locals. With a covered toe bed they are also safer for kids to wear than a lot of the other options out there. Also, if you have a local consignment store these are always popular so you can get some of  your initial investment back.

Birkenstock sandal

Birkenstock Rio

I am a Birki girl through and through. They are the most comfortable sandal and are great for the foot health of our kids. These Rio’s have all the regular Birki perks, like the sculpted footbed that evenly distributes body weight, with an ankle strap that keeps the shoe safely on the foot.

Old Navy Flip Flop

Old Navy Flip Flops

You aren’t going to find a better price out there than an Old Navy flip flop.  If you kid has three favorite colors like mine does, you can get them one in each color for the under $4 price tag.

Crocs Sandals


People have very strong feelings about Crocs, but there are so many new styles out there that I’m sure even the biggest skeptic can find one they like. These are pretty basic flip flop style sandals, but the back strap makes them more secure and the footbed is beyond comfortable.

Avarca sandal

Avarca Pons Sandals

These are super cool sandals.  Clean lines, great colors, leather uppers, and recycled rubber soles make these Spanish made sandals a winner.

Chaco Kids Ecotread Sandal

Chaco Kids Z/1 ecotread sandals

Chacos are a very durable, very comfortable shoe for kids. The sole is tough and they are easy for kids to put on and off themselves.  Also, I don’t know what the secret is, but these never get really stinky.  My husband has a pair that he has had for years and they have never gotten funky like other shoes tend to.  That factor alone is enough to make any parent happy!

Scruffy Dog Sandal

Scruffy Dog Buddy Sandals

They are insanely expensive for a kid shoe, but from an aesthetic perspective they are too lovely not to share. Part shoe, part sandal, all cool. If there is someone in your life who is looking to spend $60 on your kid, I’d totally point them in the direction of these shoes!

Sanuk Yoga Flip Flop

Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flop

Sanuk is a surfing brand from Southern California and they make the sole of these shoes out of old yoga mats!  Talk about comfy!


Teva Sandal

Teva Water Sandal

Teva is the brand that pops in your head when you think about water friendly sandals and for good reason. The open toe design keeps water from pooling in the shoe and the footbed is made of anti-microbial material.