10 Things You May Not Have Known You Can Use Instagram For

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Vine- in an age where social media and apps are everything, Instagram wins for me. Did you know you can do more than just edit photos? That’s why we’re sharing 10 things you can use Instagram for that you may not have known about.

Photo Source: Instagram

1. Buy/Sell. So many people (myself included) have purchased or sold things on Instagram. Lots of people have a second Instagram account just for the purpose of selling things from their homes and closets. I’ve found that there is an especially great number of people selling brand name kids clothes on Instagram, so if you’re in the market to buy second hand, this app is for you. You can search hashtags like #shopmycloset #instagramforsale or simply hashtag the exact brand or item you’re looking for and, chances are, lots of things will pop up.

2.Meet people. Now please, please, PLEASE use caution and play safe on Instagram, I think that goes without saying. I actually met two of my closets friends on Instagram. That probably sounds weird and my husband thinks it’s the strangest thing ever but Instagram is a community of people to connect with and I think that is so cool!

3. Make your own Instagram prints. There are so many companies like Stickygram that will turn your favorite Instagram photos into actual prints or magnets! I know I’m guilty of not printing many photos because we live in such a digital age, but this is a great way to turn those digital prints into something tangible.

4. Win things. I have actually won many prizes on Instagram. Since everyone is on it, including big companies and local stores near you, they will hold contests and giveaways from time to time and all you usually have to do is repost a photo and tag them in it! I’ve won a handbag on Instagram, jewelry, and three cakes from a local bakery!

5. Promote your own brand, blog, or product. Instagram is a huge blessing for small business owners. Because so many people are on it, there are so many people you can reach! If someone is wearing something awesome, a thousand people can see that item, ask where it’s from, and buy it themselves. Instagram is a great way to promote and market yourself!

6. Discover new brands. If you’re someone who shops small business like me, then Instagram is a great way for you to discover new brands for yourself and your kids. I have found scads of amazing small shops that make kids leggings, kids tees, hats, glasses, bags, everything! I never would have found these shops if it hadn’t been for Instagram.

7. Take awesome photos. I don’t even use a camera anymore, I simply use Instagram. Why? Because it takes photos perfectly and I can edit and use filters to make them look just as good, if not better, than my camera would!

8. Use it like Google. There is so much information on Instagram at your fingertips. If you are looking for how a certain clothing item fits, hashtag that company or clothing item. If you want more information about a sports team, a TV show, reviews, hashtag away and be amazed.

9. Food and recipes. There is so much good looking and tasty food being posted on the site by the minute. I especially like that I can search for certain kinds of foods like #vegetarian, #vegan, or #whole30 and a whole bunch of ideas will pop up! It’s great for getting new recipes and seeing how other people cook and feed their family.

10. Staying connected. Instagram, as with all social media sites, is a great way to stay connected with those you love and especially with those who may live far away. My husband’s family doesn’t live near us, but they still feel connected to what we do by seeing photos of our days! That in itself is genius!

What do you use Instagram for? Leave us a comment and let us know!