10 Tips for Soothing a Newborn

Soothing a Newborn

When you bring a baby home from the hospital, we like to joke that it is a “stunt baby” for the first two weeks. The baby is barely awake, and since you are in new mom bliss, you wouldn’t mind that adorable little newborn cry anyway. After the two week mark, babies wake up…and they let you know it. If you are blessed with a perfect angel of a baby, lucky you, but most of us have been through our fair share of fussy babies and will try anything to soothe them.  And, unfortunately, if you’re unable to soothe your baby, stress levels can rise rather quickly. Don’t fret! These tips and tricks from our friends at Growing Your Baby for soothing a newborn may be exactly what you need to bring the calm joy back into your life.

Please visit our friends at Growing Your Baby for all 10 tips to regain your sanity via 10 Tips for Soothing a Newborn Growing Your Baby.


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