10 unique, one of a kind gift ideas for littles

Gifts for Kids

I love giving gifts. It may just  be, hands down, my most favorite thing to do. I love to plan ahead, Christmas is my favorite, and I love choosing gifts for my son and other little ones. After you’ve given gifts for quite some time, you may find yourself in a rut. “I’ve already given that..” “I think he has one of those…” Today I’ve gathered together 10 amazing, unique, and one of a kind gift ideas for your children or for any little ones in your life. These presents are bound to be not only something they will love, but something they probably don’t have, too!




Personalized matching leggings and blanket set.

These amazing leggings and this matching  blanket would be the coolest gift for a newborn, a toddler, or any awesome kid in your life. Jennifer Ann creates these in the name of your choice, the color of your choice, and even the writing of your choice. We are huge legging fans in my family and while I love neat patterns, stripes, and shapes, having my sons name on leggings is pretty much the neatest thing I’ve ever seen. Talk about custom! Best idea ever!


Personalized Wooden Camera Toy.

The perfect gift for the aspiring photographer in your life. I think this wooden camera is so dreamy and I love the nice touch that the personalization of the name adds to it! Any child would love to go take “pictures” with this bad boy.



Personalized Chalkboard Lunch Box.

These amazing lunch boxes come in a variety of cute prints on the outside. But wait until you see the inside. A chalkboard is inside so parents can write their children a note each day! I think that is such a cute and clever idea and anyone who receives this gift will, too!


Literally A One Of A Kind Stuffed Animal.

Okay you guys, this is AMAZING. Talk about LITERALLY a one of a kind gift. Doodles, stuffed. That’s right. Take one of your child’s doodles that is tacked up on your fridge, and mail it to this company. They will stuff your child’s doodle and turn it into a stuffed animal and send it back to you! A drawing come to life! The look on the child’s face when they see that their artwork has come to life will be priceless!


Birthday Puzzle.

Give a semi educational gift with this personalized birthday puzzle! All kids like puzzles and what better than one that was specifically designed with them in mind!


Personalized Tea Party Set.

This sweet tea party set would be perfect for any little princess. Not only will her name be written on it, but all the little cookies are adorable and she can have loads of fun playing with her dolls and friends when they come over for tea.


Personalized Birthday Boy Pirate Hat.

Yo Ho Yo Ho! The little buckaroo in your life will appreciate this one of a kind pirate hat made just for him! Most all of the kids I know love pirates, and love wearing hats. Combine the two and you’ve got a perfect present.


Children’s Play Teepee

This teepee is sure to be a huge hit with children of all ages! Who doesn’t want their own little fort to play, hideout, and stash all of their toys in? Bonus because this teepee is adorable and parent’s won’t mind it sitting in their house 24-7. In fact, it will probably bring a lot of nice character to any living room or playroom.


Personalized Name In Rope Art.

When my son was still in my tummy, we planned out an amazing cowboy nursery for him. Of course no cowboy room is complete without the little cowboy’s name in rope art! Everyone who saw this decorative piece above his crib couldn’t get over how original and fun it was. Of course, you don’t need a cowboy room to be a cowboy at heart or to have your name made in rope. These adorable, hand made pieces come in all different sizes and of course you choose the name. Whether you want the dream prize size to go across a whole wall, or a tiny one as a cake topper, or to hang on a door, this unique present is perfect for any Western lover!


Custom And Cool Belt.

These belts come in all different shapes and colors and are sure to be a hit with little ones. Especially little fashionistas who love dressing up and clothing!


I hope this little gift guide has given you some fun new ideas that you can use the next time you’re looking for presents! If you’ve got some unique gift ideas of your own feel free to leave us a comment down below and share!