10 Ways To Tell Your Child I LOVE YOU

Sometimes we get wrapped up in the every day hustle and bustle and rush bedtime or forget that our little ones need a little extra love every once in a while. I know I’m sometimes guilty of doing this and that’s when I take a step back, remember what is the most important thing in my life (or one of them at least) and show my kids what life and love is all about. It can be something as small as a few extra hugs before bedtime or something as big as a special outing. Usually they don’t care.. they just like to know they are loved.

Here are some fun ways to tell your child, or children, that you love them.

1. Lipstick hearts on the bathroom mirror are always a fun surprise. My kids don’t really know what lipstick is (since I wear gloss) so this is always something new to them.

2. Learn the sign language “I Love You” sign and teach it to your child.

3. Use chalk to write a love note to your child and tell them what you are proud of (finishing 3rd grade, scoring a goal in soccer, etc.)

4. Create an I Love You Puzzle and let your child put the pieces together.

5. Print out a certificate that says, “World’s Best Son/Daughter! Love, Mom and Dad”

6. Go out for a Mommy (or Daddy) and Me special treat! Take your child to ice cream, a walk on the beach to gather shells or to their favorite museum.

7. Make a Mommy (and/or Daddy) Loves (insert child’s name) Book! This takes some time but is well worth it! Imagine your child’s surprise when they start reading an actual book tat you wrote for him/her.

8. Let your child pick dinner and help make the dinner (if they are old enough).

9. Make up a rap song and perform it for your child. My son gets a kick out of listening to his mom try to rap.

10. Extra snuggles before bed. This is the most simple one but the one my son loves the most. I spend time tickling his back while giving him extra kisses and hugs. It puts a huge smile on his face… and mine.