10 Year Old a Hero, Helps Mom Deliver Breech Brother on Bathroom Floor

Can you imagine having yours and your unborn baby’s lives in the hands of your 10 year old son? This is what happened last week to a family from Sulphur, Louisiana.

Mom Ashly Moreau had gone to the bathroom in the morning to find that her water broke and her baby’s feet were “hanging out.” Which means, at only 34 weeks pregnant, she was in labor with a breech baby. Since she had just sent her fiancée off to work, it was just her, 10-year-old son Jayden Fontenot, and her 11 month old daughter in the house. Moreau called to Jayden for help, who then quickly ran to his grandmother’s house next door to have her call the police. But since Grandma recently had surgery, she couldn’t come aid Moreau in her emergency delivery. So Jayden returned to his mother, who was bleeding out on the bathroom floor, to deliver his baby brother. But Jayden was ready for the important task at hand:

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my life… I was crying, but I just tried to stay calm and collected,” she said. “Jayden was so calm that it made me more calm. I could see he was scared, but he knew he had to do it. When he got to the bathroom, he just took a deep breath and said, ‘Ok, Mom, just tell me what I need to do.’ He didn’t look scared, he looked calm and brave and I said ‘Ok, I’m going to tell you what to do and we need to get your brother out as fast as possible because he’s breeched and he can’t breathe.'”

Jayden gently gripped his brother’s legs and pulled him out as Moreau pushed. Once delivered, baby still wasn’t breathing so Jayden ran to the kitchen for a nasal aspirator. They cleared the baby’s airways and soon after, EMS arrived to take mother and baby to the hospital.

Both mom and baby have quickly recovered and are doing fine, thanks to Jayden. Doctors said that if he hadn’t been there to help, his baby brother would have died and Moreau would’ve bled out during delivery.

viral boy saves brother
Hero Jayden, 10, with healthy mom Ashly Moreau and brother Daxx

“I’m just so proud of him. He saved our lives.”

Holy cow. What an awesome kid! In this interview done by KPLC TV, you can see just how shy and humble Jayden is as he talks about the experience:

“I wasn’t even thinking. I was amazed. I didn’t know what was going on… I was hoping I didn’t hurt him, when I was pulling him out.”

What a cool kid, and what good parents for raising such a calm and mature son who could handle this without letting the experience scar him. Talk about brotherly bonding right from the start! We’re all relieved this family has a happy ending and now they’ll have a great story to tell as the kids grow up!

viral brother family photo

Those of you with kids around this age, how do you think he or she would’ve handle a situation like this?