$1000 Fall Fashion Giveaway with prAna

$1000 Fall Fashion Giveaway with prAna
My good friend Shannon over at the SIMPLE moms was just introduced to prAna first hand. Since I wasn’t super familiar with the brand, she told me about the amazing quality and comfort/fit level. Exactly what moms need, right?!?

She put some fun outfits together for us all to see and they are too cute!  Pop over and check out the outfits and while you are there, enter to win a $1,000 gift card to shop for yourself at prAna. That’s right! One lucky winner is going to get one thousand buckaroos to spend on clothes FOR THEMSELVES! Not back-to-school shoes or soccer shorts but clothes for YOU!

I put the entry form below to make it super easy to enter from Baby Gizmo as well (even though you should totally go check out the outfits she put together!)


I would really like to hear what you think of prAna. Have you purchased anything from them before or is it new to you too? Leave me a comment below!

Good luck, it would be fantastic if one of our Baby Gizmo readers won!

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  1. I have not heard of this line of clothes but they look awesome! I need a wardrobe change pretty badly and the clothes look comfy and stylish!

  2. The line has some comfy attires. As long as it’s comfy and easy to put on and off they are a keeper for me lol.
    Hope I win!

  3. I’m swooning over the Kasey Hoodie!! I love how its made and theres even pockets!!

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  4. Why did you have to introduce me to this brand?!? Now I feel like I have to own the lined boyfriend jeans for this fall/winter- can’t you just picture (like the description says) just sitting around sipping hot cocoa (with peppermint schnapps, of course)?! I want them!

  5. I love PrAna clothes – don’t have any myself yet, but my friends do, and I’d love to start my OWN collection! Thanks for the chance!

  6. I have never purchased anything from them, but I loved a lot of their stuff and would definitely like to purchase things from them!

  7. I’ve never heard of this collection but had a moment to browse it and I really love the prints! Very different, unique and definitely stands out!

  8. Ohhh so drooling over a ton of stuff with the first being the Coraline Skirt. LOVE that skirt. Thank you for the chance!

  9. I never heard of this company before, but I just checked out their site and it looks fabulous!
    Their clothes look really modest, which is important to me, and quite comfy:)

  10. I had never heard of this brand before now, but totally love it! Stylish and comfortable are not things one normally hears in the same sentence!

  11. I love everything! The dresses and skirts are so soft…my favorite is the Daphne Skirt in black! And anything warm weather for our WI winters!

  12. I love their tank tops. I wear tank tops under everything and they have some fantastic colors. The Ariel, would be fantastic for covering that little belly I have going on, lol.

  13. Some fresh new clothes would be awesome for this new mom! Thanks for the giveaway! The clothes at prAna have beautiful patterns and colors.

  14. I love the dresses and skirts. I couldn’t decide if I loved the summer dresses (Holly dress, so cute) or the sweater dresses, more! 🙂


  15. I really like the Leah skirt paired with the Besha top! I would get the Georgia wrap, Nanette dress and a Kasey hoodie. Oh boy! I could have lots of fun with $1000. Thanks for the opportunity to dream 🙂

  16. I have adored prAna for years! I wish I could afford more of their clothes, instead of always scouring the clearance racks, so this gift card would be amazing! I want so many things, so we’ll start with the Cece dress. SO pretty! Since I have two small boys, I would definitely wear leggings underneath, but I don’t care! And I’m pretty sure I could happily live in the Madera collection. 🙂

  17. i absolutely love the shelby poncho, therese sweat, lucia sweater, and juliana sweater
    . ..i guess i’m just a sweater girl!! but they look like they are beautifully made and stylish, just beautiful for that fall sweater look i’m looking for.

  18. meryl sweater dress, randa jacket, chrissa top in dusty teal, never heard of them before… thanks for the intel and the chance to win!

  19. Oh gosh! So many cute things I can’t choose just one! I can’t remember the last time I bought clothes for myself but if I were to win the Juliana sweater would be at the top of my wish list!

  20. Wait….. Did you say clothes for me?!? Seriously I love shopping for cloths. That is my childrens cloths. I never shop for me!

  21. Oh I love the Juliana Sweater, I’ve never seen one like it! I don’t often shop for myself, but I would actually wear that and buy it!

  22. All the clothes on the website look great but I really love all the work out clothes!! Especially the Meadow Top and Hope Top.

  23. I LOVE the Leisel sweaters omg they are gorgeous! Im pretty much swooning over everything they have! I have purchased items from them in the past, one of my fav clothing stores 🙂

  24. i just love your Clothing Line I Could Get Something For Every one In My Family Witch we All Need Your SHOP IS WONDERFUL I LOVE IT BLESSED BE KATHARINE

  25. I love all things Prana – a local outdoor store carries this brand and most of the time I feel too guilty buying their clothes for myself. What a treat this would be!!!

  26. Love this brand since I started to climb!!! I would love to win because the Juliana sweater and the Angelica duster are gorgeous!!

  27. I love the reversible swimsuits! Being in Hawaii, taking oodles of pictures, I would love having a suit that has two looks in one- perfection!

  28. I love the Holly dress, the Jenni skrt, the Nadia long sleeve dress (looks nursing friendly, too)
    I also like the Nina sweater and Lottie top, and the Zoe Henley too.

  29. I haven’t shopped for myself in about 2 years! (Ever since baby #1 came along, lol) I love the linea pants and the Ariel tank!

  30. I am drooling over the Madera collection because it says its super soft and seeing as I have a chronic illness that makes me sensitive to anything rougher than pajamas on most days that is music to my ears! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I am loving some of the cute dresses along with some of the yoga selection! I could easily find plenty of things to buy and enjoy! 🙂

  32. I have a couple pair of their Stretch Zion Pants. They look good enough to wear to work but are as comfortable as sweat pants!

  33. First, I love that they are a local CO company! Secondly, narrowing it down was tough, I like most everything! The Mariska & Sinta jackets, Coco, Sarafina and Jenni dresses…… I could go on and on.. and then there is the men’s stuff… =)

  34. They are totally new to me but since I have spent the last 6 months dropping my baby weight and some extra, I need new clothes that fit!

  35. I love everything in the fall lifestyle outfit section and the fall active outfits section but if I had to narrow it down to one is say the holly dress. 🙂

  36. I’m swooning over the Bella scarf. I don’t have any hair so this scarf would be perfect in one of my head wraps.

  37. I am due to give birth on Sept 7th, and I’m loving the Meryl Sweater Dress in Dress Blue, which I’m sure would help me get through those first few postpartum months looking pulled together!

  38. I have met others who love this brand. I definitely plan to check it out. It looks really comfortable, and the styles are very fashionable. Just gotta have the baby first!

  39. I have a PrAna skirt, that I bought off a daily deal site. I love it! It’s super cute and looks great on me, but I normally wouldn’t buy their clothes because they’re usually a little pricey for me. Needless to say, it’d be awesome to win! 🙂


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