2 FREE (or Cheap) Online Weight Loss Plans

For busy moms on a budget, gym memberships and fancy meal plans just might not be in the cards. How’s a thrifty mom, who’s short on time, supposed to lose weight and get in shape? I’ve found TWO Free (or Cheap) Online Weight Loss Plans just for you (and me)!

Eat This Much

1) Eat This Much

Eat This Much is a web-based diet and nutrition guide that, as their website states, “automatically creates meal plans with your personalized nutrition targets, food preferences, and budget, and then sends them to you every week with a grocery list.” How easy is that?

In the “Meal Options” section, you can select from the present diets or customize it. They cater to a variety of diets preferences including: Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, Zone, Mediterranean, and Vegetarian. You can select the amount of calories per day, limit the amount of sodium and cholesterol, and aim for a certain amount of fiber intake. You can custom select which foods to include and exclude according to preferences and allergies. You can even determine how many meals per day, how much time and how many ingredients you would like to spend on each meal, PLUS set a per day price range for your meal plan, insuring that each days meals fit within your budget! Totally customizable and just plain awesome.

Eat This Much provides two membership options. The “Lite Plan” is FREE and includes a meal plan generator, over 1000 curated recipes, the ability to save your custom foods and recipes, and 1 saved meal plan.

For just $7/month, you can upgrade to the “Serious Plan” which includes all of the above features as well as automatic weekly meal plans (check out a sample here) , a meal plan calendar, print or email diet plans, and up to 100 saved meal plans (rather than just 1). A pretty fabulous deal if you ask me! The only downside is there is no App, so you won’t be able to log any food intake on the go.

If you’re like me, and you really like having someone tell you exactly what to eat and what to buy, “Eat This Much” is the absolute BEST option out there.

They offer a 14 day free trial, too, so what have you got to lose, but the weight?

Lose It

2) Lose It!

Lose It! is a website with all the essential features you need to start losing weight and get fit! You can log your food intake and exercise, set goals and track your progress, and you can even earn achievement badges to motivate yourself at each milestone. There’s even a bar code scanner! All these features are included for FREE.

For just $39.99 per year, you get all of the above features as well as more tracking capabilities including macronutrients, exercises, blood glucose, blood pressure, body fat, body measurements, and more. You can also integrate Lose It! with a variety of Apps and devices. This level of membership includes the ability to engage in fitness and health challenges as an individual or part of a team or to start your own challenge. You can also join public or private groups where you can share success, support and inspiration with others. So many features to help with your overall health and fitness for such a good price!

If you are looking for a comprehensive diet and exercise tracker to help you set, track, and achieve your goals, then Lose It! will definitely fit the bill!

What do you think? Have you discovered any other free online diet plans that have worked for you?