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Congrats to our winners – 

Angela N. and Grace R.

Amazon Giveaway

With much of the country is a cold spell right now (yep, even in North Carolina!), we thought it would be a perfect time to bring back the “Get What You Want Amazon Giveaway”!

That’s right, we have TWO $100 Amazon gift cards up for grabs and we will be handing them over to TWO lucky winners. We thought it would be more fun to split up the prize and let more people win. You’re welcome. :)

Trying to get organized this year and need some things for the house? This prize works. Need a heating blanket to keep warm in this crazy February weather? Yep, that’s fair game too. Saving up for one of the cool, new 2016 strollers we talked about last month? Yep, works for that too. Even if you just want to get a pair of shoes for yourself, this is the giveaway you want to enter.  If you win, you can use the gift card for whatever you want or need! And if you need it, Amazon probably has it!

This giveaway lasts two weeks and will end at 11:59pm EST on Thursday February 25, 2016 so get to entering! US and Canada only!

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  1. We just found out yesterday my daughter has asthma and allergies. The specialist recommended us getting a Dehumidifier and they run about $200 and up. Winning this would absolutely be a blessing.

  2. I would get a new carrier most likely. I have a few that I am considering. Keeping baby close and both of us comfy are at the top of my list of needs right now. What carrier would YOU choose Hollie?

  3. I would stock up on diapers, baby lotion, bath items and purchase my baby a mobile! We just set up her crib last night and she’s needing one!

  4. I would stock up on some essential oils for my family, and some blogging tools for my site! 🙂 Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! So kind!

  5. I’d get some nice sports headphones – I’ve started jogging every morning and my current headphones are just not cutting it. 🙂

  6. This would be so awesome to win i would get a new microwave since mine broke and with 3 teenaged boys i really need one thank you for the chance to win

  7. This would be so awesome to win I could use it to get a new microwave because mine broke thank you so much for the chance to win

  8. I would probably buy some books for my baby brother, he loves to read. And something for my mother, she works so hard, she deserves it.

  9. Wow, prize amazon gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  10. As a new mom to a 14 month old and about to have my second son, I would love to win this giveaway and be able to buy something that can benefit both my sons in their first and second year. I always like to invest in new children books as well because I believe its one of the best gifts a child can grow with 🙂

  11. I could finally empty my cart! currently there are a couple of I am… (ordinary people change the world) books my kids currently like, Smurf comics for my son, The mysterious Benedict Society series for my oldest, Snurk astronaut linen for my little guy, Mille Bornes game for my family to enjoy and pyrex storage set for me

  12. I would use it for a double stroller. Currently 7 months pregnant and have an 11 month old as well as a rambunctious 3 year old!

  13. I would buy something new for my niece. She usually only gets a bunch of hand me downs. 😀 Plus my kids really want the Paw Patrol Observation Tower

  14. I’d love to buy the GB Pockit buggy, the world’s smallest stroller fold! What an amazing buy, no fuss, no muss, just easy small fold and lots of room left in the trunk!

  15. I would really love to win so I could get some stuff to help me make some better videos (like some cheap lighting maybe). I really love to make videos but since I’m young, I don’t have a job. Maybe one day my videos could get as good as yours! Thanks for such a sweet and generous giveaway, Hollie! 🙂

  16. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I bought something for myself. Even the gift cards I received for Christmas were used to buy my girls some clothes because I love shopping for them. I have wanted to replace my laptop for about 2years now. I would use the gift card for that! When you become a mother you become selfless. I would like to be selfish just once!

  17. Stuff in my cart that I keep “saving for later” lol wish list stuff, like sillikids sippy lids, ezpz mats, easter stuff cause it will be here before I’m ready! Lol

  18. I would love this to help pay for baby things I’m constantly buying from Amazon. Keeping our ups driver and Amazon very busy with my orders 🙂

  19. I would probably put it towards a good car seat or stroller. Unless I’m feeling entirely devoted to my husband at the moment, then I might put it toward the Echo that he wants. 🙂

  20. Hi there Hollie, I hope this giveaway is so great and generous of you! If I win, can I buy you some cake or cookies just because youre so greta at your job and being a mother, you deserve it! With the gift card money I would love to win to put that money toward my sweet Sophie’s highchair. She just turned 6 months and showed interest in eating with the rest of the family. Thanks for another great giveaway and see you on FB CHAT ! 😉 bye~

  21. I would love a new easier to use infant seat for my foster babies! I have to switch the straps constantly and the one I have is a big pain!!!

  22. I would buy my son a portacrib because he goes to work with me and right now he sleeps in a baby box but he is out growing it and then I would buy a teacher that is expecting twins at my sons school a crib because she is asking around if anyone has one. Thank you.

  23. If I won I would by my niece who’s 18 and pregnant due in April and has nothing for the baby stuff for the baby. Thanks for the chance

  24. I would use this to buy all sorts of things that my grandson needs right now. I would buy him more Level 3 Reader books to practice his reading skills. I would buy some board games that focus on addition and subtraction. I would also buy him some lined paper so he can practice his handwriting skills, too.

  25. If I were to win one of the gift cards, my husband and I would probably use it to buy some cloth diapers or the 4moms bounceroo. We’re going to be new parents so everything helps!

  26. I’d get one of the strollers listed on your best lightweight stroller list (probably the Q’bit) so I can navigate the subways and air travel more easily! Thanks Baby Gizmo!

  27. I would put it towards a good breast pump. The insurance I have will cover a breast pump if prescribed by the doctor but they only offer Medela, which didn’t work for me at all last time

  28. I have no idea what I would buy! LOL I would probably use it on Christmas/Birthday presents for dd…unless I think of something I want! LOL

  29. I’d like to get my newborn some booties and our toddler some of the silikids lids! And who knows what else but each day there’s something else on the list of needs with kids!

  30. If I were to win I think I would get a new swing and some diapers for my little guy. If there was enough left over I’d pick up a Baby K’tan.

  31. I would probably raid the PrimePantry items and load up on essentials, such as school snacks. I might have to get myself and hubby a little something special to splurge, but mainly focus on what the kiddos need. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I think I would buy seed starting mix and potting soil. It is seed starting time. I am going to try making soil blocks this year for my seedlings.

  33. If we were chosen as one of the very grateful winners we would like to purchase our 4 boys some early Christmas gifts! It’s never to soon to start buying them. Then it doesn’t feel so stressful as Christmas approaches! Thank you so much for this very loving & generous chance at such a huge blessing! ?❤️

  34. If I win one of the gift cards it will go straight to my daughter, who is expecting a baby in early Fall. She will find plenty of stuff on Amazon I am sure that is needed for her new little one.

  35. $100 Amazon gift card could be used for so many different things that anyone of our 8 kids could use or maybe for once something for me and my husband.

  36. If I won an Amazon gift card I would buy books for my son. We live overseas so no access to English books/libraries. We are always needing books!

  37. If I won, I would probably use it on my kids. My oldest needs a new coat and another needs shoes. Kids always need something, lol.

  38. I would get a booster seat. My daughter is ready to transition and it would definitely help pay for the one I have in mind:)

  39. I would love to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and buy some clothes and toys for my baby’s 1st birthday! She’s turning 1 on February 15 and this could be a special birthday present for her! We can get everything we need from Amazon and I just love shopping there! Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. I would love to win this and would most likely buy a toddler carrier for my 2 1/2 year old. Ever since baby brother was born she has been wanting extra cuddles and to be worn again.

  41. I’m lame, but I save up my Amazon credit for the holidays! I’ll probably buy more Lego sets because that’s how we roll in our family!

  42. Probably a new jersey from my hubs fave NHL team to go with the game tix, I got him for our anniversary next month!

    Even though I’m dying to get a Diono booster. The Bloom and Surf Monterey styles are so awesome.

  43. A convertible car seat! My daughter is going to be outgrowing her infant car seat soon so that’s our next big purchase! Would love to have a gift card to make the car seat a little more affordable!

  44. Love Amazon! I hate my high chair and would purchase a new booster seat that works for my 13mo, a heavy duty table cover, and some EZPZ mats to put down so that my son really, truly can join us at the dinner table!


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