2000 miles and I haven’t gone crazy yet

2000 miles and I haven't gone crazy yet

We are over 6 days and 2000 miles into our road trip.  I have learned the hardest part of the day is after dinner.  During the winter months its too dark at 5:30pm to play with the mountain of toys drowning Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the back seat.  The iPhone and DVD players have been used all day long and provide nothing new.  Dinner was only 10 minutes ago so snacks are no longer interesting.  So what to do?  How do you get through the last couple of hours before you reach your hotel?

2000 miles and I haven't gone crazy yetI didn’t realize while packing that the Glo Doodle would save my sanity.  We received the Glo Doodle this Christmas and since it was a new and exciting toy I packed it along with all the other car safe toys.   At first I thought maybe packing the Glo Doodle was a bad idea because in the sunlight it wasn’t working very well (although it works just fine indoors).  Once nighttime rolled around and Thing 1 and 2 became increasingly restless I was so very thankful that the Glo Doodle was included.

The Glo Doodle has a very simple but rather brilliant design.  We have the Toy Story 3 version which comes with 3 LED light colors: green, yellow and red.

2000 miles and I haven't gone crazy yet

There is also a function that cycles through all 3 colors as you draw.  The Toy Story 3 version also includes some 3D pictures that can be placed on the back of the Glo Doodle so that you can trace your favorite characters.  I tried on the included 3D glasses to try out this “cool” feature myself but was very, very underwhelmed.  Needless to say I left the 3D glasses at home.  The pictures are still fun for tracing even without the use of the glasses.

What makes the Glo Doodle perfect for the car is the included pen is attached by a string.  However it can be snapped off the string for those kids that don’t like being tied down while creating their art.  The real genius in the design is that even if the pen is lost your finger works just as well.  The Glo Doodle is the perfect size.  Its large enough to keep a child’s attention but small enough to fit easily in a travel bag.  Once done the canvas can be cleared by pressing in the large button above the drawing surface.  Thing 2 has mastered all the functions of the Glo Doodle at the mature age of 18 months.

I love Glo Doodle for saving my sanity on this road trip but I have a feeling I will fall in love with Glo Doodle for years to come.  The Glo Doodle will be a staple in our travel bag for use in all planes, trains and automobiles.

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