2014 Baby Jogger Vue Stroller Spotlight Review (with Video!)

Baby Jogger Vue


Baby Jogger Vue

In Spring 2014, Baby Jogger will offer the first reversible seat umbrella stroller available in the US. Knowing that some babies prefer to parent-face, the Vue stroller will let them do exactly that.


The seat on the Vue is roomy with a weight capacity of up to 55 lbs. It measures 12″ wide, with a 22″ seat back and a measurement of 26″ from back of seat to top of canopy. An adjustable, padded 5-point harness keeps your little one safely in the seat and the adjustable leg rest keeps them comfy. The deep recline is good for newborn and up and is easy to do with one hand.  The creme de la creme of the Vue is the reversible seat though. Normally umbrella strollers don’t have reversible seats but the Vue does and you don’t have to remove fabric or anything tricky like that! Watch our video review above to see how easy it is.

Note: There is no baby bumper bar on the seat.

Baby jogger Vue


Underneath the seat is a teeny-tiny basket. It can only really be accessed from the sides and you will only get a few loose baby essentials in there. With the seat in the “upright facing world” position, there is a small space behind the seat to store a few more essentials but not a diaper bag there either. While the basket is small, that is very typical for umbrella strollers.

Baby jogger Vue


The canopy is very large on the Vue with two huge panels to sufficiently cover your little rider but it is missing a peek-a-boo window.


The Vue handles are tall but not adjustable. With a measurement of 41″ from ground to handle, these should be good for the majority of parents.


Baby jogger Vue


The stroller rolls on 5 1/2″ hard rubber wheels making it best for smooth surfaces. The front swivel wheels lock straight for very slight all-terrain such as grass and playground mulch. With a small baby aboard, you can navigate this baby one-handed but with a toddler in the seat, you’ll definitely need two hands because of the separate handles.  A linked brake locks into place by lightly stepping on one of the pedals.

Baby Jogger Vue


The Vue has the typical umbrella fold that we see on many lightweight strollers. Lift up on the back pedal with your toe, step down on the lever on the right side of the frame and fold the handlebars forward. We love that the Vue has an auto lock, and at just over 17 lbs, it’s not the lightest on the market but it’s definitely doable.


Overall, the Vue is a great little stroller and will retail for $199 in Spring 2014. For those parents looking for a reversible seat, lightweight stroller that could be great for travel, this one is it!




  1. Hello,
    I’m weighing up between a Baby Jogger Zip and a Baby Jogger Vue, to share between a newborn and a 17kg, 97cm, 3.5 year. Unfortunately, the Vue isn’t stocked in Australia, so I’m basing my choice on reviews.
    I will be using the stroller as my primary stroller for my newborn as my current stroller (Baby Jogger Versa) obviously doesn’t lie flat. My 3 year old doesn’t use the stroller often, but I still want her to be able to fit in it. I like the ability to rear face, but it’s not an absolute necessity.


  2. I have already ordered the stroller for my soon to be born baby. What I can’t find is a review on the soft pram, or even find one in s store for me to see. I want to know if it something I could also use around the house as a moses basket… or is it super flimsy… I’m thinking that for the baby (who won’t have an infant seat), she’ll be more comfy napping in the pram instead of just in the stroller with the straps… please advise 🙂

  3. Hello there, regarding the comment of the Vue versus G-luxe, PishPosh Baby compares the both of them, side by side on their website. That way you can determine what is best for your family.

    My vote is the Baby Jogger Vue hands down.

  4. Hi there. Love your videos! So helpful. Just wondering if you know when the baby jogger vue will actually be available for purchase. I am now in the market for an umbrella stroller and would love to see this one in person. I live in ontario canada. Also was looking into the mountain buggy nano. Thoughts?

  5. Hi holly!
    I’ve been obsessed with this stroller for 8 months now and have anxiously awaited it’s arrival.
    I have a question for you.
    Which stroller would you pick from thee two.
    Babyjogger vue or an uppababy gluxe?
    I’m loving the reversible seat to keep my son out of the sun but am not entirely sure if he will want to face me very often.
    I’d be using it for walks Around our down area, bordwalk. Help I can’t decide! My son I 9 months but sma.

  6. Great! Another reversible seat stroller I want. Why didn’t I know these kind of strollers existed when i was pregnant I could have got one at my shower!


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