2014 Honda Odyssey has WHAT?

Car designers at Honda are taking ideas from the most creative group of people on the planet – children – and it is paying off. The designers of the 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite took the advice of the 10 year old daughter of one of their engineers and put in a built-in vacuum. WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly: BUILT. IN. VACUUM. Pile of goldfish crumbs? See ya! Stepped on Cheerio? Get outta here!

Honda teamed up with ShopVac to develop the HondaVAC. The system is a vacuum motor, replaceable filter, and canister bag that is hidden away in the a side compartment in the cargo area. There is a hose that reaches every corner of the fan and vacuum attachments. The vacuum runs off of the van’s electrical system and can run continuously while the car is running and for 8 minutes on the battery.

Let’s hear…who is excited for this feature?


photo courtesy of digitaltrends.com


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Whoa! I too, just got pushed over on the mini van side! I have to vacuum my SUV tomorrow and am NOT looking forward to taking out the bulky shop vac…Honda did GOOD. <3