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Holiday Gift Guide: New Moms

In the midst of baby showers and the rush of labor and delivery, new moms might start to feel left out of the gift-receiving bonanza. Many family and friends give her gifts intended for the baby. But what about mom? Here are some ideas of great gifts new mommas would love:

minky new moms

Minky Couture Blanket // $135-$170

These blankets are the softest, warmest, most amazing blankets I’ve ever felt. It’s like a heavenly hug when I wrap mine around me during late night nursing sessions. These blankets come in multiple sizes but I’d suggest a Monster or Grande for adults. Join their mailing list to easily see when they are offering great discounts and sales!


Accoutrements Emergency Underpants Dispenser // $8

You know how many new moms, thanks to having that “little” bundle of joy, now dread sneezes and laughing too hard? It’s a problem that could potentially start while pregnant so this would be a funny gift for new moms that haven’t delivered yet. Maybe it’s a joke, or maybe it’s genius.

try-the-world new moms gift

Try the World food subscription // $ 29-$39

Many new moms don’t have time to cook or pick up snacks. But when she’s breastfeeding or pumping, she’ll likely become ravenous. This is a fun way to provide food for her that will lift her spirits more than handing her a Snickers bar. You can choose to pay the subscription month-by-month, or choose a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription.


Bath Bomb Gift Set // $19

Warm, good-smelling baths are just what many new moms need to relax. She may want to use them right away or she may want to wait and treasure them.

bamboobies new moms gift

Bamboobies Nursing Pads // $25 for pack of 4

Whether the new mom is breastfeeding, strictly pumping, or is trying to get her milk to dry up, these reusable nursing pads are the softest out there. Which is great for a new mom, since breastfeeding tends to hurt the nipples in the beginning! Read our full review on why Bamboobies are fantastic HERE.


Urban Outfitters 3-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit // $26

This new mom will be taking a copious amount of pictures of this new bundle of joy. Why not help her capture better images with a smartphone lens she can easily attach? This way, she will have more options, instead of being stuck with one camera setting.

wine-glass mom gift

DuVino Queen Novelty Wine Glass // $15

This gift says, “Take nights to hand the baby off to Daddy and enjoy a drink so you stay sane.” And it will remind her that she is a Queen and thus is gorgeous just the way she is—stretch marks, dark under eye circles, and all.


I Am Very Busy Shirt // $30

This t-shirt that says it all. This will be good as she adjusts to new motherhood and it’s still appropriate for the next 18 years of her life!


Redbox Gift Card // $10-$25

New moms spend a lot of time awake in the night, which can get kind of lonely. Get her a Redbox gift card so she can have some funny movies to entertain her while she tries to get that baby back to sleep!


Ferrero Collection Chocolates // $8

When all else fails, fancy chocolates she can eat in the middle of the night while up with the baby for the tenth time are a good go-to. Step it up a notch from Hershey’s, to this fancier, more delicious Ferrero collection.

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