2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Grandparents

We talk a lot about what to give our kids for the holidays. (You’ve seen our kids’ gift guides for this year, right?) How about we take a break from that and talk about what they can give to others, specifically to their grandparents. Of course you’ll want to think about what Nana and Papa like and get your child’s input, but I’ve put together a grandparent gift guide to get you started. There are a lot of personalized options on this list; be sure to pay attention to “order by” dates so you get the gift in time to celebrate.



grandparent gift guid
Artkive | price varies

Artkive: I love the Artkive app. My daughter makes art, I photograph and upload her art, we recycle her art. Beautiful. The best part about Artkive is that you can then use your uploaded art to make things! My favorite is the custom book, but they also offer a ridiculous number of other options, from custom cards to shower curtains to dog beds. Heck, they’ll even make you an ottoman. And if you don’t have the time to photograph your child’s art, try their concierge service out.



grandparent gift guide
Uncommon Goods | $40

Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set: If you’ve got an older child, this set makes an amazing gift for them to share with a grandparent. It comes with 40 note card prompts to and a beautiful book full of pockets to store them.



grandparent gift guide
DIY | free
Photo credit: Paging Supermom

Hug: No, not the physical kind, although those are super-nice, too. For this hug, have your child lay with their arms spread out over a big sheet or roll of paper. Trace their heads, arms, and hands. Cut out the shape (or not, your choice), and have your child decorate it. Then mail it to the grands. This is such a simple gift, but for grandparents who aren’t close enough to hug often, it means a lot. Trust me; my daughter sent hers to her grandparents a couple years ago and it’s still got place of pride on their wall of meaningful but totally unrelated stuff.DIY | free



grandparent gift guide
Lasso Creations | $25

Silhouette Ornament: These ornaments are adorable! I’m all for paying a professional to do create them—isn’t Etsy the best?! If you’re crafty, though, you could probably knock these out with some salt dough (or clay) and paint. May I also suggest labelling them on the back so you know whose profile is on the front of the ornament. Otherwise, guessing whose profile is whose is going to be on your list of annual Christmas traditions in a few years…



grandparent gift guide
AARP | $13

From Your Grandparent Books: This is what all the grandparents got from my daughter at her first Christmas. Yeah, it’s kind of like homework for the grands, but with everyone scattered in multiple states, it’s a great way for her to get to know them. And she loves looking at the pictures and reading the books with her grandparents when they visit.



grandparent gift guide
Pearhead | $25

Artwork Storage Frame: As I mentioned above, we don’t keep much of my daughter’s artwork. We do, however, keep some of her more special pieces—like the first person she drew that actually looked like a person, or really neat art projects from school. And we keep them in one of these fantastic art storage frames. These are great grandparent gifts for your little artist to give, especially if the frame includes at least one masterpiece when it’s given. Encourage your child to create new pieces for their grandparents periodically throughout the year, too! Pro tip: Be sure whatever frame you choose will hold at least a 9” x 12” picture, since that’s the size of a sheet of construction paper.



grandparent gift guide
Prairie Hills Pottery | $50

Personalized Dish: Do your child and their grandparent love to cook together? Is there a recipe that’s particularly meaningful to them? I bet Grandpa or Grandma would love to have a dish personalized with the recipe that they most enjoy sharing with their grandkid.


grandparent gift guide
Grasslands Road | $25

Grandparent Mug: Are your child’s grandparents new to the grandparent game? Give them these adorable mugs on behalf of Baby. Perfect for subtly bragging while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the breakroom at work.



grandparent gift guide
Mommy Tags | $125

Doodle Tags: Transform your child’s drawing or signature into a one-inch keepsake disc that can be worn on a necklace chain or even hung on a key ring. Your purchase also includes a rubber stamp of the design, just for fun! (PS: Husband, if you’re reading this, I want to mention that this makes a great mom gift, too. Just sayin’.)


grandparent gift guide
eeboo | $24

Playing Cards: On my mom’s side of the family we all have fabulous—or not, depending on who you sat next to—memories of playing Uno together. However, that game requires some thick skin (I’m looking at you, Sarah), so it may be better for everyone to gift the grandparents some less competitive games. This three-game pack from eeboo is an awesome choice. Plus, the Go Fish cards are totally adorable.

I hope you found the perfect gift—or at least the perfect inspiration—on this list! But, I think one of my favorite things about shopping with my child for her grandparents is that it doesn’t matter what she picks out; this is one gift where it truly is the thought that counts.