2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Grandparents


Each winter as holiday gift-giving season approaches, we’re reminded that some people are particularly tricky to shop for. Take grandparents for instance. What in the world can they possibly get that will be better than the gift that is their grandbaby, right? Well, I’m here to help with some gift ideas for the grandparents in your life.


Zingz and Thingz | $29

Photo Tray: I don’t know about you, but my parents’ walls are full of pictures from my and my sister’s childhoods, my parents’ own post-kid life, and photos of their grandchild as a baby. They’re running out of room for cute photos and frames. Enter the photo tray. A fun way to display photos for guests—and Grandma and Grandpa won’t have to find wall space to show off more photos!


eighteen25 | DIY; price varies

Popsicle Stick Picture Frames: You know, if your children’s grandparents are out of wall space for photos, perhaps there’s some room on the fridge? Or maybe their office or cubicle? I hope so, because these frames are super cute! If you have young children for whom wrapping a popsicle stick neatly in washi tape might be a challenge, think of other ways your child could decorate the sticks to personalize their gift to the grands.


uncommon goods | $38

Grandparent Grandchild Activity Set: Looking for a gift that’s all about experiences and not stuff? Check out this Grandparent Grandchild Activity Set to inspire some fabulous adventures and lasting memories. Most of them don’t require more than a grandparent and child to accomplish, and the activities can take place over time—a gift that will keep on giving.


Knock Knock | $10

What I Love About Grandma: Okay, I’m bummed that this doesn’t come in a “Grandpa” version (although there are 20 to 23 versions to choose from, depending on where you shop). Honestly, though, I’d already cover up the “Grandma” with my daughter’s names for her grandmothers, so I have no problem doing the same thing for Grandpa! Anyway, this fill-in-the-blank book is awesome—and think what an amazing tradition it would be to stock up on a bunch of these books and have your child fill one out each year! It would be so fun to see what changes over time and what stays the same.


KeepsakeMaps | starting at $25

Long Distance Map Print: You could probably lose your mind searching for an awesome one-of-a-kind gift on Etsy, so let me point you in the right direction by showing you this map. (Ha! See what I did there?) This is a great “thinking of you” reminder for grandparents who aren’t close by.


The Teacher’s Wife | DIY; price varies

Photo Coasters: Yeah, Etsy is great, but you know what can be even greater? A DIY gift! Try these photo coasters, which are a pretty simple project that even a younger child could help make. If you don’t think your child is ready for Modge Podge-ing yet, let them create art to put on the coasters instead of photos.


uncommon goods | $75 each

Long Distance Touch Lamp: These lamps are a sweet idea no matter how close or far apart your family is. You can connect as many lamps as you’d like, and when one lamp is touched in one place, all the connected lamps light up! What a lovely way to send someone a quick “Thinking of you!” message. And yes, one could text, but I can’t get all four grandparents on board with that, so here’s an alternative.


coverlove | $41+ for the pictured pillow; prices vary for other options


Custom Pillow: Okay. Just one more Etsy idea: custom pillow(s)—because with 215 options, I couldn’t pick just one. I did narrow it down to just five grandparent options, though! These pillows are sweet, and they’re neutral enough to coordinate with a variety of home décor.


Gifts.com | $40

Large Photo Treat Jar:  This customizable jar is perfect for grandparents who love to spoil your kids rotten with treats! You can write your own two-line message and add up to five photos.


Amazon | $230

Echo Show: This is a pricey gift, so maybe all the grandkids will want to go in on it—but it’s so cool! Echo Show features Alexa, and does a little bit of everything from displaying photos and videos, to video calling, to streaming music, to showing video from connected security/baby cameras! If you’re considering this, you may luck out and find there’s a pretty significant deal ($100 off at the time of this post) if you buy two of them.

I hope you found something your child’s grandparents would love here! If not, you can check out my grandparent gift guide from 2016, or these other Baby Gizmo grandparent gift guides.

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