2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Grown-Up Gifts Under $20

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Whether you’re participating in Secret Santa gift exchange, an office gift exchange, Hanukkah gifting (so many gifts!), or just one of those really nice gift exchanges with friends or family that comes with a spending limit, you probably have a reason to be looking for gifts that are… well… a little less spendy. Check out this $20 or less gift guide for some inspiration!


gift guide
Ulta.com | $18

12 Days of Beauty: It doesn’t matter you’re counting down 12 days before Christmas, celebrating for 12 days afterwards, or just want to share twelve great beauty finds, this kit full of fun products is sure to please.


gift guide
Amazon | $17-$20

Leather Tassel Lighting Charging Cable: Since my husband got me a mophie, I’ve never left home without it. However, that was not a particular helpful habit because I never remembered to bring a cable for when I needed to charge my iPhone on the go. Then I found a lighting charging cable for my key ring! This product is genius. If you’re looking for something a little more simple, here’s another option.


gift guide
Amazon | $17-$18

Humans of New York: Whether you’re from New York or not, following Humans of New York online or via social media is fascinating! Give the gift of voyeurism (ha!) with one of Brandon Stanton’s books: Humans of New York or Humans of New York: Stories.


gift guide
Etsy | $11, or 2 for $20


Stud Earrings: These fun styles (27 to choose from) are made of surgical stainless steel. This is great for folks—like me!—who are allergic to the metals usually used in inexpensive earrings. I was so excited to find earrings that I could wear that didn’t also cost an arm and a leg, and I bet your gift recipient will be glad, too!


gift guide
Amazon | $7

Stress Relieving Keychain: Fidget spinners may not be as hot as they were last year, but that doesn’t mean having something to play with when you’re nervous has gone out of style. Check out these adorable squeezable edamame keychains. And they’re only $7 for a three-pack so you can check off two people from your gift list and still have your own stress relieving toy to get you through the rest of your holidays.


gift guide
You Are Beautiful | $6 per month

You Are Beautiful Every Day Subscription: Just six dollars buys a month’s subscription to You Are Beautiful. Your recipient will receive an envelope in the mail with 31 “You Are Beautiful” stickers to hand to strangers, leave with restaurant tips, or stick in unexpected places (just like kindness rocks!). There’s one unique artist series sticker each month, too. A great gift that also pays it forward.


gift guide
Amazon | $15

Smartphone Lens Kit: Here’s a fun idea: a lens kit to enhance the capabilities of a smartphone camera for the shutterbug in your life. (And really, isn’t that all of us?)


gift guide
Amazon | $10-$11

Sweary Self-Help Books: Looking for a fresh perspective on life? Did Marie Kondo’s book drive you crazy? Check out The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson or the “practical parody” The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do by Sarah Knight.


gift guide
Amazon | $9

Colored Pencils: Do you know someone who’s big into the coloring book trend? Treat them to a 24-pack of Prismacolor colored pencils for just nine bucks! If you’re feeling splurgy, a coloring starter kit (the pencils, a sharpener, and two blender pencils) is available for just $16.

gift guide
Think Geek | $15

Unicorn Iridescent Mug: In the words of Agnes (c’mon, you know you’ve watched the movie): “Unicorns, I love them. Unicorns, I love them…”


gift guide
Lush | $5-$9

Bath Bombs: At these prices, you can check multiple people off your list with the gift of relaxation from Lush. If baths aren’t your recipient’s thing—and goodness knows they’re tough to come by for parents—check out Lush’s other gift options under $20. With vegetarian (and even vegan) products that are ethically sourced and minimally packaged, you can feel good about your gift, too!


gift guide
Old Navy | $5

Cozy Socks: Um. Need I say more?

Happy holidays, Baby Gizmo readers!


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