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  1. I agree that this stroller is super easy to use/fold and light weight. I’ve used the single b-agile for 2 years with no issues.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I had not seen anything about it. Now I just need to figure out when mine was manufactured.

  3. This is the easiest folding and one of the lightest weight folding strollers on the market. I’m shocked there have been accidents regarding the folding mechanism. I use it every day (for 16 months) and have never encountered this issue.

  4. Listen I Don’t Believe A Word PPL Say About This Stroller Cause It’s An Unbelieveable Company That Stands By It’s Product And I Just Feel It’s PPL That Don’t Know How To Use The Product.. I Just Recently Purchased One The B-Agile Stroller In Red With The Car Seat Also & I Have No Problems With It My Husband Loves It.. So I Know Britax Will Do The Right Thing By Their Customers..

  5. Was that English, Carol?

    One of the great features of this stroller is that you really only need one hand to close the thing. You press the button, then pull the strap. I don’t know who would hold the button down while pulling the strap. Do car manufacturers call recalls because some person accidentally closed the car door on their hand? I think the answer is no. Accidents happen.

  6. I used to have one britax and I givet away because it was so heavy and once when I was trying to open it part of my skin in the leg get pinch with the frame and I get a big bruise and hematom for more than a month!

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