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  1. I would give the gift of diapers if I can find a good deal with coupons that would make the diapers almost free or gift the family coupons for diapers. I prefer the idea of cooking meals for the family so that the parents can rest

  2. All of my neighbors know that I do Infant foster care. During the hurricane when the stores and interstates were closed, they all new they could come to me for supplies. Even today, I have diapers for anyone that needs them!

  3. How I help is by giving away clothes and toys my kids grow out of! I love these ideas I’ve had someone give me diapers their kid grew out of which helped !so that is the one I would do out of these is donate diapers!

  4. I love these ideas and have already done most of them to help patents in need of diapers. I have gathered old diapers that my kids have out grown and given to a mother in need. I also used cloth diapers and once my kids were potty trained have given all of those to two different mothers in need that wanted to use cloth diapers.

  5. We just spent the morning volunteering at our local diaper bank. They do such great work and every kid deserves clean diapers! I also donate through my company so that they match my donations.

  6. I’d like to gift boxes of diapers that I stocked up and my baby has outgrown to new moms in my neighborhood.

  7. We pretty much cloth diaper but nightime in disposables. I have thought about telling people a pack of diapers for my son for Christmas but did not think it too kosher. Now reading this, I think I can.

  8. I just love this–what a good cause! I would definitely consider grabbing a couple packs at the store too…it’s a really simple but great thing to do…especially when you consider the things that we don’t need that we probably have spent money on just in the last week!

  9. That’s so kind! I actually have a stash of cloth diapers that have been passed to me from other friends from their friends and so on – they’re great because when I’m through with them I’ll be able to give them to someone else to use too! Definitely think hosting a playdate would be awesome (and do-able) for me <3

  10. I will donate diapers and food through my kids school. I will also host a holiday play date, sounds like fun!

  11. I have tons of diapers in smaller sizes tucked away. I’m definitely going to find a shelter or needy family.

  12. Offer to watch kids so mom can get some time, whether to sleep or catch up on chores or run errands or go to medical appointments.

    Buy diapers to donate. Same with wipes. Also gift cards.

    Or go to someone’s house and clean their house and do their laundry while mom tends to newborn or rowdy toddlers.

    Buy some games or activity stuff for the kids so they can give mom some rest.

  13. I would LOVE to donate diapers. I’ve been in that situation where I wasnt sure if I could get a package of diapers because we were so low on funds. It sucks, and makes you feel miserable so, helping those in need even if it’s just a simple as donating diapers. DO it!

  14. We cloth diaper, but somehow end up with a few disposables here and there. I’m definitely going to donate them now!

  15. I gave all my cloth diapers to my neighbor. Give my 4 yr olds gently used clothes to a friends daughter. To be honest, I have never thought to donate diapers to charity. I will have to keep that in mind. Most times, I grab and angel off the angel tree.

  16. I would consider heading up a diaper drive at my church or some sort of Baby Essentials Fubdraiser this Holiday Season. It would be a blessing to bless others.

  17. After my first son i tried to donate all of my sons diapers. I’m pregnant now so i will keep some of this stuff in mind after new baby is here !

  18. I will keep this in mind when we are done using the cloth diapers. I did donate to the hurricane victims Diaper funds this past year.

  19. I spend a lot on diapers for my little guy and try to time it so I don’t end up with a lot extra. I usually give away the diapers that my son has out grown to my church or local woman’s shelter.

  20. This is such a great idea. I know I spend $75 a month on diapers for our little man and so many families can barely afford that. If they can afford it at all.

  21. I’ll definitely gather up my too small diapers and donate them. I’d also like to buy some to donate along with clothes and toys.

  22. I will have a newborn any day now to add to a 2 year old, 3 1/2 year old, and 13 year old. So not sure I’ll be doing much this year but in a regular year I’d consider all of them.

  23. I have a 4 month old. I have a some stacked away in the closet. I don’t need them but would be glad to donate.

  24. Love the idea of donating diapers. I’m hoping to have no more in diapers soon so great idea for the extras leftover.

  25. I think buying diapers to donate is an awesome idea. There are always sales on and numerous coupons to use to save on these items. If there isn’t a diaper bank near, there are always shelters, etc. to donate them to that can help get them to those in need.

  26. I love the idea of donating diapers that dont fit anymore. I think familys struggle to pay for diapers and Similac.

  27. Oh my gosh I love Huggies and this is just another reason why. Thank you for putting this list together and I will be doing the When at the store on the list! It will be so easy and there is always a good bargain to be had and it will help out families in need!

  28. Prepare yourself with things you can do during the trip like coloring books, pack with time to avoid going crazy, comfortable clothes and food not to buy along the way.

  29. I find my babies left over too small diapers and give them to one of my friends for her kid thats a little younger than my own. She’s having a hard time financially getting enough diapers for her lo so I help out that way.

  30. In my circles, a holiday playdate with diaper donations is perfect, or donating goods to the local woman’s shelter.

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