4Moms rockaRoo Flash Giveaway

Congrats to our winners – 
Robert Fiorenza and his friend Tara Healy

Tuesdays are usually underrated as good days of the week. Mondays just generally suck. Wednesdays are Hump Day. Thursdays are close to Friday. And well, Friday is FRIDAY!

We thought we’d give a little attention to Tuesday by throwing a 36 hour giveaway! Yep, just a short 36 hours to enter this one but it’s another chance to win for you AND your friend!!

Here’s what you (and your friend!) can win – the 4Moms rockaRoo (in Silver Plush). (Read our full review HERE)



Watch about what you can win here (you knew we had a video review for it!!)… (WINNER WILL RECEIVE THE EXACT ROCKAROO IN THE VIDEO!)


Enough chatter – let’s get you entered!


What’s up for grabs:

One (1) 4Moms rockaRoo

One (1) 4Moms rockaRoo for the winner’s referral friend

HOW TO ENTER: Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only one mandatory entry and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not. Giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, October 1 , 2014. US only! (Sorry, Canada!) But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.
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  1. I would love a britax b agile stroller. I do daycare & they seem so easy to fold & unfold, I think that it would be a great edition. I would also love one of the 4moms playpens. My daughter inlaw got one as a gift & it is great.

  2. If money were no object, I would buy a really huge wooden swing/play set for my children to put in the backyard. They are $1,000’s of dollars, so definitely something I’ll have to save up for! 🙂

  3. I would hire a live-in nanny who could help with my newborn who doesn’t like to sleep during the day when I need to work!

  4. If I could I would get my wife the Orbit stroller with all the added accessories to go with it. She has been wanting that for a long time.

  5. It doesn’t exist yet – but a gizmo that would rhythmically thump the back of a car seat so a sleeping infant wouldn’t wake up every time the car slowed down or stopped!

  6. My dream product would be something that can quick and quietly ninja like move my kiddo from sleeping in my arms to their own bed with out waking them LoL 😉 … The mamaroo and rockaroo come close with helping keep my kiddos calm and sometimes put to sleep.

  7. If money wasn’t a concern, I would love a Foonf car seat for my little one (as long as it can be successfully installed in our car, of course) in a Tokidoki print.

  8. If money was no object when buying baby products, I would have to choose to buy a really nice double stroller or a diono car seat.

  9. I love all of the 4Moms products. If money was not an object, we would definitely be investing in all of them! It would be so amazing to win a Rockaroo for our first baby arriving in December!

  10. I honestly have never looked into expensive baby gear. What I would want for my babies is a farm by a big pond in the country!

  11. I would get either a Nuna Leaf or the Rockaroo, these are the two baby things at the top of my wife’s baby wish list.

  12. A mamaroo! Seriously. I’m expecting my second in February, and want one of these SO stinkin bad. I didn’t use many baby contraptions with my first, but I think this would be a beyond useful tool. I’d also buy another Co sleeper, a joovy double stroller, and a maid. 😀

  13. I would buy a really nice stroller that can be used as a single or double stroller including all the accessories t comes with like cup holders. it comes

  14. The rockaRoo would be awesome. I loved having a bouncer for my first born. I would love to have something like this for my second baby

  15. I would replace my Clek carseats ( two foonf and one booster in Tokidoki). Our previous Nanny never returned them after she was let go.

  16. Found out I’m getting a girl after 2 boys. This baby was a miracle. Almost lost her. Would love this sweet swing for my little pumpkin.

  17. If money were no option, I’d totally have a sweet play room for my boys with a fireman pole and everything and a giant slide instead of stairs 🙂

  18. If money were not an issue, I think I’d have to go with the Origami stroller. Man, would that save me a lot of trouble taking the baby out alone!

  19. Okay my dream product if money was no option would be the jane trider extreme stroller. But this isn’t for me. My youngest is turning 2 in a month, and all I need is a stroller. This is for my sister, and I believe if she was able to get pregnant, she would have the best of everything. Well after trying for a child of their own for 10 years, they have decided to adopt. Well an adoption isn’t cheap and they can use everything possible. Who knows if they have a child tomorrow or 6 months from now. But my sis Amy deserves this.

  20. In addition to the entire 4Moms product line, I would love to purchase outright – even if not technically a baby product – my perfect family vehicle with all the bells and whistles…our baby girl gets here within the next couple of weeks so I better get a move on

  21. If money were no object, I would buy a heavy duty Britax convertible castaway and a Mammaroo. The Mammaroo was the only thing that soothed my son while in the NICU and we can’t afford one for home. It’s amazing!

  22. If money was no object, the origami folding stroller! I have a 4yr, 2yr and 4 month old. My baby would love the rock a roo!

  23. If I could, I would get bumbleride stroller with the bassinet and foot muff attachments! But if money were no object, I would have a list of things as long as my arm,lol.

  24. If money were no object, I would love to buy a rockaRoo and a BOB double stroller for my first baby! It’s my big dream!
    Thank You for the chance

  25. an orbit travelsystem, aden and anais dream blanket and wireless, portable baby video monitor are my dream wishlist

  26. I’d love to try a Rockaroo! I’ve heard great things about the Mamaroo so I can imagine the Rockaroo would be the same.

  27. Oops! If money were no object…I would have a new bumbleride stroller with the bassinet and foot muff attachments!

  28. If money were no object I would buy a brand new Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller as we are due in January with a little boy and our daughter will not even be 14 months old.

  29. If money were no object I would buy a great jogging stroller and annual passes for my family members to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.

  30. I’d buy a new van as we’re adding another to the family and need the extra seat. Or I’d also love a ergonomic baby wrap or new diaper bag.

  31. I would LOVE the new Anton Cloud Q when it comes out. It looks like such an amazing product and possible a life saver! Thanks for the chance to win a Momaroo! Id love it!

  32. This would be an absolute lifesaver for my little one! His toddler brother would love to have more playtime with Mommy while his brother is occupied.

  33. I Woulddd love to win this rockaroooo, with my sis bestfriend, daniela tapia who has been their for me always…. I love it, look so perfect for ours babys, and definetly look awesome in our living room….
    Goodluck everyone¡¡¡¡

  34. Well if money was really no object, we’d get one of those Cinderella’s carriage baby cribs for our little girl due in March. We can dream!

  35. If I had all the money in the world, a complete top of the line travel system. Something portable, safe, and top rated. Like the Orbit G3. That is incredible engineering.

  36. If money were not an issue, then I would purchase the 4moms rockaRoo. Not only could my daughter-in-law use it (She is due November 2014) for my new grand daughter but I love the design as well. So nice to see someone design somethingnout of the ordinary. Finally some creative thinking!!!

  37. These would be so awesome for my niece who is having twins at the end of this month. Hope I can win these for her as she is struggling to get two of everything.

  38. If money were no object… a nanny &/or housekeeper. It’s not a product, but it sure would be nice to have! I could do so much more with my kids if I wasn’t always playing chauffeur or maid.

  39. Hmm…I’ve got a couple things on my wish list: a toddler Tula, the Mamaroo/Rockaroo, and a Phil&Ted double jogging stroller.

  40. Honestly, the Mamaroo! We’re expecting baby #2 in early February. I don’t really want to spend the money on it, since this is probably our last child, but I would love to have one!

  41. I have a friend who has this and I was just green with envy seeing how amazing it is. I would love to have one and give one to my sister-in law as well

  42. If money were no option, I would like a BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Double Jogging stroller, with all the attachments, (plus a standing platform attachment), and maybe a Diono Radians RXT for each kid. 😉

  43. I had my first baby on May and always thought that one of this mamaroo would be wonderful to have!! They look so adorable and as well that they would be so helpfull. I would love to have one of these!

  44. If money were no object I would probably buy a britax b ready stroller (w/ color pack) with a secondary seat attachment for my baby boy due soon.

  45. The rockaroo! I don’t have a swing of any kind, and my 2 week old will ONLY sleep in my arms… This may be the answer!

  46. If money were no object I would love the mamaRoo, rockaRoo, Ergobaby 360, and the Origami stroller although with my second little one on the way a City Select double stroller would probably work better for us.

  47. I have three, a 4moms Breeze, a 4moms rockaroo and a nice reclining glider/rocker.
    Sitting up at night with no comfortable chair to relax in is a struggle.

  48. I am looking for the perfect tandem stroller for when baby #2 arrives. My littler girl will be 15 months. 4moms and Inglesina are such good brands and no options from them. The rockaroo will be perfect for my little newborn!

  49. If money were no object, I would probably buy beautiful nursery furniture. We are skimping on the furniture to pay for the gear we want! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  50. If money was no object.. I would buy the perfect backyard for my children to grow, learn and play in. It would be completely interactive, and would allow them to have water, sand, playground areas and tons of sensory areas.

  51. I would buy a Bugaboo Donkey stroller or the Bumbleride Indie Double Stroller. Also would love a Breeze Playyard and of course a Mamaroo 🙂

  52. I would love to get a BOB jogging stroller or an Uppababy stroller! We love our mamaroo and would love to try a rockaroo! Thanks for the chance!

  53. ooh how many characters can this box hold? lol Rockaroo of course, Mamas and Papas have this wicked pedestal high chair & baby carrier, 4 poster bed crib, Jogging stroller, a house to fit it all in 🙂

    There are so many really cool things for moms & dads nowadays it’s hard not to get carried away sometimes.

  54. I would love a mamaroo and a great stroller like the origami. currently expecting my 2nd son so im dreaming all the amazing products i can get for my son. huge thanks for the chance!

  55. If money wasnt the object I would love all 4 mom products like the tub…love the idea of all around clean water

  56. My best friend and I are both pregnant and she was just talking about a rockaroo. Hoe awesome would it be if I could win us each one?!

  57. I really would love the Rockaroo.
    But something I know I would never buy myself unless I win the lottery, yet really, really want…. those “Keurig for babies” – the one that dispenses formula and water the perfect temp. It is the most practical thing for those who need to or wish to formula-feed. I’ve been telling everyone that it’s on my wishlist!

  58. If money was not an object….hummm I have two answers. My spender in me for instant gratification says two high tech baby monitors. We have two under two so we like to know who is doing what. On our budget I bought two used monitors that are low tech, hard to see images black and white screens. They works for 7 months then burnt out to the single white line image that you see on the old tv show outer limits. 🙁

    My responsible side says a generous starting deposit on a savings account/ low risk mutual fund (or what ever that is according to my husbands knowledge) for my kids to have when they are older.

    But of course my free spirit says watch babies sleep and roam around in their beds now to make my heart melt.


  59. If money was not a problem, I’d buy a rockaroo! Would making taking my son to work with me so much easier!! I absolutely love this product!

  60. I would love a new stroller and car seat or any of the other 4Moms products for baby #4 who will be here in a few weeks!

  61. If money were no object, I would buy a robot nanny! And since I’m not sure that exists, I will put a second answer to be on the safe-side: A Bob jogging stroller! 🙂

  62. Babywise, a high end stroller would top my list. We are a family without a car, so a good stroller is essential. This would be an amazing edition to our household for or little due in March, though. I’m so intrigued by the unique rocking motion!

  63. If I had the money oh the stuff I would buy. First of all there would be no one thing. I would finish getting all the pottery barn furniture I want. For sure a 4moms origami stroller and breeze. Oh and Tula full wrap conversion toddler and a standard carrier. Oh and the list would go on and on and on.

  64. If money were no object I would buy a house big enough for my family of 6 with a really nice yard! I would love to have a rockaroo or some form of foldable baby swing

  65. My dream baby product would be a pacifier that would float back into baby’s mouth when he spits it out. I’ve spent the last few nights keeping his pacifier in!

  66. Since I have a small car (the chevy aveo) and just having my fifth kid, and if money were no object I would get two things; the quinny yezz stroller and the rockaroo. However if money were no object, I would have a bigger car and wouldn’t need the small stroller to fit in the car.

  67. Dream baby products: Rockaroo to help with reflux, Snuza for sleep apnea peace of mind, Symphony Medela pump, Penguin bottle warmer, City Select double stroller

  68. I would buy all the baby gear! Specifically would love 4moms mama roo and breeze; Stokke crib with all the mattresses, or the Nook mattress for regular crib; and the new Halo 360 bassinet. Probably an awesome high chair the grows up with the kid too.

  69. Honestly a mamaroo (had a cheapy swing first time around and it had no magic…zero! hahah), and some kind of great reclining glider.. I wished I could have splurged on that last time too.

  70. If I had unlimited funds I would buy ALL my dream carriers. Freshly Picked moccasins. OrbitBaby carseat, stroller and convertible carseat :)))

  71. I would buy the Breeze Playard, every high end stroller on the market (both single and double) and a PPB Diaper bag for every day of the week.

  72. There are a lot of baby gadgets I would buy if money were no object. Luckily, I have this amazing big sister Jessica. If she knows I want something, she will find it used on craigslist for an affordable price, or find a big time coupon. She is the best! I told her I want this rockaroo, so she sent me this link to try to win a new one. FINGERS CROSSED

  73. There are a lot of baby gadgets I would buy if money were no object. Luckily, I have this amazing big sister Jessica. If she knows I want something, she will find it used on craigslist for an affordable price, or find a big time coupon. She is the best! I told her I want this rockaroo, so she sent me this link to try to win a new one. FINGERS CROSSED!

  74. Does a nanny for the first 17 years of my child’s life count as a baby product?

    If not I would have to say the Orbit. Eyed one while I was pregnant but the cost won.

  75. If money were no object a would buy a 4moms suite! Origami, Tub, Spout Cover, Mama/Rockaroo, Breeze, Mini Origami.. the whole 9 yards

  76. If Money wasn’t an issue I would own all the 4moms products, they are Awesome! 4moms just needs to come out with a double stroller, I just had my 2nd boy and really need a 2 seater!

  77. I would buy a Rockaroo or an Origami Travel System! I’ve had my eyes on both items for soooo long! If only money was no object! 🙂

  78. Since we are on our 4th and last what I’d really want is a brand new Honda Odyssey full of Clek Fllos & Foonfs, and an Oobr for the oldest.

  79. if money wasn’t a issue I’d get baby’s and toddler’s full furniture for his/her room: crib, changing table dresser, bed, table and chairs, toy chest, etc.

  80. If money wasn’t an issue, my dream baby product would actually be a mamaroo! When in the NICU with our preemie twins, one of our boys (whom had horrible colic) loved the mamaroo, when we left the NICU that was on our purchase list however, I couldn’t bring myself to the cost and we ended up with a garage sale swing. For our next baby… we must find a way to make a mamaroo fit into budget!!!

  81. I would love to buy two clek foonf! One for my car and the other one for my husband’s car. Transferring car seats between cars is no fun.

  82. If money was no option I would buy a double stroller (a really good one) and the latest baby monitor (technology upgrades way to fast)

  83. If money was no object, I would make sure every baby in our NICU had a 4moms mammaroo to comfort them when mom couldn’t be there. We have a few and they are awesome. Nothing else we’ve had, has held up as well or was as quiet and smooth in movement as these rockers. Nothing beats mommy’s arms but mammaroo comes pretty close.

  84. I have bought everything on a budget for this baby so far. This awesome rockaroo would definitely be on the list of things I would buy if rich!

  85. i would get a good car seat i have one now but its not that great a good car seat would be AMAZING!! so would this mamaroo my cousin is preggo and would love one too.. id give mine to my other cousins baby mamma after im done with it… 🙂 fingers crossed

  86. If money was no object and I could buy any baby product it would probably be a in arms reach cosleeper! We bedshare with my 16 month old and there is no room for little miss on the way to sleep in bed with us so it would be an amazing thing to have!! If only they were so pricey lol!

  87. Ohhhh….this is hard. If money was no object the one item I would splurge on would probably be either a 4moms origami stroller because I have 2 bad shoulders and the auto open/fold would be such a great help especially if I need to have double surgery. Or a baby jogger jogging stroller since we don’t own a jogging stroller since we just can’t afford one.

  88. I am the bread winner of our family and I could never afford this for my sons. It would be great to win it. If money weren’t an issue I’d get this for my babies. It would definitely help the wife too!

  89. A dream splurge would be a brand new, fully decked out Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. – I’m going to count it as a baby product because, before baby, I never would’ve thought of dreaming of a minivan! – As for an actual baby product, a Clek Foonf to put in the minivan! 😉

  90. If money were no object, I would hire a nanny!!!! I already have the 4Moms Mamaroo (thanks to my wonderful sister!!), but the Rockaroo would be great to have, as well!!

  91. I have a friend that will soon be having a special needs baby. This would be a lifesaver for her. I’m sure my daughter would love it too!

  92. I don’t know much about the high end items, but I would just be happy to have a mini crib for our bedroom. It’s something that would be really useful to me the first few weeks while I recover from a c-section and am unable to go up our stairs.

  93. If money were no object, I would buy the rockaRoo, mamaRoo & Breeze! I am expecting my 2nd child in 3 months & I have 2 very close friends also expecting. I would love for one of them to win one of these as well!

  94. If money were no object, every household in our family and friends would have such a fine product so that my grandson would be happy and comfortable wherever we visited!

  95. I would love to win one for my daughter for grand baby #5. This wonderful seat was not available for my other four grandchildren.

  96. If money wasn’t an object… Hmm I think anything by 4 Moms would be divine!!!! I would also love to get a better cloth diaper stash!!! I am due with our second son in 8 weeks and that is my boy accessory!!!

  97. If money were no object I’d hire a housekeeper and chef while I had a new baby. (Haha does that count? If not then I’d get one of the Origami strollers.)

  98. I’d love to buy about ten different luxury strollers but I’m totally in love with the Mama’s and Papa’s Armadillo!! I love the look of it and it has all the features I would like in a stroller <3 #agirlcanwish I LOVE BABY GIZMO!

  99. If money was no object I would be buying a top of the line car seat and a stroller/buggy from Germany that I saw all over the place there. Those were awesome looking and were very good quality.

  100. A house where I could design and decorate a nursery for our little girl who is due in 5 weeks! A little more realistically, I would get a beautiful nursery room set, crib, changing table/dresser, curtains to match, and of course a mamaroo!

  101. If money was no object I would buy my child lots of experiences. I would love to have money set aside for family vacations, trips to the zoo, pumpkin patch, aquarium… I try not to worry too much about material things because we/he won’t remember them anyway but a to buy him a full life of memories would be the best gift I could possibly imagine!

  102. Hmmm…money not an issue? Well, then I wouldn’t buy a thing, but a service. As in a maid for a year so I could spend more time with the bundle of love!!! They grow up sooo fast!!!!

  103. My Mamaroo has been a life saver and when I win the lottery I will donate a ton of them to foster family agencies to use with the babies in their care that have been drug exposed.

  104. If money were no object, I would buy the RockaRoo (I badly want one) and at least one of every product that 4moms make. Also is buy the safest car seats I could fine 🙂

  105. I would love one of these! she hates sleeping in the pack and play even on the nice mattress we bought for it. she prefers to swing to sleep or be in a bouncer.

  106. The Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Cambelback upholstered glider in the textured linen weave – a gorgeous and comfortable chair that could transition from nursery to the living room!

  107. I am currently fostering twin newborns. So many bottles! I would buy one of the baby bottle keurig machines. (Not really a keurig but I can’t think of the name.)

  108. If I had all the money I could possibly want for baby stuff, I would buy one of these for sure, I have been intrigued by them since they first came out. Plus I would buy out all the things that our new little pumpkin would possibly need brand new instead of getting hand downs from family members.

  109. I would get the Origami stroller because I love how it folds up automatically. And for sure the rockaRoo/mamaRoo. Love 4moms products!

  110. This is my second comment after I saw the comment rules 😉 (previous one was thanking for the awesome giveaway) anything uppababy would be on my wish list!

  111. i have a 3 month old and if money was not an option I’d love to get him a momaroo. I will definitely use the rockaroo if I am blessed to win.

  112. I would buy either the 4moms origami stroller or the bugaboo donkey! Or maybe both if money was no object (; Those two are my dream baby products along with the 4moms breeze!

  113. I just went to a store to watch the amazing 4moms rockaRoos. My husband and I was planning to buy one for our twins, but it is too expensive and with all the expenses that we already have we decide to wait to buy it. It is not a coincidence that today we celebrate Tuesday with this giveaway :0)

  114. Would absolutely love one of these! Have heard it is a miracle worker!! My friend is expecting her first baby just before Christmas and would really love one as well! Would be a great surprise.

  115. If money was no object I would buy you a new server or domain. My webpage is still loading.
    But no I’m the type who plans everything in advance and when I have my next child it will be riding in a Mamas and Papas Sola, Chicco and Britax car seats and the highest quality crib on the market. I’m a firm believer in not having kids if you can’t afford to buy the things they need and the items you really want.

  116. I’d adore a mamaRoo or rockaRoo but another thing that is just something we don’t have room in the budget for is a Mamas & Papas Sola stroller or another stroller like that where the baby can face out or toward mom 🙂

  117. The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista is my dream item – preparing for the little one I have been reading a lot of great things about this new product and I am smitten.

  118. i have a 3 month old who loves to rock or swing and have been wanting to try the momaroo..I will definitely enjoy this product if I m blessed to win

  119. I know this isn’t a specific baby item, but we really need a bigger car! If money was no object, I’d buy a brand new tricked out Honda Odyssey to seat the whole family comfortably!

  120. This is our first child and we are so excited! We won’t be able to get everything we want because of money but the one thing I love is the rackaroo!!! 🙂

  121. I would love to have a Rockaroo! If money were no object I’d have one or more of them! As a foster parent I would get great use out of one! I currently have twins and it would be a godsend I’m sure. Good luck to all! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these amazing gizmos!

  122. This would be the thing I would love to get for my sister or niece. The Rockaroo would be totally awesome for my lil nephew. Thanks for sharing.

  123. I would get a Bob double stroller and a rockaroo or mammaroo. Two boys, a 2yr old and two weeks. Wondering how everyone else juggles everything. . .

  124. My son has colic and acid refulx real bad and one afternoon we were in babies r us and seen the mamaroo..The store I was at had them on display, so I sat my son in it and I was so amazed at how content he was and within a couple minutes of him being in there he was asleep! My husband and I were in shock almost, so much that we didn’t want to pick him up so we wouldn’t wake him. This is a definite must have but we couldnt buy it in store being a one income family money is tight at least for a another month or so until I can come back to work. 🙁

  125. I would love to have a 4Moms rockaRoo if money was no object…..my daughter got one for her shower and I’d love to have one for my house as well

  126. I wrote the wrong instagram name on my entry! I wrote cpackard instead of chanpackard! Please count that entry, I would love to win and be able to share with another mommy-to-be!

  127. To be honest. .. if money was no object I wouldn’t be trying to win something fit free but I would be trying to help you provide these gifts.

  128. I would love the rockaroo, my baby can’t sleep in a crib because of a digestive problem from being premature so this would be GREAT!

  129. I would love this! I just had a baby girl and my three year old still demands a lot of attention of me! This seems like it would definitely help!

  130. This is soooo on the top of my list for when baby #2 comes along. In fact, I’ve thought in the past about who I could get to buy one for me! It would be so great to win one!

  131. If money was not an issue I wouldn’t have to work so hard to get my 1st daughter but 5th child everything she deserves. I would have the whole matching bedroom/crib set from Pottery Barn. I would have all the amazing 4 moms baby stuff like the rock a roo. Or all the best activity equipment. Bassinet stroller that turns into a jogger.

  132. Does a new car to accommodate our third due in February count? No huh, ok so how about the new Mammaroo or Rockaroo that made it’s debut at ABC Kid’s Expo.

  133. The momaroo and the origami stroller are 2 of my baby dream items. My husband loved playing with the origami stroller when we saw it in the store.

  134. I would build the ultimate nursery. After having four kids none of them had a nursery and would love to be able to afford to build one now.

  135. If money were no object I would get a bob double stroller with car seat attachment, a halo bassinet, and a mamaroo for my second little one due in 3 months.

  136. There are so many things I would get if money wasn’t an object. We’ve had the bare minimum with all but our first who got stuff for a baby shower. Our youngest has even just slept in the pack and play we’ve had since our oldest’s baby shower. I would love to have been able to do a real nice nursery, it would be hard to say just one thing I would get!

  137. If money were no issue I would honestly have to research things all over again and learn about the high end brands out of my price range. I would want a hand woven wrap, a new stroller, a momaroo, and the rest I would learn as I go!

  138. I so want one, I had it on our registry but never got one. Hubby just got put to part time and we have a 13 m/o and a 1 m/o so money is tight, this would be great!

  139. If I had unlimited money I would buy a big fancy comfy glider/rocking chair. The one I have now is awful and randomly locks up.

  140. This is actually a dream baby item for me. If I can’t win it, then I can’t justify the price of buying it. It’s really sad and unfortunate.

  141. i would have a nice double or triple stroller for my boys and baby on way and boys would have the kids embrace car seat of there choosing

  142. I’d love to have a double stroller with real tires like a jogging stroller for various terrain. Baby #3 is coming and the rockaroo would be awesome to have with a 1 and 3 year old running through the house, big clunky swings don’t cut it!

  143. A dream item would be this rockaRoo actually! We are due in May and saw it in the store and love the idea but are debating on asking for one due to the cost.

  144. My dream baby product would be the entire 4 mom’s collection. I love all their products, but they are not in my budget. I would also love an ergo carrier.

  145. If money wasnt an object…. Id really love to have a mamaroo/rockarooo….sooo many things but to mad were not all blessed to have it.
    Really nice tho¡¡¡

  146. Wow, if there was not budget. A pottery barn nursery with all their furniture and bedding of course, an uppababy Vista stroller with all the accessories, and a designer diaper bag.

  147. My daughter seen this at baby palooza a few weeks ago in MS. She is expecting her first child and my first grandchild in march. It would be awesome to win a rockaroo and another to donate to someone in need.

  148. If money were no object, I would have an Origami stroller for !my baby! We love going places and I think that stroller would be the one for us!

  149. Just LOVE all the Products! I would buy everything if I had the Money! Would love to win! It would make me and my 3 months old little baby Princess very happy! 🙂

  150. My daughter was at baby palooza in Mississippi a few weeks ago and sent me a video of your 4moms rockaroo. Its amazing she is expecting her first child in march its a boy also my first grandchild i would love to win one of these for him and donate one to someone in need. God Bless.

  151. I would love a child’s bed that looks like little house with lights at the top that look like stars and can change color. Another would be a 4 moms style convertible car seat, practice, comfortable and sleek!