5 FREE Christmas Activities For Your Family

5 FREE Christmas Activities For Your Family
Christmas can get expensive, amiright?
With gifts and travel, extra food and activities, December is one of those hefty months when it comes to budgeting. Luckily, today I’m here to share a few favorite FREE activities you can enjoy with your family. Best of all, even though the price tag is small, the memories won’t be! 5 free christmas activities

1. Go Christmas Caroling

Remember when you were young and learning to sing along or even better, learning to read? I remember sitting in the car and reading the lyric inserts to my CDs and priding myself when I would successfully memorize the lyrics. Kids love accomplishing things so practice a few songs, dress up in red and green, then, head out into the neighborhood or drive to all your local families’ houses. They’ll love having littles ones and their parents arriving for a Christmas serenade!

2. Popcorn Garland

For years, my sisters and I made popcorn garlands for our outdoor bushes and trees. The birds love celebrating Christmas too! This tutorial is easy to follow and the perfect activity to do while watching a Christmas movie. DIY here —> Popcorn Garland Tutorial.

3. Learn About Something New

December isn’t just about Christmas, it’s a season of many holidays. Stretch outside your normal traditions and learn about Hannukah, Jesus’ birth, Kwanzaa, Advent, Winter Solstice, or Epiphany- I’m sure I’m missing something! Head to the library and expand your family’s knowledge about this season.

4. Gingerbread Steamers

Friends! I made these last week with my daughter and they’re WONDERFUL! You probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard and gingerbread steamers are a yummy alternative to an overload of peppermint. Recipe here!

5. Host a Movie Marathon

Parents need time to do their sneaky Santa shopping so why not invite some of your friend’s kids over for an evening movie marathon and let their parents shop in peace and quiet? I’d recommend starting with this set!

What free activities have your family enjoyed this Christmas season?

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