5 Reasons My iPhone Has Been A Mandatory Part Of My Life Since My Son Was Born.

5 Reasons My iPhone Has Been A Mandatory Part Of My Life Since My Son Was Born.

We all love our iPhones right? I have actually only had an iPhone since the 4s came out and have since upgraded to the iPhone 5. Before that I had a Blackberry for a year and before that it was the free phone without even internet. Say it’s not so! Sometimes I think back to my life pre-iPhone and I don’t know how I ever survived without it. Was I even living before the iPhone? If you can call that living…. Sarcasm aside, I LOVE my iPhone and it has been a mandatory part of my life since my son was born. Here’s why…


Reason 1- Photos, photos, photos! The camera quality of the iPhone can’t be beat. When my son was first born, I had my blackberry and the photos were awful. When I would post them on Facebook, they were of such poor quality you could hardly make out my sons precious newborn face. Once I upgraded to the iPhone I had all my friends texting and calling me telling me how amazing my photos of my son were. My memory is probably almost full from the thousands of baby photos I have but I love that these precious memories are all saved in one place and just a finger touch away.

Reason 2- Entertainment for my son! Not only can I download tons of free apps on my iPhone for my son to play with, I can also pull up his favorite cartoons on my Netflix app anytime he’s fussy or just wants something to watch in the car. It’s a total lifesaver.

Reason 3- FaceTime! I have always lived close by my family but because of my husband’s job, we are out of town a TON right now. Having FaceTime on my phone and having family members who also have it, is AMAZING. Now, not only can I talk to my mom, but my son can SEE Grandma on the phone, too. We try to FaceTime everyday so my son can tell Grandma and Grandpa all about his daily playground adventures and show off for them. This is especially nice for family who lives across the country who you don’t get to see very often! (If you don’t have an iPhone, check out the app Tango! You don’t even need an internet connection to use it!)

Reason 4- My life is inside of it. Literally. Appointments, calendars, pictures, apps, alarms, text messages, notes, recipes, everything I need is in my phone. In my teeny tiny phone. All in one place. It’s so convenient and makes my life so much easier.

Reason 5- Social Media. While yes, my family does own a computer and a laptop, I don’t even really need them anymore. To tell you the truth, I use my iPhone 99 percent of the time instead of my computer. It’s just so much easier. Now that you can have social media apps like Facebook and Instagram on your phone, my need for my computer is so minimal. And those social media apps that I can get on my iPhone are a great way for me to keep in contact with friends and family members. It’s also a great way to see wedding photos of friends from high school and my cousins new baby who lives across the country from me.

Point in case, my iPhone has made my life easier. It helps me stay connected, keeps me organized, and provides endless amounts of entertainment. While I love my iPhone and hope that some of you can relate to my five reasons, I think it is also important to mention the importance of NOT  being on your iPhone every second of every day. I take my son to the playground every single day and 99 percent of the parents there, are on their iPhones the entire time. I make it a point to put my iPhone away at the playground and away most of the day. Because it is so easy to be “connected” it distracts us from real life and takes away from time you could be spending with your children. Use your amazing iPhones wisely my friends!


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