5 Teething Essentials

With all the drooling and gnawing and diaper rash and sleeplessness nights and loss of appetite, teething is not really the best time to be a baby or parent of a teething baby.

I have an eight month old and a two year old, so I’ve been through two rounds of teething and have learned that this phase is just that…a phase. It comes and goes. Your kid gets teeth, loses teeth, gets them again, and then as a senior citizen, loses them again.

Yeah. It’s the teething circle of life.

Teething with all children is different, so how you deal with teething in your children may vary. But… I think it’s important to have a “teething tool-kit arsenal” that you can pull out to help your child when they’re in pain. Here’s my tool-kit arsenal, the five essentials that I use with my kids when they’re teething.

  1. Cold Wash Cloths. Usually, I’ll wet the washcloth. Place it in a Ziploc bag that goes in the freezer. When it’s frozen, I give my kids the washcloth.
  2. Teething Necklaces. I have a Hazelaid teething necklace that has worked wonders for my teething eight month old. It’s reduced her drooling and desire to chew on everything in sight and has helped her nighttime sleep.
  3. Teething toys. I have a Sophie Giraffe that I bought as a first time mom. Both my girls LOVE gnawing on it and throwing it around on the floor.
  4. Cold Fruit and Vegetables. For teething relief, I’ll throw some in a mesh teether. Other times, I’ll just freeze a whole celery stalk or carrot and give my children that.
  5. Ice cubes. I have some muslin bags that I’ll fill with ice cubes and provide to my girls.

What are your teething essentials?

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Jessica lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with her husband and two girls. Once upon a time, pre-motherhood, she did many things as a “serious-looking” woman who managed to successfully balance a reality TV addiction with a career and academic pursuits. She's now a serious-acting woman whose primary job is raising her children. She writes, reads, fantasizes about minivans, and takes midday naps. She enjoys (among many other things) dancing to 80s music, photography, laughing out loud (at, usually, inappropriate moments), and writing about writing, being a writer, and becoming fearless on her blog Jessica F. Hinton

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For my kids I noticed what worked the best was teething toys and vegetable. I’ve heard of stories from other parents having real problems with their kids but my son wasn’t to bad during the teething process.