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  1. What is so wrong about taking charge of raising our kids? I had to tell our previous ped to send for a cbc test before she started prescribing any meds or I would find another ped. She said why put him through pain if I know what it is. I was not sure it was just a cold. He had Croups. How do I know? We now have the sweetest pediatrician 45 min. from home (without traffic) but I am glad to drive.

  2. I nursed my son til he was 19 months and never even heard of Vit D drops. I waited til about 7 months to start solids, and only tried cereals a couple of times cuz he loved avocado so much! I also don’t do flouride tablets and I let him eat as much fruit as he wants regardless of the “sugar” (I’m really only concerned about added sugars, not natually occuring sugars, even though our doc says otherwise).

  3. I slept on my couch upright with my son in my arms for the first 4 months of his life.( with tons of pillows surrounding us, just in case i dropped him, which i never did) His reflux was so bad that he could not lay down, not even a little bit. Then when his reflux got better we co- slept in my bed until he was 8 months because he was so used to being in my arms that if i put him in the crib he would scream all night long….plus it was much easier to nurse him which im still doing at night ( hes 15 months old, the dr told me to stop but i still haven’t yet. )

  4. This is too funny but oh so true! I keep things from my doctor all the time and wonder, why don’t I just go somewhere else, or run the risk of being told I’m judged..that’s what they are paid to do right? Not to mention being “experts” and all, I should give them a choice to share their insight at the very least. Great post, glad to know I’m not alone 🙂

  5. I did all of that as well, I just told my doctor that it’s what I was doing regardless of their suggestions. My first born’s doctor did not approve, the second was super supportive. I think your italicized advice at the open is spot on because finding a doctor who supported my role as momma-decision-maker was awesome and made the scheduled visits so much easier.

  6. I think you did everything right, Jessica. Sounds like you need to find a new pediatrician. Mine is a naturopath and midwife and she gives us the best care.

  7. We never talked about sleeping on the back because our little one wouldn’t sleep on her back either. We tried the rice cereal once or twice and just never felt right so we put that off and told our peds we weren’t doing that and definitely not at 4 months. So we started her on solids around 7 months and pretty much went the baby led weaning route and we haven’t done any of the recommended vitamin drops either but haven’t told our peds about that either. Oops.

  8. I do all of the above also, and probably a few others! 🙂 its okay..not everyone likes to go by the “book” when it comes to parenting. After all we know what works best for us!

  9. Sort of let the question, “Is your son sleeping on his back?” slide by, because he’s been sleeping on his stomach since he was a month old. He would NOT sleep on his back. 🙂

  10. I started my second and third children on veggies first too! Mainly because my first child ended up allergic to rice… And that was the first solid food all peds recommended. It took literally years to figure it out after many food trials, because neither he or I were ever taken off rice, that supposedly hypoallergenic grain.

  11. Glad to know I am not the only one omitting information. My little guy has been a tummy sleeper since about 10 weeks. We don’t do the Vit D drops and we co-sleep!

  12. Lol, I did/am doing all of these things!! I finally found a pediatrician we love who encourages cosleeping and breastfeeding while pregnant 🙂 my daughter didn’t start solids until 8.5 months, we started with veggies, we’re still cosleeping, and I don’t give her vitamin D drops. We really should meet Jessica! 😀

  13. I never told my ped that my daughter slept exclusively in her swing until about 6 months of age! she wouldnt sleep anywhere else..and then magically one day I put her in bed and voila.. she slept. such an easy transition for us. No sleep training and crazy cry it out methods…just let her sleep where she was most comfortable.

  14. My pedi back east I didn’t mentioned co-sleeping or the fact that at 2 she still had her bottle. Fortunately now I’m in Beverly Hills and it’s a lot more open. Docs here don’t correct us and I’m sure it’s due to the clientele. Co-sleeping, bottle at 2 and a half no comments. And before someone attacks me she has a food aversion issue, hense the bottle.

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