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  1. I feel like we had almost identical experiences. My recovery was horrendous, breast feeding was a nightmare! I thought I might never be the same again!
    I’d love a follow up post 5 things I’m glad I stressed in the newborn phase

    I’d have:
    1)Community – friends and women who surrounded me with hope, comfort and meals!
    2)Routine – I’m one of those moms who got baby into a flexible rhythm right away. We were all sleeping through the night pretty quickly (in the grand scheme of things)
    3)Going with my gut! – I knew something was wrong with my recovery but the nurses poo-poo’d me. My doc believed me. Phew! I had retained placenta! For four weeks!
    4)LOTS of good food – for hungry breast feeding days!
    5) letting go (of household chores, the need to be back in the real world quickly etc)

    🙂 love your blog! I’m hooked!

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