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  1. i think writing the name out to see howit looks on paper is a very good way of picking out the strong names from the week, if i am not happy with the way i can write the name then i willnot choose it. i have 5 children theyall begin with the letter “I” because i love alliteration in sibling names.

    Issac Louie Felix Indigo – 15
    India Willow Saffron Indigo – 10
    Ivy Ruby Lou Indigo – 8
    Izzy Eliza Heidi Indigo – 2 (twin)
    Imogen May Hattie Indigo – 2 (twin)

    i love each and everyone of thier names, although my husband chose there second middle names which i have to admiti do like -_-

  2. LOL MamaHen! I do the same thing. I think about things like “ok, would a CEO be named this? No? Move on.”

    My mom always says you need to meet the baby to figure out a name. That’s great, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with a list of things you like for a name.

  3. I made sure to sing the “Name Game” song when I finally decided on a name for my baby girl. I didn’t want it to rhyme with something bad! I always felt sorry for boys named Chuck….can’t sing the “Name Game” with that one 🙁

    OH and I totally agree with the “Yelling up the Stairs” rule!! I did that too 🙂

  4. I love these rules, but I did have to laugh since Gilbert is my maiden last name. It was interesting to see my former last name as being called out for not standing the test of time.

  5. Yelling up the stairs is a great rule! I always try to envision the child as an adult, sitting in a fancy corner office, and answering the phone. Do I see him or her saying, “Hello. This is Rainbow Moonbeam.” Probably not.

  6. LOL, Sarah, AMEN!! Or run through the whole family’s names all together (as in a verbal listing) and see how the potential baby name fits in!! (And you might be shocked to hear them all together; sometimes the combination of the last two names makes for an unpleasant term or word!)

  7. You forgot my favorite rule of all time….my mother calls it the “yelling up the stairs” rule of naming kids. Once you *think* you have a name, try yelling it (as if to call your child from somewhere far away). If you can’t get your tongue to do it, try something else. This is especially important in first-middle name combos. My mother always said we needed a good handle so she could always get our attention!

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