$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

amazon card


The “Get What You Want Giveaway” is back!

This one is a BIG one and you have two weeks to enter!  That’s right, we have $500 Amazon gift card up for grabs and we will be handing them over to ONE lucky winner.

Already thinking about Back to School? This prize works. Have a baby on the way and would like a little help with the baby gear costs? Yep, works for that too. Even if you just want to get a power drill so that you can try to build your little one a Clubhouse Bed, this is the giveaway you want to enter. A backyard playhouse or playground to keep the littles busy this summer? Yep, that’s fair game too. If you win, you can use the gift card for whatever you want or need! And if you need it, Amazon probably has it!

This giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, July 19, 2015 so get to entering!

amazon card giveaway

Giveaway open worldwide.

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  1. I am currently remodeling the kitchen, so it would help buy something involved in the renovation. Everyone wants me to have a nice kitchen so we can eat in serenity and enjoyment.

  2. I can’t get anything in your store to come up for me so I’m just going to be generic in what I’d like if I won. A playpen and a swing that you can plug in. Thank you for the chance to win this !!

  3. I shop on Amazon all of the time so I’d use it for the baby stuff (diapers, gear, food) that I like, books, music and birthday gifts. If there’s enough left over, maybe I’ll start Christmas shopping early.

  4. Lovely to shop for Christmas in July for my grands! Toy sales are in the summer and fabulous clothes clearance for children on Amazon! Thank you Mom’s best friend (and Nana’s!) Baby gizmo rocks!

  5. I would put it towards an electric Ice Cream Maker first, and then work on the rest of that never ending shopping list for my family and home!

  6. I would love to surprise my husband with an Xbox One with this gift card! His Xbox 360 died a few months back and we haven’t been able to afford to get him another gaming set.

  7. There are all kinds of needs on my lists of the places I give to. One of my favorites is during Christmas the Angel Tree (Salvation Army). With that amount I would get a lot!; diapers, baby items, shoes, clothing, baby food, kitchen stuff for the places that help people furnish their home…

  8. I would have the best back to school stock up experience ever if I won. I’d also like to finally invest in an activity tracker as well.

  9. I would probably buy myself some new clothes and a pair of shoes since I always buy stuff for the kids and hardly ever for myself.

  10. Wipes, wipes, wipes…i use them for everything and Amazon has good prices… so definitely a must buy if I win this.

  11. I would buy LOTS of books for my little one, I love reading to her and I would also buy crafts to keep her busy during the summer. Some board games.

  12. Im unemployed for a while now and it would be really nice to win this ot would help me so much just like i have always helped others but if i dont gl and congrats to who wins 😉

  13. my wife and i are expecting our first child of a many we hope, it has taken us over 6 years of trying but finally we are being blessed with a little boy come sept. We would truly love to get a uppababy vista 2015 or a indie 4 if we are lucky enough to win this card that is surly what we will do with it.

  14. I would buy household goods for my daughter & granddaughter as they lost everything they owned 2 1/2 months ago.

  15. I would love to win this gift card in order to purchase some things for my baby due December 16th. I would most likely use it for the 4 Moms Mamaroo and natural PlanToys.

  16. My little man is turning four in September and is finally getting his own room. This GC will be great because I then I can buy him an entire South Shore bedroom furniture set (bed, dresser, and nightstand). Otherwise, he will just be using the hand me downs from the old guest room! LOL!

  17. I’m going to be starting school in the fall and if I won this gift card I would use it on a laptop to do school work. If not a laptop, other school items would be a good choice.

  18. I would buy my kids new clothes for school, something I haven t been able to do before school started in years.

  19. We would love to buy some things for our new house with the gift card! We’re house hunting and realizing we need lots of stuff!


  21. I can’t decide if I would buy something for me or for my kids. Maybe a bit of both. Since both kids have birthdays right around the winter holidays, I might save it for that.

  22. There is so much we need. I would by my little guy a wagon. I have always wanted one and it’ll make our day trips easier. I would also get a new stroller. I have a very old hand me down and the wheels always get stuck! This is such a generous giveaway!! Thanks so much!! Xoxoxo

  23. I would buy some much needed new pans and a few things for baby due next year, we need a car seat – my first two are all grown up!

  24. I would love to buy Christmas presents for family. Definitely would take some financial stress off the season.
    Shopkins and Power Rangers would be at the top of my list.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. I would buy some of my college books for the fall because Accounting books are not cheap. I’d also buy my little girl a pretty dress and some toys.

  26. So many things to choose from on Amazon! New double stroller with kick board… Replace car seats that are expiring at the end of the year, fun games and toys…

  27. I would buy some Le Creuset pans I’ve been drooling over. Or I would probably buy some homeschooling books. Or Id get a luggage set for our vacation to visit family in Brasil. What to buy? What to buy? Lol thanks for this giveaway!

  28. I would buy one of Britax’s new click tight convertable car seats (I’m not sure between the advocate or the boulevard) and more baby gear!

  29. I recently became a stay at home mom after our third child so this would be phenomenal to help with anything and everything!

  30. My sister is expecting a second little boy so I’d love to be able to buy her a bushel of cloth diapers. She’s been buying them one by one as she can afford them. They are so expensive!

  31. I would buy a toddler carrier as well as some workout gear I have been eyeing! Maybe even some new toys for the kids 🙂

  32. I need an ipod touch for my car so I don’t have to depend on CD’s since the radio doesn’t reliably play our kind of music.

  33. I would buy back to school supplies for my two boys and a car seat for “one on the way (boy).” I love amazon! One stop shopping

  34. In all honesty I’m not exactly sure what I would do if I get the chance to win this giveaway. More than likely it will be put towards school shopping! As school is just around the corner

  35. I have a list of baby/children things that need to be purchased as soon as possible. Important things like convertible carseat because my 15 month old is almost out grown the infant carseat. And summer shoes for my son that the Velcro won’t rip off. My husband is working full time and in school full time and i work part time. We just can’t afford these types of things right now and an amazon gift card would be a blessing!

  36. I would not be using this card in my self if I was to win but giving it to my sister because she had a bob revolution pro almost 500 dollars she left it ouside because she used it every day and not even a month of using it was stolen and she keeps thinking about the graco relay click connect stroller but it’s way out her price range now so I would hope to win this and give it to her as a gift.

  37. I’d get my Girlfriend a beautiful locket she wants, get a Kiwi plant, a Dragon fruit plant, a lot of tea for both myself and my girlfriend, and a beautiful ring to propose to her with.

  38. This would be so amazing – especially for back to school supplies, clothes, etc.And Books! I could fill up my Kindle! Or get some curtains. The possibilities are endless 🙂

  39. I would use this toward our subscribe & save purchases, which grows constantly. We get everything from laundry soap to diapers to chia bars to oatmeal. We love S&S and Amazon.com.
    As for a big item, I’ve been eying up a fitbit for myself and might need a new booster seat for my son in the near-ish future. 🙂

  40. I would buy schools supplies and clothes for my first kindergartner and his booster seat so the baby can move up to his convertible seat in the smaller car now that we’ll have three different drop off/pick ups!

  41. I would buy all the school supplies, gear, clothes, shoes, etc. that my granddaughter would need to start pre-school 🙂

  42. This would be amazing !! I would probably purchase clothes and shoes for my three kids, and maybe new bedding for my oldest children as they just got bunk beds. Or maybe I would just get something for myself !!

  43. School will be starting up for us in a few weeks…GAH!! So will use some of the GC towards school supplies and new backpacks since the kids haven’t had a new backpack in 2 years.

  44. I would buy more cloth diapers for our kids, clothes, a new toy for each of the kids, and something fun for mom and dad!

  45. Oh, and I think I would buy a new stroller and dance gear for my two little girls for their classes they are starting! Thank you Baby Gizmo!

  46. I would spoil my sister & new little neice or nephew with baby gear…plus a couple treats for my older nephews so they dont feel left out 🙂

  47. I would buy a really nice, high rated convertible car seat for my child. She’s about to outgrow her infant seat and this would help get the best car seat for her!

  48. I would buy more sippy cups and a couple other things my son needs and then put the rest towards Christmas for him.

  49. What ISN’T there to get on Amazon?! From books to toys to snacks, i’d be digging in deep if I won this GC! Thanks for throwing this giveaway!

  50. I need this gift card! I would get all the back to school items my son needs and the rest will go towards baby items, diapers, baby clothes and formula for my baby!

  51. If I won this gift card I would probably pass out at first because I won. Then I would buy lots of ebooks and I’d buy things for my husband and daughter. I wouldn’t just use it on myself. Thank you so much for the chance.

  52. This is awesome. Thank you for the chance. I would buy some Christmas presents, a small TV and some crafty ideas for storage and decor so I can make a playroom for my kiddos. 🙂

  53. So hard to narrow it down! I’ve been eyeing a big tree swing, and hopefully have enough left for a Mountain Buggy Nano or similar.

  54. I would def have to buy a stokke prampack. Baby Gizmo’s review of the Stokke Xplory was the deciding factor for my purchase. Hollies review just made me love it wven more! saved up for 9 months to buy that stroller and it is getting damaged everytime we travel 🙁 i would love to buy a prampack to protect it. I would also buy another camera for my safety 1st genesis video monitor! Another suggestion from Hollie! Her review was amazing and i love the monitor but additional cameras are so pricy.

    Thanks for all the reviews Hollie!!!

  55. I would buy some toddler gear and lots of sewing supplies so I could make diapers and clothes for my babes and no bum unfluffed:-)

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  57. I would use the giftcard money to buy some outdoor equipment for our church. We just moved to the Eastern Cape of South Africa to pastor a church and there are no toys for the kids!!

  58. Our kids need a bunk bed! There are a million possibilities, our girls would probably choose $500 worth of Shopkins lol.

  59. My daughter and her family of four just relocated so she could accept her first teaching job. I would be shopping on Amazon to help her out with school supplies for my grandkids and some teaching aides that she will need that the school system doesn’t supply due to budget cuts. (if I was lucky enough to win this generous prize)

  60. I’m not going to lie, I’d more than likely buy myself at least one Ju Ju Be bag and some shoes.

  61. If I were to win, I would probably buy the Britax Pioneer G1.1 Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Domino . I can not take my grand daughter anywhere in the car because I do not have a car seat for her. This would be perfect.

  62. Oh man! Thinking this gift card would be perfect! I need a new Britax convertible (hopefully the new ClickTight!) for my almost 1 year old! This GC would get that and a little more 😀

  63. I would buy brand new crib for my little one, since my oldest didn’t have a crib. My oldest slept in a pack n play.

  64. We would us it towards some things we need for around the house like a new vacuum cleaner and a new mop and stuff

  65. The baby in my belly’s so enormous it’s not funny/She all, “I LOVE BABY GIZMO AND SOME AMAZON MONEY!”

  66. I would buy a tablet or Chrome book. With left over I’d let my mother pick out something for her 80th birthday in August.

  67. I would SO love to win this. I’d love to get something for my elderly parents to make their lives a little easier.

  68. I would like to buy things for my grandkids back to school. Backpacks, clothes, supplies, and maybe Kindles for them to read more.

  69. I would use this for both birthday (October) and Christmas gifts for our daughter. She needs some new learning toys. And a high chair!

  70. I might just buy the stroller I’ve been coveting. Or be more practical and buy the second car seat we need. Maybe more cloth diapers. I don’t know! So hard to choose.

  71. I would buy my kids clothes and books for us all because I lost my income and it’s important for my kids to have books and clothes for school plus I haven’t had new clothes since high school!

  72. there are a number of items on our wish list right now! with our LO’s first birthday coming up – there are lots of toys and items needed for a toddler!

  73. I would buy some stuff for my garden I want to build a green house structure to protect my plants during the winter I would also like to buy a rain barrel so i can collect my rain water to water my plants

  74. I would get my husband the wooden watch JORD and my baby Blooming Bath and I don’t no what I would get for my self

  75. I’d buy clothes for my kids, school supplies and new toys and shoes for them if I won this! Thanks for the chance! 🙂


  77. If i won I would buy some much needed diapers and wipes, clothes for my little guy, and clothes for his little brother or sister on the way. If there was money left over, I would buy my husband a drill to promote some work skills and then donate the rest to my favorite charity since Amazon supports that. Thank you

  78. I would get a balance bike from my toddler, some infant clothes for my new niece, glass and metal food storage to replace plastic, and beautiful pictures books.

  79. $500 would go a long way in winterizing my toddler’s wardrobe this year because nothing fits from last year.

  80. I’d buy all kinds of new baby stuff!! I have a son that’s about to turn 4 months old, and there’s lots of stuff he could use!

  81. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!! I visit Amazon several times a day, so this would be a welcome win!! I love buying new books to read!!

  82. Six year old starts 1st grade in August, plus our newest addition due July 30, so yeah, I need this! Would use to purchase backpack, lunchbox, school supply list for 1st grader, and my coveted (but right now not financially feasible) jogging stroller for new baby girl!

  83. I would buy a learning tablet for my 4 year old son. He is learning to write and I want to give him something fun to learn with.

  84. We get so many monthly items from Amazon thanks to subscribe and save. I would definitely use the card toward some of that!
    Also, momma needs a new pair of shoes. Mine are falling apart (yes, I have one pair of shoes). So I would get a pair as well. 🙂

  85. I would get something nice as a baby shower gift for my friend’s daughter and birthday gifts for my nieces and nephew.

  86. Want to by my sons a pitching machine and batting cage. Another child on his team had one and it was awesome for practicing their stance and swing. Mostly I loved that it added to their confidence.

  87. I would love to win! I would help my daughter with college starting and she needs everything for her dorm

  88. I would buy a new family laptop. The one that I am using is starting to wear out. Hope I win. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance.

  89. I would buy something special for each of my four children, including a huge Lego set for my 3 year old. Plus something for my mother and Hubby.

  90. I would LOVE to win this gift card to buy a new stroller and car seat for my baby girl due at the end of September!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance Baby Gizmo!!!

  91. With My daughter having allergies to disposable diapers I would use the gift card to buy cloth diapers, and with what is left I would use it on much needed clothes for all 3 of my children. Thank you for this chance!

  92. I would use this for baby products and supplies 🙂 our newest addition just turned 3 weeks old yesterday !!

  93. school books for my husband who is working on finishing his accounting degree and then a water table for my little girl.

  94. If I was the lucky winner I would use this gift card to buy Christmas presents for my kiddos and all of my nieces!!

  95. I would buy an elliptical so myself and my husband could get in better shape and health <3 I use to workout at the gym several days a week prior to having our daughter and id love to be able to when I can at home thank you for the chance

  96. If I won I would definitely buy a Berkey water filtration system from Amazon! I love Amazon and clean water so much

  97. The first thing I’d buy would definitely be an early-education system for toddlers that I saw a few months ago but could not afford. I’d like to believe karma wouldn’t mind me buy some news knives or pans, too, though. 😀 Thank you for the chance! ♥

  98. If I won, I would buy some much needed new clothes for the entire family! Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  99. I have been wanting a DSLR camera for forever so I would likely use the giftcard for that. My five littles move too fast for me to keep up with them using my phone’s camera.

  100. I would definitely start buying little girly gear and do some Christmas shopping. We did all our shopping through Amazon last year! It would all be so much more fun doing it and not worrying about the money being spent!

  101. I have been trying to replace my Nikon Camera since last sept. Can’t work as I had Emergency Brain Anerysm Surgery, on July 8th I find out if I have Breast Cancer is back 🙁 I need a camera to capture precious memories while I’m still here of me & my daughter’s who are special needs! #PLEASEPICKME #wantthiswin #NEEDAMAZONSOBADLY

  102. We would get our daughter stuff to help her cope with being in the car. She hates the car & we would get her stuff to try to help that.

  103. I have to move this year so I would use this awesome prize to buy new things for the new apartment! Would sooo love to win this. TY for opportunity

  104. I need toddler seats bad for my car. this way I don’t have to transfer my kids carseats from one car to another. It’s so crazy!

  105. I’d get most of dd’s bday and Christmas shopping done! There are a lot of new Monster High and Ever After High dolls she has been wanting!

  106. I would probably get the Lillebaby carrier I have been wanting to get for my little girl and school supplies for my son who will be starting kindergarten in August

  107. The first thing I would do is buy something for myself. Rarely do I do that, as a mom everyone else comes first.. Then I would buy things for our home. We are remodeling and little by little We are getting there. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  108. I would buy the things my daughter needs to make her homeschool a little more organized. And I would buy all my other grandchildren school supplies. What a blessing this would be!

  109. This would be amazing!! I’d put it towards clothes for me & my son…& some Christmas gifts for the rest of the family! Thank you for the chance!

  110. My son and DIL thought they were done having children so they sold all their baby stuff or gave it to relatives that were having babies. NOW surprise, surprise they are having another baby. If I won this I would be buying things for my new grandchild. I know one thing would be a car seat because they have no car seat for a baby. Another thing would be a stroller. After that we will have to see what else was left and what else they need. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

  111. If I won, I would buy my baby a new umbrella/travel stroller. He is getting ready to crawl and we need a play yard and stuff to baby proof the house.

  112. I would buy a tent and some things to go camping for my family to get out of the city and go camping this fall. We have been talking about it all summer and we decided this would be our Christmas gift for all of us.

  113. I would buy a few things for the household, kitchen items, sheet sets…..and then maybe some “fun” things on my wishlist that I’ve been waiting for

  114. I would buy an auto dog water bowl, Tom’s, a refill copper element for floatron, baby diapers/clothes, car seat, then I’d have to search for more things I really need/want.

  115. I would buy Christmas gifts for my family and little one. Can’t wait for her first Christmas, hoping to get her a Melissa and Doug picnic basket set.

  116. I would purchase a new laptop and renew my prime subscription. This would definitely be a life saving win. Thanks so much for the chance and God bless you and yours.

  117. I’d love to buy a Ju-Ju-be Be Right Back Backpack now that I have two under two! And I’m thinking about switching to cloth diapers so is like to start a stash and get the necessities like pail liners and wet bags all of that stuff adds up quickly!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  118. OMG OMG OMG!!!!
    I seriously don’t know what I’d buy because my wish list is so lllooooonnnnngggggg! But you know what super awesome, cool gadget I’ve been pining over? A kitchenaid mixer.
    Yes. I’m old. And I like cookies. And cupcakes. And frosting.
    And never imagined a mixer would be on my wish list.
    How sad!!!!
    Too bad you can’t buy a trip to Cancun on Amazon…. 🙂

  119. We are about to move to a house where we will have a separate area for a playroom do I would love to buy some cute organizational bins and a little armchair or table set for him to sit at!

  120. I would totally put it toward something for our baby due this fall, like the glider for his room, a monitor, his carseat, or stroller.

  121. I need new baby items I’m due in November, this would be such a blessing. Thank you for the chance! Awesome giveaway!

  122. This would get an awesome car seat now that my daughter is on the brink of being too tall for her carrier. They grow so fast!

  123. I have 3 babies, I would buy them clothes, buy the bbay a bumbo, and this toy i’ve been wanting to get her that helps her learn to walk, diapers, and of course a toy for my 6 and 4 yr old. I would be a very happy mommy knowing my kds have things they need and of course want! I would probely get myself a treat as well not sure what that would be after I took care of my babies .. Thank you!!!!

  124. A new griddle for pancakes is my current wish item. Then I have a 5 yo with a birthday coming up, so there would definitely be some Legos. We are still looking for a good swim aid for our 62 lbs 5 yo, so that is on the list. Silly stuff that will add up fast.

  125. I have two nieces whose birthdays are coming up in September, so I would def. get them both a special gift! Thanks for the chance!

  126. I would put the $500 as credit on my Amazon account and use it to purchase college textbooks and plays for my daughter.

  127. If I won I would buy myself a couple books, and a steam mop. I would but my kids a new bigger bookshelf that they are in need of, and of course I would have to buy something for my husband as well.

  128. I would buy Fall/Winter clothes for all of my kiddos. Plus I may buy myself and my hubby a little something too!


  129. I would buy a convertible car seat for my daughter to use when she outgrows her infant car seat and I would buy diapers galore! Haha! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  130. If I was lucky enough to win I would pick out a car seat, swing and other baby essentials for our little one who is due in the Fall.

  131. This is an awesome give-away. Kids got out of school last week and I am already looking for those back to school shopping deals!

  132. Baby clothes for our new baby girl coming soon and birthday presents for my son turning 3 around the same time!

  133. If I won, I’d use it for diapers and wipes because you can never have too many! Especially with our 6-month old nugget.

  134. I got rid of all my baby stuff and found out shortly after that I was pregnant again. This gift card would be a big help.

  135. What could I use it for – diapers, wipes, clothes, household needs – the list could go on & on. It certainly would be used!!

  136. If I won, I would give half to my sister so she can get her kids stuff for school, and I would probably go on a post baby shopping spree!

  137. Definitely would be useful for switching our daughter to convertible car seats. Plus, I’m a teacher so I order a ton from Amazon (hello expo markers and school supplies)

  138. I would buy specialty food items for our unique dietary requirements. I would probably buy some fun kitchen items; I would a new cooking pan.

  139. What an amazing prize!!! Have so many things on my ‘wishlist’ that I would love to get and it’ll help with upcoming birthday gifts as well

  140. I would buy some nursery things for our 7 week old granddaughter. Clothes, toys, cloth diapers, oh so many things!

  141. This would be so great at the moment. I would get some nice baby clothes, cloth nappies, and a baby carrier… Congratulations winner.

  142. Thinking about all that back to school stuff.. new lunchboxes, backpacks, teacher supplies, school supplies, etc….

  143. Thanks for a chance. I would love to buy summer clothes. In florida summer seems to hang around and clothes get dirty fast.

  144. I would buy a Kindle for myself and a Nintendo DS for my oldest son. My youngest would get a bunch of educational baby toys 🙂

  145. I would love to win this! I would love to buy my daughter’s birthday gifts and myself a tula! Thank you for doing this!

  146. If I were to win this gift card I would use it on my kids back so school supplies and clothes! This would be a blessing!!!

  147. Hmmm… some new sippy cups, possibly a new stroller , as ours is probably going to loose a wheel soon, new clothes, poaaibly some toys and stuff for a Disney trip!

  148. I’m due with baby #2 in December so I’ve been drooling over the 7am Enfant Carseat Cocoon! That would be my first purchase!

  149. I would buy some cloth diapers for my baby and a diaper bag which I need desperately. I’ll also look for a convertible car seat and a stroller.

  150. Well I would have said, a double stroller for my toddler and baby boy who is due in 2 months a few days ago. But on the 4th of July my 18 month old son was playing soccer and broke his femur and now has a body cast. So now what I would buy is a specialized car seat for my son so I can take him to and from doctors appointments.

  151. Thank you so much for this giveaway! Swinging is very good for my son. So with this, we’d finally be able to get him a swing set!

  152. Honestly, I’d pay for half the elliptical trainer I really want to get so I can drop to a healthy weight to get preggers again.

  153. This is a great giveaway! We would buy a swingset and slide for our kids. Yay! Just in time to go with our new home. 🙂 Thanks, Baby Gizmo.

  154. there are so many things i could buy i dont even know where to start!!! a laptop for sure, maybe a new high back booster too.

  155. I would love to buy a tablet or notepad for the family to share and use for educational and entertainment purposes and lots of e books too

  156. I would love to get a swingset for the kids or an irobot! I can’t stand the crumbs anymore on the kitchen floor! LOL! But I’ll most likely get the swingset 🙂

  157. This would be awesome to cover part of our diaper subscription and to purchase a carseat (soon our big 7.5 month old won’t fit into his infant car seat)!

  158. We will be moving at the end of the month and we could definitely use $500 to get stuff for our new house!

  159. Such a variety of amazing products! I am not sure where I’d start but my little is desperately in need of some developmental toys.

  160. I would buy stuff that our baby may need (clothes, diapers, wipes, toys etc) or stuff we would need to put the addition on to our house. Thanks for the chance.

  161. I would buy a new stroller! My Baby Trend Expedition was second hand when I got it two years ago, and next year I’m planning on having a second, so a double would be awesome! 😀

  162. We’re having our first child, due in August. I would get lifefactory bottles, nursing bras, breast pump accessories, and other necessary essentials as well.

  163. I just had my third child two weeks ago and surprise it’s a girl! My other two are boys so I need some girl clothes for the new baby and my other two boys birthdays are coming up in July so birthday gifts would be nice for them. Especially for the oldest since he has special needs.

  164. I would buy everyth… who am I kidding? I would lovingly hand it to my wife and know the kids would get awesome stuff! I might get some socks or underwear out of the deal…

  165. I’d like to buy a new KitchenAid mixer because I gave mine to my mom and now my lil MAN and I can’t bake together anymore. I’d also like to get some fun kid-friendly kitchen gadgets since he likes to cook with me 🙂

  166. I would use it for birthday’s coming up I have 2 in October just 10 days apart from each other lol I have my hands full getting them both ready. 🙂

  167. A new mattress or a new car seat or subscribe and save for a month or two, or a balance bike….too many choices! 🙂

  168. I would love to finish buying the remaining items on my baby registry for my new little one coming next month.

  169. I am afraid I’d be really un-fun and just put it towards my monthly subscribe and save orders for the next year…

  170. What a great giveaway! I am going back to school so this would go toward textbooks, and what’s left to new shoes for the kids!

  171. This would be amazing to win and I would probably save it for Christmas. Boring..but we are working all sorts of odd jobs to get out of debt and it would be great to have Christmas covered.

  172. My kiddo’s FIRST birthday is coming up and I will spoil this kid rotten with gifts! I’ve already seen so much I want to get him for his birthday!

  173. I would buy bunk beds for my kids. My son has outgrown his toddler bed and has been asking for bunk beds for awhile now.

  174. I would buy a sand and water table for my back garden for my little girl and I’d prob buy my partner a new Lego play set as he’s a big kid xx

  175. I’d get what I need for my 2nd baby boy coming this Monday (if not before), a bassinet, stroller & diapers! it’d be a blessing!!!

  176. I would buy household supplies then some new clothes or furniture or new bedspread, ohh the list is endless, lol

  177. I would love to win this gift card for my wife. We are expecting our second baby any day now. This would be such a gift!! Thank you.

  178. I would put the 500 to use by purchasing new school clothes, shoes and supplies for my 2nd grader.
    I would also get a head start on winter clothes for my almost 2 year old daughter!

  179. What can’t you buy on Amazon?! I would get a new car seat and diapers and shoes and books….Oh this would be fun!!

  180. I would love to win :). School starts soon so new clothes and back to school supplies for my little man woul be awesome!

  181. Would spend this on some extra baby items for our son about to be born, and also on our first son to keep his busy while we are in the hospital!

  182. My daughters are in desperate need of a set of bunk beds to give them more space and this would go a long way towards making that a reality for them! Maybe, just maybe my youngest would finally sleep in her own bed!!

  183. I would definitely get a lot of infant and toddler necessities with the gift card giveaway! Probably new car seats or a sit and stand stroller!

  184. I would love to win this gift card it would help me so much! I would be able to buy the things I haven’t yet bought such as a breastpump, baby clothes, toiletries, bath tub etc.

    Thank you

  185. I would buy all the things! Seriously, I have no idea what I would buy right this very second but I would make that money stretch as far as possible!

  186. Great giveaway! I would love to be able to buy the double stroller I’ve had my eye on. Would make life so much easier with a growing family!

  187. Love baby gizmo and all the cool give aways. I would use this to get a ton of diapers, whipes and some much needed pajamas for my little boy. 🙂

  188. I would get new curtains for my house. We have been in our house for almost a year and have NO curtains in our house. I’d also get some training pants for my son.

  189. This is an amazing giveaway! We have been renovating our house for a few years now and staying with my mom while we attempt to do so – we could really use this to buy paint, tools, and items to decorate once the renovation is done! And maybe some toys for my son. 😉

  190. Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway.

    Loved the things not to say to a new mkm video! They are so true. Hd to share with a few of my new mom friends.

  191. I’ve really wanted to get our family eating healthier food, so I would stock up on ghee, coconut oil, sun butter, almonds, cocoa seeds- all the great pantry items that amazon has started carrying! Thanks for hosting!

  192. I would plan to buy my kids’ birthday/Christmas gifts – they all fall in the same window and it would be nice to get a head start!

  193. Would love to win this giveaway, so needed right now for my 4 month old twins since my husband just got laid off and this would go a long way ::fingers crossed::

  194. What I would buy: do diapers count?? A toy for my son, whose birthday is in a few days; shoes for me; new bedding; oh the possibilities!

  195. Eek so excited. I’d totally buy my kids a trampoline. Burn all that summer energy & save mommys sanity ;)!

  196. I would buy diapers for the upcoming baby and something nice for the hubby, like a loaded Starbucks card so at least one of us can stay awake 😉

  197. I would love to win this gift card! We are in the process of buying our first home and this gift card would be such a blessing to us!

  198. Wow. This would be amazingly helpful. I’m a single mom to 4 kids. Ages 11, 6, 2 and 9 months. I’ll be buying 1 school wardrobe that consists of uniforms and one whole other wardrobe for the picky 6 yr old. My 2 yr old and 9 month will need a whole new wardrobe too for fall and winter. Can’t forget about all the shoes and jackets. It’s daunting to think about. This could help so much.

  199. I would use the money on my monthly subscribe and save items and add on craft letters for me to decorate our new house with.

  200. I would buy some Ju-ju-be bags and a lillebaby complete airflow for our princess who’s is scheduled to make her world debut in October!

  201. I’m always finding stuff on Amazon – the mailman jokes with my husband about how he worries if he doesn’t have a box to deliver to us every day…..
    We *need* a shape sorting toy next! 😉

  202. I’ve got a newborn and a 2 year old at home so the possibilities are endless! But let’s be honest, it’d probably go towards diapers :/

  203. I’m opening up a small community preschool and I could really use this gift card to buy outdoor toys and classroom materials.

  204. I have a one year old and would use this gift card to buy her outdoor toys, clothes, and an umbrella stroller for us so we can go on fun summer outings without having to schlep a heavy stroller!

  205. I would totally buy 2 more diono carseats so that my 3 children could sit three wide together in the back of our van!

  206. This would make back to school shopping, and birthday shopping for my twins Much easier…..thank you for the chance

  207. I would start Christmas shopping!! I am a huge procrastinator and this would help get my butt in gear!! Thank you so much for this great chance!!!! 🙂


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