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6 Awesome Insulated Food Jars

Earlier this year, I shared ten great school lunch ideas. You may have noticed that they’re all cold lunches. That was partially because it was a thousand degrees outside when I was writing the post and partially because I only have lunchboxes for cold food. With fall slowly creeping up, I thought it might be time to find a way to keep food warm so I could send the kid to school with something hot for lunch. Check out these awesome insulated food jars!

insulated food jars
Photo credit: Thermos

Thermos: Thermos brand carries the Foogo (7 oz. and 10 oz. sizes) and FUNtainer (10 oz. size) food jars for kids. And wow. I used to carry a Thermos lunchbox as a kid (who didn’t?!), and Thermos has come a loooong way since then.

insulated food jars
Photo credit: Skip Hop

Skip Hop: Skip Hop’s mealtime line offers two 11 oz. food jars. First up is the Zoo food jar featuring the popular animal characters from Skip Hop’s Zoo collection. They also have the Forget Me Not food jar featuring older-kid-friendly prints designed to coordinate with the Forget Me Not backpack and lunch bag. Did I mention that both food jars come with attachable sporks? You can never go wrong with a spork.

insulated food jars
Photo credit: LunchBots

LunchBots: If you’re looking for a bigger jar for bigger appetites, LunchBots makes the 16 oz. Large Thermal just for you. This one is definitely for bigger kids (or you—no reason the kids should be the only ones with cool lunch gear). Its wide mouth can be difficult for little hands to open. If you need something smaller, LunchBots also offers the Thermal, which comes in 8 oz. and 12 oz. sizes.

Photo credit: Contigo

Contigo: Contigo’s Thermalock Scout food jar holds 10 oz. of deliciousness. Plus, it has a handle—and a grippy bottom to help ensure it stays on the table at meal time. The school custodians will love you for that.

insulated food jars
Photo credit: U●Konserve

U●Konserve: U●Konserve offers both a 16 oz. and a 12 oz. insulated food jar. Fun, bright colors make this an attractive option. So does the company’s commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

insulated food jars
Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids: PBK wins for sheer variety! Their 10 oz. Hot & Cold Containers, Mackenzie Hot & Cold Containers, and Heroes & Villains Hot & Cold Containers offer more than 25 different designs to choose from. And for the kid who’s always forgetting their lunchbox at school, these food jars can be personalized.

Before I go, one tip: Be sure to preheat the food jars by filling them with hot water. Then make sure you’re putting the food in the jar when it’s piping hot. This will help keep food warm until lunch time. Enjoy!

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Priscilla Lee

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

Our Pottery Barn hot/cold insulated food container fell apart after a mere two months. The piece in the cover came loose and only way to fix is back is with glue. We used Thermos brand for years and never had this issue.

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