6 Cheap but Great Father’s Day Gifts

Yup! Here’s ANOTHER article to help you out with inexpensive Father’s Day Gift ideas because let’s face it—when moms get busy, things tend to slip our mind. When we have to entertain our little people all the time, our own creativity sometimes goes out the window for any other project. So don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here are 6 cheap gift ideas rounded up for Father’s Day (which is June 19th, in case that escaped your radar as well):

**The word cheap can have many different meanings. To the rich and famous, “cheap” is probably around $100-150. But since I am nowhere near rich or famous, this article’s definition of cheap is nothing over $30.

cheap gift I heart dadShutterfly or Chatbooks are great companies to go to for any occasion, especially to celebrate dad. Turn his favorite pictures of the family into a perfect desk decoration that won’t take up too much space with this I Heart You plaque from Shutterfly! ($17.49-$24.49 depending on size)

cheap gift cuff links

Dads like to look good and dress themselves up, too! Help him do so with personalized cuff links from Cathy’s Concepts. ($30 and free shipping!)

cheap gift turf coasters

For the active and/or sports loving dad, help him feel like he’s still out playing, even when he’s stuck at the office. These turf coasters from Bergino Baseball Clubhouse are awesome and would be great in his “man cave” as well! ($14.95 and free shipping!)cheap gift meundiesMen buy you lingerie, so why not buy him some undies too? Meundies is an online brand that makes super comfortable and stylish underwear. They even deliver right to your door without shipping costs! ($20, or less for subscribers!)

cheap gift wallet insert

Carrying pictures in precious wallet space has become increasingly rare, from what I’ve noticed. In this technology driven world, many people don’t take the time to print off pictures of their kids and instead pull out their phones to quickly show someone a picture if asked. So what can dad still put in his wallet to remind him of you and the kids every time he opens it? How about this awesome copper wallet card insert with a personalized note etched into it? From Hardwear Designs on Etsy. ($15-$50, depending on how many characters you use in your note)

gift fresh neck

“It’s like Netflix, but for men’s accessories!” This neckwear and cufflinks exchange subscription from FreshNeck has me intrigued, to say the least. My husband likes to match his tie to my outfit as best he can for church but because he only has the same 4 ties he wears consistently, most Sundays he falls short on the correct color. This tie rental and exchange could fix that, and help him feel like he gets to dress up his white shirt and black pants a little more than usual. It’d be really nice not to have a tangle of unused ties in our closet, too. What do you think? (Monthly subscription starting at $20)


Don’t forget to check out our Father’s Day DIY Gifts here too! Have any other ideas for cheap Father’s Day gifts he will love? Share them with us in the comments!