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6 Items I Bet Are in Your Mom Bag Right Now

I may not know all of you ladies, but I bet I can guess some items that you’ve probably got in your mom bag right now:

Diapers and wipes: Well, of course these are a given if you still have a kid young enough to need them. Because as soon as you think you can risk a quick errand without one, that’s when your baby will blow out their pants. But I’m willing to bet that at least one is too small. And if you don’t have kids in diapers anymore, you might still be carrying around some wipes, since those things are fantastic for pretty much everything in life.

Snacks: For your kids, for you—doesn’t matter. Snacks are always in your bag and have the power to save you in your time of need.

5 things in mom bag fruit snacks

Snack trash: But you’re too good of a person to just leave trash on the ground when there isn’t a convenient can nearby, so what do you do? Shove those empty gummy snacks back inside and find them months later covered in crumbs in the deep abyss of your mom bag.

Random tiny toy(s): You know, the ones that are small enough to make you wonder if they will be choking hazards but you still need something to entertain the toddler, just in case. You never realize just how many small toys you’ve got in there until your annual dump & clean and find a whole pile of forgotten figures from Happy Meals.

Hand sanitizer: A staple. Kids and public restrooms are gross.

Old pieces of paper: For example: A very old appointment card from your hairstylist, doctor’s office, or dentist. It could also be a movie stub (when was the last time you went to the theater?), a grocery list, or an old receipt (or five).


Honorable mentions: A dirty sock (just one, not the pair), a pacifier covered in fuzz, a Ziploc bag of broken crayons, and a used Kleenex.

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