6 Sundae Recipes Everyone Can Love

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have a sweet snaggletooth. I wish I were the kind of girl who craves carrots and miso soup, but I don’t. I like baked goods and ice cream and chocolate, lots of chocolate. But these things don’t like me, or they don’t like my butt, so I can only do them in moderation.

This summer, and only for very special occasions, I’ve been making lots of sundaes. I know you know about the standard hot fudge, banana split sundae, but there’s so many more possibilities. Here are 5 awesome ways to make a sundae for almost anyone in your life.

1. Sundae for the fruit freak.

[/caption]Who said that a sundae has to be decadent or packed with 1,000 calories? Who? This sundae on Super Healthy Kids defies expectation with lots of fresh fruit, carob chips, and sprinkles. Yum Yum.

2. Sundae for the sweet and salty fanatic.

There’s something about sweet, salty, and sour combos that get me every.single.time. This recipe for a Sour Apple & Caramel sundae by A Beautiful Mess is very easy and packs a lot of flavorful punch! I’m sure this one is full of yummy calories, but in moderation, it’s all good, right?

3. Sundae for the Caramel and Pumpkin Lover.

Pumpkin Brownie SundaePhoto Credit: Super Healthy KidsI wish images like the one above of a Pumpkin Brownie Sundae could be appalling to me. I wish I could be repulsed by the sight of a lone vanilla scoop of ice cream atop a pumpkin flavored “brownie.” But, I’m not. This recipe by Real Mom Kitchen combines all the wonderful flavors of the fall into a sundae fit for a king.

5. Sundae for the Caveman.

Photo Credit: Real Mom Kitchen

Okay, so guess how many calories are packed into this tantalizing sundae? 400. Yes, you read that right. This Caveman Diet Brownie Sundae by Refinery 29 is unique in that it uses raw and whole ingredients to make a lower calorie alternative to the standard fudge sundae.

6. Sundae for those with gluten sensitivities.

Photo Credit: The Kitchn
Photo Credit: Refinery 29This Olive Oil, Lemongrass, and Sea Salt sundae by The Kitchn is not only gluten-free, but also very fresh and simple to make. This recipe doesn’t call for it, but I would imagine that making your own ice cream would only make this sundae that much more awesome.

When it comes to sundaes, the sky is the limit. If you’re looking to cool off and are tired of the standard sundae, remember to think outside of the box. Use these recipes as guides and have a blast creating something fun and new!