6 Super Twirly Dresses For Your Little Girl

Have a little girl in your life who loves twirly dresses?

Join the club!

When it comes to dress shopping, my daughter always wants to know the “twirl” factor of each dress I hold up or recommend. Meaning, does this dress twirl enough for spinning, dancing, and wowing all those she passes? These 6 companies have passed the test, so, today we’re here to share the twirl love!

Alice + Ames — Did you think it was possible for a dress company to have a cult following? Well, Alice + Ames does. And rightly so! These dresses twirl day and night and embody so much of the classic beauty that little girls deserve in their wardrobe.

Hanna Andersson — Forever and always I’ll rave about Hanna Andersson. These clothes last and last and last. They wash and wear with ease and so many of their dresses fulfill the necessary twirl factor for daughter’s who prefer twirling over walking. Some even fit in to uniform protocols!

Dot Dot Smile — Dot Dot Smile is a little like Lularoe. When you see a print you love in your daughter’s size… BUY IT before it’s gone! These dresses twirl like no other and feature a ballerina back, classic cap, and tank cut. You’ll notice that the website usually says “sold out” so be sure to connect with a local Dot Dot Smile gal to get your hands on new releases.

June + January — Basics are beautiful and June + January has that covered. The swing dress is just divine and new colors/patterns are always being released. Even better, there are coordinating options for babies and brothers too.

Remie Girl — My daughter and I just discovered Remie Girl. She now has 2 Remie Ruffle dresses and we’re holding our breath waiting for the Pennie Pocket design to restock in her size. Be sure to follow Remie Girl on social media to keep updated on new releases, then, don’t delay!

Adelaide Original — These dresses are the dream of SAHM Heidi. As a mom of 3 daughters, you know she has gorgeous, fun designs that play well too! My daughter has 2 dresses from Adelaide Original and they are both favorites, ones we get compliments on often, and, if you ask me, are perfect for family photos due to their uniqueness!

Do you have a favorite twirly dress brand? Fill us in!