60,000+ Bottles of Tylenol Recalled!

It’s time to check your medicine box!  You do have your medicine locked in a box away from the kiddies after watching our Mama Tip of the Week, right?

Check your box for Extra Strength Tylenol because Johnson & Johnson is voluntarily recalling 60,000+ bottles due to consumer complaints and the detection of a “musty, moldy” odor.  This follows reports of an “uncharacteristic” odor that has since been linked to traces of a chemical called tribromoanisole (TBA) that has been associated with temporary gastrointestinal symptoms. 

The Tylenol that is being recalled was manufactured in February 2009.  Customers should stop taking the identified Tylenol products and contact the company. The product lot number for the recalled product can be found on the side of the bottle label.

Source:  Reuters