7 Great Hairstyles for Busy Moms

I am not a flashy person. I dress well (enough) and do things, small things, to look like I make an effort, but that’s about it. I have two girls under three so I don’t have time for complicated make-up routines and accessories and all that other stuff. I need simple, so typically, I go for looks that don’t require much and that are easy to maintain. This goes from everything from my clothes to my hair.

On the latter, can I just say that hair matters? It’s more than a bad pair of shoes paired with a great outfit. No, wait, that doesn’t work as well. Let me see. Hair is like the milk and your outfit is like the cereal and your face is like the spoon. They must all be present at the table for it all to work. Is that better? No? Okay, sorry, but I hope you get the point.

Hair matters. If you’re lacking in the hair department because you’re so busy, here are some ideas for 7 great no-fuss hair-dos that you can totally do and will totally love.

Photo Credit: My Thirty Spot

High or low. Messy or not. I love them all. Buns are a busy mom’s best friend…for life. Right now, in the summer heat of DC, I am especially loving this tutorial for a Sock Bun by My Thirty Spot. It’s super sexy, super easy to do, requires minimal effort, is fun, and goes with almost any look.

High(er) pony tail.

Photo Credit: Camille Styles

It sounds so basic, but with the right earrings and eyebrows, it’s really not. High pony tails do much to show off great bone structures and work with all hair types. I love this tutorial for a Banded Ponytail by Camille Styles because it’s creative and a fun way to spice up a simple ponytail.

Low ponytail.

Photo Credit: Camille Styles

I named low ponytails second because I think low ponytails are often done in unflattering ways that do little for most moms. If you’re wearing a low ponytail, try it to the side with a sweeping bang, like this one for a Classic Side Ponytail by Camille Styles. Or, consider a sleek look with messy curls at the back. Whatever you do, make it interesting while keeping its creation process simple.

Scarves and Headbands.

Okay, I admit, this is not a hairstyle, but adding scarves or headbands can do so much to add color to your look and visual interest to your beautiful hair. I love all the ideas for wearing a scarf in summer months found here on My Shine Project.

No Heat Curls.

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Photo Credit: Love Maegan

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about something called “no heat curls.” What are they? You ask? Well, they’re just like they sound—curls made without the heat of a flat iron or curling iron. Most DIY  tips for creating these curls include using something like a scrunchie and water to create the wave/curl formation. I like this tutorial for No Heat Curls by Love Maegan because her instructions are so easy to follow and because she makes her curls using just her hair and pins.

The French Twist.

The French Twist hairstyle updo tutorial
Photo Credit: The Latest-Hairstyles

It sounds so fancy-smancy and hard, but it’s not, or it looks fancy smancy but it’s really easy to do. All you’ll need are some bobby pins and two hands to twist your hair up. That’s it. This tutorial for a Romantic French Twist by The Latest-Hairstyles is one of my favorites because it captures the best of the worlds of messy and polished in one sophisticated do.


There are tons of braided updos available online that I’m a huge fan of. I like braids because they’re interesting, easy to maintain, and are so versatile (regardless of your hair type). I particularly like this tutorial for a French Fishtail Seashell Braid by Kouture Kiss because it looks super easy to do and so polished.

By spending just a few minutes each day on your hairstyle, your look will have that added special touch.