7 Reasons Why Parents Should Start Blogs

Working Mom

Working Mom1. It’s free. Or, wait, it can be free. If you set up a blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com, it will be free.

2. It’s like an online baby book that’s actually easy to do. I wish I were good at scrapbooking. I wish I knew, when walking the aisles of Hobby Lobby, what those cute looking paper stickers are used for, but I don’t. So I don’t scrap. Instead I blog. And I think you should, too. With your blog, you can share pictures, funny anecdotes, and videos with the world or with just family and friends. To do that latter, you’ll just need to make your blog private and give readers access.

3. You’ll meet other parents. I’m all about making real parent friends in real life because I think there’s an element to face-to-face relationships that all parents need to stay sane. But, I also think meeting parents online through a blogging community is also essential. Through blogging, you can more easily find people with your interests and parenting philosophies. You’ll find  parents around the world with children at similar ages as your own, parents who want to get to know you…today. It’s like online dating in that way… in the most un-creepy way possible. Kind of.

4. You can gain new skills. Through blogging, you will definitely, through the act of writing more, learn to write better. You’ll learn how to speak to an audience of strangers and tell your story. You’ll also take pictures and mess around with HTML code more. You’ll become very, very proficient in using social media and learn to be more social, how to bake chocolate cakes, and how to make lamp shades out of hangers. Maybe.

5. It’s therapeutic. I know that some bloggers are of the camp that blogging can and should be used as free psychological therapy, but I’m not one of those bloggers. While some oversharing is okay, too much can backfire. Having said that, writing daily and sharing your challenges as a parent and getting feedback from other parents who, more likely than not, are nice people who have or are going through the same kinds of things, is a good thing.

6. It’s fun. You want to know why so many parents are hooked on blogging? It’s because it’s fun…well that and they’re doped up on caffeine, chocolate, or wine. (I’m kidding about that last part.)

7. You can make money. If making money is your goal, there are many opportunities through blogging to do that. More likely than not, you WILL NOT get rich from blogging or even earn enough to support a family or a designer jeans habit. But from sponsored posts to writing gigs, blogging has made it extremely easy for parents to earn supplemental latte incomes from doing what they enjoy.

Do you have a blog? Why did you start your blog? And why do you continue with your blog?



  1. I used to blog to get the jumble of thoughts out of my head. Then it became about working through the grief of losing a miracle pregnancy in my 20th week. Now it’s about photographing my kid’s lunches so we can revisit what worked and what didn’t. Blogs can fit whatever stage or season of life you’re in, I call it internet therapy! 🙂


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