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7 Seriously Stylish Kids We Could Learn From

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Designer child clothing is one of the hottest topics in fashion today. Child fashion often emulates the adult trends, however, children are starting to take the limelight over their parents and become the focus of fashionistas worldwide. Here are 7 super stylish kids whose fashion sense may soon become the envy of many.

blonde boy yelling at camera

When buying jeans, generally anything other than straight cut should do it – you don’t want your kid looking like an aging old man do you? Alternatively, try a pair of chinos for a slightly more preppy look. It may not seem like the boldest of choices, but stripes remain one of the most popular options for both boys and girls. This simple outfit looks pretty casual and is suitable for most occasions.

child chinos

You might be taken in by the absolutely adorable jacket which really shows that child fashion is definitely not something to look down upon; however, the aviator glasses are the main focus of this image. Aviators for children are practical, as well as fashionable. They can be bought cheaply online and can provide 100% UV protection.

vintage dresses

Vintage dresses are ‘in’ at the moment and this image proves that old-school outfits need not look cheesy and out-dated. Without looking too adult, this dress really makes this child standout with an understated yet sophisticated look.

ava klass

Celebrities still rule the roost when it comes to fashion. Ava Klass, really steals the show with this leopard print dress. Who knew that leopard print could look so ‘klassy’?

romeo beckham

Romeo Beckham – recently voted one of the most stylish kids on the planet (all of his siblings also made the top ten) – proves that suits are still cool. Simple, yet stylish; dark, yet it still speaks volumes. As the son of one of the most famous footballers in the world, Romeo needs to look dapper for the paparazzi.

blonde boy standing on rocks by lake

Converse make shoes in sizes from 1 month old right up to adult 16s. What’s great about Converse All Stars is how versatile they can be. These tiny hi-tops are just as well made as their adult counterparts and look really smart with almost any attire.

boys scarf

Last but not least; the scarf. To really show that your kid is the best dressed in the playground, then you need to accessorize. Scarves are not only practical, but basically every celebrity and fashion guru on the planet will tell you that they are always in. Even during the summer you can buy thinner stylish scarves to break up an outfit. Thicker woollen designs should be reserved for the winter. For the designer look, opt for Burberry or something iconic if you really want to show off.

Children’s fashion is nothing new, but it’s certainly getting a lot more of attention these days. Even the one year old Prince George is making headlines across the world, and has been crowned the “world’s best dressed royal.” Nowadays parents make more of an effort to dress their children and specialist sites such as Little Bou ensure that they have almost as many options as themselves.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.