7 Summer Pregnancy Fashion Necessities

Summer is my favorite season to be pregnant. Well, aside from the swollen feet and sweating armpits, it’s my favorite. “Why?” you ask? Oh, well, because summer is a great time to show off your fashion sense as a pregnant mom. Yes. I used “pregnant” and “fashion” in the same sentence. I mean, who said that maternity summer fashion has to be boring or drab? Who? Summer is a great time to be pregnant, and pregnancy is a great time to be fashionable.  Here are 7 great summer fashion necessities for sexy and stylish (yes, you pregnant mom!) pregnant moms

  1. Maxi dress.Dresses are great throughout a pregnancy. Maxi dresses are great during a summer pregnancy because they are easy to throw on, look great with minimal effort, and, with a belt or empire waist, they highlight the most beautiful parts of a pregnant woman’s body—her belly.

    Maxi Dress from Asos
  2.  Tunics.I love tunics for all moms, but particularly for pregnant moms because they are so flattering and work with so many different bottoms (i.e., leggings, skinny jeans, trouser jeans, etc.). One of my favorite tunics is this one from Nuka Maternity.

    Ballet top from Nuka Maternity
  3. Leggings. In my second pregnancy, I lived in my Motherhood Maternity leggings. Yeah. I’m really being serious here. Leggings are comfortable and work with a variety of tops. When choosing a pair of leggings, be sure to go with one that is made for pregnant moms. These feature special belly fits.
  4. A boyfriend shirt. For pregnant moms especially, boyfriend shirts look best with a skinny belt worn at the waist.
  5. A pair of dark, denim maternity jeans. My favorite pair is from a Pea in the Pod, but less expensive options can be found at H&M, Gap, Old Navy, or Target.
  6. Pencil skirts.Yes. Pencil skirts can and are worn by many pregnant moms.  My favorite fabric for a pencil skirt is Jersey knit. It’s a great pregnancy-friendly fabric for the summer. Oh, and it stretches nicely, too.

    Jersey knit pencil skirt from Asos
  7. Cotton tees. Brightly colored tees are not only comfortable but also very stylish. Plain tees without patterns are your best bet, but bold patterns are also great.

Remember that pregnancy doesn’t have to be a boring time. It does not have to mean the death of your fashion sense. Some creativity and a little bit of effort is all you need to look great during your summer pregnancy.