7 Unconventional Lessons I’ve Learned from my Toddler

Before becoming a parent, you assume that knowledge will be passed on a one-way street between you and your child. You read all the books, and listen to all the parents who’ve been there, and somehow, somehow, you convince yourself that you are the one responsible for teaching your child everything and, thus, must know everything.

But, when I actually became a parent, I learned one of the secret lessons of parenthood. I learned that along with teaching your child things, your children will teach you things.

I’ve learned a lot from my toddler in these past two years. My top 7 unconventional lessons learned are:

  1. Toilet paper, when applied in bulk on the space between your back and the raised toilet seat, makes a good backrest when sitting on the toilet.
  2. Saran wrap rolls make for a great pirate telescope.
  3. Tutus should be worn often, just because they’re fun to twirl around in.
  4. Saying “hi” to random strangers is a great way to make new friends.
  5. Milk is more desirable when you can drink it through a straw, blow bubbles, and laugh.
  6. Sliding down slides and swinging on swings is far more fun than watching TV.
  7. Messes are fun to make when you don’t have to clean them up afterwards.

What are some unconventional lessons that your toddler has taught you?