7 Yummy Spring Pasta Recipes

Nothing screams spring more than a lighter pasta recipe that is full of delicious and colorful spring vegetables. If you’re looking for some recipe ideas for dinner, a backyard barbecue, or for your spring baby shower menu, here are seven of our favorites.

1. Bucatini with Green Peas

Using ingredients that you likely already have on hand, like green peas, shallots, thyme, and bucatini pasta, you can easily prepare this brilliantly light and simple recipe from My Recipes. This recipe calls for pancetta, but an easy, non-pork substitute could be turkey or beef bacon.

2. Greek Orzo Salad

Greek Orzo Salad
Photo Credit: All Recipes

Have a taste for something Greek? Then, try this delicious and colorful Greek Orzo Salad from All Recipes.

3. Garganelli with Asparagus and Pecorino Cheese

This delicious Garganelli with Asparagus and Pecorino Cheese pasta dish is sure to win over the vegetarians at your next party. The dish pairs pecorino cheese with pasta flavored with low-sodium chicken broth. What’s not to love?

4. Penne with Asparagus, Sage and Peas

Penne with Asparagus, Sage and Peas
Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Maybe it will be this recipe for Penne with Asparagus, Sage, and Peas featured on the Huffington Post that will be the one that sends your picky eater over to “team green”? Maybe.

5. Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti

Roasted Vegetable Ziti Bake Recipe
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Ditch the beef variety this season, and give this recipe for Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti by Taste of Home a try! With melted cheese, roasted vegetables, and a zesty sauce, this recipe’s one that you’ll love throughout spring and beyond!

6. Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Photo Credit: Food Network

Here’s a recipe for Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes by the Food Network that’s great for larger parties. It serves 12 and combines basil, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and black olives.

7. Penne with Shrimp, Feta, and Spring Vegetables

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Penne, Shrimp, and Peas. Mmmm. This incredible tasty and simple recipe for Penne with Shrimp, Feta, and Spring Vegetables by Martha Stewart is light, fresh, and demands to eaten!

With all these wonderful recipes up your sleeve, which one will you whip up for your next spring dinner or festivity?